hurkle strain

Hurkle strain

Hurkle is quickly becoming my favorite, For the past 10 years I have tried to find relief from chronic pain, back, neck, and head. The medical professionals say I have degenerative disk, fibromialgia, diabitis, osteoarthritis. I have been on a wide range of prescriptions with opiates being my main medication, due to one of the meds I gained 40 pounds and the opiates caused stomach problems and there has been many side affects from all the meds. Anyhow July 2017 I decided to try marijuana as a medicine and it worked and I have quit all of the meds as of September. I still deal with pain and not being very functional but I feel a little better and occasional have a good day. I started of using Hurkle shatter in a vape pen, but have been using flower in a pipe or bong with the same results, it is relaxing and at times like a warming sensation moving thru the pain areas. I have tried many strains since this test began and Hurkle is the one I get the most relief from and without getting high unless I hit it several times.

Hurkle is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the powerful Harlequin X Querkle strains. This bud packs a unique 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, making it one highly medicinal strain that's perfect for treating a wide variety of conditions of both mind …

Why Should I Smoke Hurkle?

For every time you’ve heard “not your father’s weed” – it’s no secret that cannabis potency has increased significantly in the last 40 years – we’ve got a strain here that might just take you back to those good ol’ days: Caliva Collection Hurkle.

With a THC to CBD ratio just under 1:1, Hurkle is a low-THC, high-CBD strain that’s akin to a session beer. If you’re planning to get ripped, this one’s not for you – try Alien OG – but if you’re looking for relaxation, anxiety/pain relief or just enough of a buzz to take the edge off, look no further.

Why Should I Smoke Hurkle?

Glad you asked. Hurkle is known primarily for its high CBD content and potential medicinal applications.* We also love the look and smell of this strain. Scents of berries and earth radiate from buds that range in color from bright green to dark purple – so don’t be surprised to open an eighth and see nuggets that look completely different.

Due to its low-THC, high-CBD content, Hurkle works well in a variety of scenarios:

  • Pain relief: CBD is increasingly known for its analgesic properties. Feeling a little achy? Try packing up a pipe of Hurkle.
  • New to cannabis: Our Hurkle clocks in around 5-6% THC (check the sticker on the package for the exact content), perfect for people who want to dip their toe into the beautiful green lagoon of cannabis.
  • High anxiety: Studies have shown that CBD can help relieve anxiety. It can also be used to counter the effects of “greening out” – when you get too high – by easing the associated paranoia.
  • Wake and bake: Well, not quite bake; more like, face the day. Set the tone for your day ahead with a Hurkle session (it pairs well with coffee!). A few puffs will help ease anxiety and leave you largely clear-headed for whatever your day brings.
  • Mix n’ match: Mix in a little Hurkle with higher THC strains to add a little anxiety relief to your session.
  • Smoke break: Whether you’ve been studying for hours or toiling away in your cubicle, a quick puff or two of Hurkle, will have you chilled out and ready to work in no time.
  • Microdosing: The low THC content is perfect for keeping yourself level and medicated throughout the day.
  • Lowering tolerance: Want to lower your THC tolerance but can’t or don’t want to quit smoking entirely for medical reasons? Microdosing can help lower tolerance, and Hurkle works well for microdosing!
  • Before sex: Hurkle reduces anxiety, helps take the edge off, whatever you want to call it – bottom line, it can help you feel more comfortable before you get busy.
  • Preparing for bed: Relax and get comfy with some Hurkle. Rid yourself of stress while still being present and ready to finish that book you cracked last week.

Interested in trying Hurkle? Hop on Weedmaps or Leafly to find a dispensary near you!

Why Should I Smoke Hurkle? For every time you’ve heard “not your father’s weed” – it’s no secret that cannabis potency has increased significantly in the last 40 years – we’ve got a strain here