is weed legal in prague

Is weed legal in prague

Purchase and sale of medical marijuana is permitted but any other type of sale/ purchase is forbidden

Supply of over 15 grams is forbidden, except for medical purposes.

It is forbidden to grow more than 5 plants for individual. Medical permits allow for variable higher quotas.

Possession of over 10 grams of marijuana usually results in fines.
Medical marihuana has been permitted since the year 2013.

In addition, the Czech Republic is the site of three yearly Cannabis related events.

  • The “Cannafest” festival held in Prague that is considered to be the largest Cannabis related convention in Europe.
  • The “Konopex” Cannabis fair in Ostrova
  • The Million Marihuana March held in Prague since 1998. This march takes place simultaneously in 300 cities worldwide as part as the struggle for legitimization of Marihuana possession at any quantity.

And yet, on the other hand, 43% of the drug related offenses in the Czech Republic are Cannabis related and the sale and purchase of drugs remains a criminal offense. The police regularly carries out raids on known Cannabis trafficking locations and delivers citations for drug sales. Smoking in public locations (cafes, pubs, restraunts, etc.) is strictly prohibited absent the explicit and formal permission of the owners, and no smoking in public parks is permitted. Smoking in public places may even result in body searches. While there is no punishment for possessing small quantities of cannabis, possession of larger amounts may result in prison sentences depending on the type of cannabis possessed: growing more than 5 cannabis plants can result in sentences of half a year to 5 years, depending on the amount (clause 285 in the Czech criminal justice code, (Act No. 40/2009). Cannabis plants that are being cured are considered to be Marijuana and their possession results in a sentence passed in accordance to the felony of Marijuana production- a priosn term of one year to ten years, depending on the amount (clause 283). Cured Cannabis is considered to be a drug and it’s possession in large amounts may result in a prison sentence of up to 8 years (clause 284).

Business opportunities and Medical Cannabis in the Czech Republic.

It should also be noted that since 2013, medicinalmarijuana is legal in the Czech Republic, but it’s use is limited for individuals over 18 and as treatment for the following diseases: HIV, cancer, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Most medical insurance companies in the Czech Republic do not cover treatment with medicinal Marijuana and it is considered to be a expensive product. To date, only a single company has received a permit to grow Medicinal Marijuana, but this is medicinal Marijuana that is only suited for treatment of multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, only one company in the Czech Republic has been granted a license to import Medicinal Marijuana from the Netherlands in the first year of the law’s implementation.

In fact, as of today, the use of medicinal cannabis in the Czech Republic is the province of the rich, who can afford the imported medicinal cannabis, while most patients are left without any available remedy. In order to solve this problem, the growth of medicinal cannabis was initiated in the international research center for medicinal cannabis, but additional solutions, such as the importation of medical cannabis from Israel have also been discussed. To date, the Israeli Ministry of Health has continually refused to authorize the importation of Medicinal Cannabis to the Czech Republic.

To summarize- many view the Czech Republic as a country with a liberal drug policy, especially in regards to Cannabis. Nonetheless, the field of medicinal cannabis in the Czech Republic is an evolving field and the demand for it exceeds the supply.

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Smokin’ the Grass.

. and we don’t mean the grass at Palace Gardens! Prague has been called “the Amsterdam of the east” for good reason; its liberal laws and liberal policies mean that the city has earned a reputation of being pot-friendly, and an estimated 400,000 marijuana users are largely ignored by the authorities and tolerated by most everyone – not that we recommend that sort of thing.

However, if you’re inclined to toke the chronic, we recommend, err, we heard that it’s best not to buy it off the street, but rather ask around, particularly at more chill bars or at concerts. If you get a whiff of some wacky tobacky while you’re at a concert or bar, politely ask the holder of said hippie lettuce if he knows where to buy, or perhaps if he’ll sell you some of his. Some bars even have their own dealers who hang around, so courteously asking the barman may work as well. Whatever you do, never buy from a dealer who walks up to you in the street, or most often the train station. Next to cabbies ripping off tourists, so-called “dealers” are the most notorious for taking your green with no green in return, often giving you a half-second peek at something that looks like ganja but is more likely oregano, and running off with your cash after mumbling something about seeing a cop. Remember, if it looks and feels shady, it probably is.

So is it legal? Well, here are the facts:

Section 187a (1) A person who keeps, without authorization, a narcotic or psychotropic substance or a poison in a quantity greater than small shall be punished by imprisonment for a term of up to two years or by a pecuniary penalty.

Technically, smoking and possessing marijuana is illegal in Prague and the Czech Republic, though the marijuana legalization movement in the city is highly active. Under the current law on drugs, people can possess “not more than a small amount” of marijuana, though what constitutes a “small amount” is not specified, but it’s generally understood as less than 4 grams. If caught, the fine is a slap on the hand costing you 1000 kc, and you might even get to keep the weed if you’re lucky. The 1999 law is under pressure to be changed, particularly to separate marijuana from “hard” drugs, both in definition and punishment.

But what’s the reality?

In practice, small amounts for personal use are generally allowed or might land you a minor fine at worst. In fact, even if a cop happens to walk into a bar as you’re lighting up, just discreetly put it out and most likely they won’t even say anything to you. And, most pubs and non-tourist bars outside of the center allow you to smoke inside, though it’s polite to ask the barman first. We’ve heard rumours of U Sudu being weed-friendly, for example. Don’t try lighting some skunk at a dance club though, unless you want Jiri the bouncer’s fists to send you on a trip stronger than any chronic.

What about quality and price?

At the moment, the going rate for herb is about 250 kc per gram, though tourists tend to be charged double. Even at the double rate, it’s more affordable than Amsterdam or the usual prices in the U.S. or UK. As far as quality, it’s definitely more kind bud than shwag – usually straight from the cannabis capital itself, Amsterdam, and packing a punch. Unlike Americans, Europeans mix their skunk with tobacco when making joints, so don’t try to smoke it straight unless you’d like to see pink elephants doing the tango around Wenceslas Square. If hash is more your bag than bud, it can be obtained from reputable dealers, though it’s more rare and might be more pricey than plain old reefer.

Basically, if you’re planning to get high in Prague, be kind and respectful to authorities and owners of establishments, and the bud will be kind to you. If you’re not causing a problem, no one will mind if you bring your friend Mary Jane to a concert or park.

If you’ve decided to skip the herb but still want an out-of-body experience, check out the crazy Prague Medieval Dinner with unlimited drinks. You’ll get a 6-course feast, in an amazing cellar with fire dancers, mad musicians, the lot! Feels like being in an episode of Game of Thrones, and what’s not to love about endless beer!


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