jiffy pots

This Works, Too!

No matter which product you pick from the Jiffy product range, getting started is never difficult. In the following, we will explain the most important basics. Additionally, refer to the product packaging for detailed instructions and illustrated step-by-step descriptions to help you succeed every time. This way, Jiffy will guide you with simple and purposeful processes to make your results bloom.

The formula for success:
Jiffypots® or Jiffystrips® + Jiffy-QSM® = perfect results

What do you need?

  1. Jiffypots® or Jiffystrips®: organic planting pots in various shapes and sizes
  2. Jiffy-QSM® peat pellets, the ideal growing soil for any plant potting, optimally adapted to the Jiffy cultivation products.
  3. Seed or seedling
  4. Water
  5. A growing location with plenty of light and consistently vented or air conditioned environment

The Jiffypots® are available in different sizes either ø6cm or ø8cm , in round or square and in different packaging sizes from 11 to 32 pieces per package. The Jiffystrips® are also available in two sizes either 4,5cm square or 6cm square and in rows with 8 or 10 little pots. As mentioned before the Jiffypots and Jiffystrips go perfect together with the Jiffy QSM and can on the one handy be used in the Jiffy greenhouses and on the other hand be planted directly into the garden or flower pot.

Jiffy, this works,too!

In this video you can learn all about the Jiffypots and Jiffystrips. The famous german TV gardener Elmar Mai, shows you how to use the products and how to get the best results. Start growing your own!

Die Formel für Erfolg: Jiffypots oder Jiffystrips + Jiffy-QSM = perfekte Ergebnisse. Jiffypots oder Jiffystrips sind organische Pflanztöpfe die in verschiedenen Größen und Formen erhältlich sind.