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Got Weed, But No Light?

Wednesday September 9, 2015

T here is only one thing sadder than running out of weed: having some but no way to smoke it. If you’ve ever been caught with a packed bowl but no lighter, then this one’s for you. For this week’s Ask Pot Guide, we’re going to show you some stoner hacks to get you smoking even without a lighter.

How can I smoke weed without a lighter?

Whether there’s been a lighter thief in your home or you’ve just burnt out your last one, no flame plus a fresh sack of ganja always equals a bummer. But don’t worry! We’ve got some clever ways to smoke marijuana without having to use a lighter at all.

Try a Knife Hit

Knife hits (a.k.a. “spots”) are a simple way to heat weed using only a few simple supplies: butter knives (not the good ones), an electric burner, a soda bottle top and, of course, little “spots” of weed. To take a knife hit, position the butter knives in between the burner coils then heat. Once heated, touch one knife to a small piece of marijuana then smash it between the other heated knife. Hold the soda bottle top in your mouth (or have a friend help) and inhale the vaporized weed slowly.

Use Dry Spaghetti

This one also requires a stove top burner, though ideally this one will be gas-operated. All you have to do is heat a piece of uncooked spaghetti on the stove until it catches fire then use the flame to light your bowl. You can also use hemp wick if you’re out of spaghetti, but the spaghetti trick reminds me of my college days, so I felt compelled to share it anyway!

Harness the Power of the Sun

Last year, I found a YouTube video that blew me away: it’s a how-to video that shows how to use the sun, a glass jar and a magnifying glass to heat a piece of bud to smoking point. You can watch the video here, but it basically just tells you to put a small bud into a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid then use the magnifying glass to concentrate UV light directly onto the bud. Soon, the bud will begin to smoke and the smoke will fill the jar. When full, just pop the top and take a rip. You can omit the jar, but you’ll probably lose some of your smoke in the process if you do.

Create Sparks

My budtender taught me this trick. In an attempt to light his dab torch, he came across a crazy way to make a spark using only his car’s cigarette lighter and a nickel. After heating up the car lighter, he placed a coin upright then snapped it to the side to create a spark. This was enough to light his torch so he could be on his merry way. Thanks for the idea, Matt!

Bake your Bud

You don’t have to smoke your weed to get high, just infuse it into a little butter or oil then use it in your favorite recipe. Begin by decarboxilating your weed in the oven (to bring out its psychoactive properties) and then use your stove top to infuse cannabinoids into lipids. I suggest using the Mota Pot to take the guesswork out of the process so you’ll end up with the perfect infused product every time.

No need to run out to the corner market for a fresh flame. Use these simple stoner hacks to help you get high even without a lighter on hand.

No need to run out to the corner market for a fresh flame. Use these simple stoner hacks to help you get high even without a lighter on hand.

Light Me Up: Four Ways To Ignite Your Weed Without A Lighter

Lighters are a compact and inexpensive way to combust cannabis when smoking a bowl or a joint. However, there are four exciting alternatives that you may want to try. Want to light your pipe fashionably? Here you go!

Hemp Wicks

Butane lighters may leave you with a bad taste, so using a hemp wick may be your wise choice. Hemp wick is a twine dipped in beeswax. It has proven to be efficient and convenient in firing up cannabis. Some even claim that hemp wick produces better flavor due to the lower combustion temperatures.

Wick is easy to carry, just as a lighter. Wrap it around a lighter’s base, using the spark to ignite the wick. You may find other options for carrying hemp wicks in the stores, thanks to continuous innovations in the industry.

Flame-Free Lighters

Relatively new to the scene, flame-free lighters come in several designs, each one unique in that they do not require a flame or fuel. How?

Most of these lighters are designed to use plasma coils, which heat to an incredibly high temperature that is enough to produce a combustion. A popular Tesla Coil lighter utilizes a spark from two charge points that produce combustion as well.

The most beneficial thing is that flame-free lighters are handy on a windy day. Oh, and they also look cool.

Glass Wands

Glass wands, or greevo sticks, are among the most interesting ways to combust your cannabis. You can find them in any glass shop that sells smoking paraphernalia. Glass wands are incredibly simple: just heat the wand up until it gets red hot, let it cool for a few seconds and then press it into your pipe for a clean and instant combustion.

Wands work by heating the cannabis up to the point of combustion and directing the smoke into your device. You may want to try to heat it to bring a bud to the point of vaporization — it all depends on how hot the tip is.

In fact, there is no combustion; that is why glass wands are considered to be a healthier alternative to lighters. Unfortunately, these sticks are fragile and break very easily. However, having it for a special occasion makes your smoking sesh clean and extraordinary.

Magnifying Glass

Using a magnifying glass to light your pipe is… extravagant. But it is not that hard as it seems. You can amuse your friends by bringing this trick to a party. All you need is a magnifying glass and sunlight.

Here’s what you do: hold the glass directly into the path of a sunbeam, approximately 8-10” away from a bowl and wait. The sunlight will go through the magnifying glass and create a solar flare directly in the path of the bowl. The heat generated by it will be enough to vaporize a solid hit.

Of course, it is not practical, but it sure turns heads. However, if you find yourself without a lighter in the wild, it may be your first (and the smartest) choice.

Keep trying unexpected things. Who knows, maybe you are about to invent something new!

(Sweedsy in no way encourages illegal activity and would like to remind its readers that marijuana usage continues to be an offense under Federal Law, regardless of state marijuana laws. To learn more, click here.)

Looking for alternatives to your butane lighter? Look no more! Here go four ways to fire up your cannabis without using a lighter. Read now!