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Kush species have become hugely popular over the past 20 years. This is mainly due to the crossings based on the Kush. The most popular result came when the plant was brought to the US and breeders created the OG Kush. However, these days there are many more popular Kush varieties on the market. Kush species are known for their strong plant capacities and are very suitable for mountainous and desert-like regions.

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More about Kush weed species

The hardy Kush finds its origin in the Hindu Kush mountains. The inhospitable border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Originally, the Kush is a pure Indica, but due to the desire of many growers to cross the best Indica qualities with the qualities of their favorite Sativa, there are now many successful Kush-hybrids on the market.

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Disclaimer: As germination and growing of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries, we do not encourage anyone to do so. Weedseedsexpress is selling cannabis seeds strictly as souvenirs and for storage purposes only in case laws change in the future.

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The TNT Kush feminized cannabis seeds born from the crossing and selection of Indica landrances from Pakistan.

The result is a really strong plant with very compact and resinous buds.

Very powerful, relaxing and long-lasting effect.

Also used as medicinal marijuana to relieve some pains, fall asleep, stimulate appetite.

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THC: Very high (18-22%) CBD: Low

YIELD: Medium-High



  • 1 st Prize Revolta Verda 2006 -Resin category
  • Medicinal prize BESFES – Good against pain
  • 2 nd Prize – Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2008 – Resin category (Papa’s Candy+TNT Kush)
  • 1 st Prize – Copa Catalunya Grows 2013 – Hydro category
  • 1 st Prize – Copa Natura Verde 2013- BHO category
  • 1 st Prize – Cannabis Canarias Cup 2014- Indica category
  • 1 st Prize – Copa Cannaval 2017 – Solventless Extracts category


SHAPE: Quite elongated plant with very compact and hard buds.

EFFECT: Very powerful and relaxing. Ideal for night or medicinal use.

SMELL: Very Special, of nuts and cypress, with cherry and ripe star fruit tones.

FLAVOUR: In addition to the mixture of smells, it also has touches of bitter almond and chocolate



NUTRITIONAL NEEDS: Low Grows with little fertiliser, it is sensitive to the excess of nitrogen, although it withstands well in soils with medium levels of nutrients.


  • INDOOR LIGHT: Sodium
  • END OF FLOWERING HEIGHT: 80 cm to 100 cm
  • WEIGHT/YIELD (9 per meter): 315-540 g/m2 (Depending on medium and container size).



North hemisphere: April-June / South hemisphere: October-December

  • END OF FLOWERING HEIGHT: from 2 to 3 meters depending on the sowing time.

North hemisphere: 1-7 October / South hemisphere: 1-7 April

  • WEIGHT/YIELD (in soil): Between 500 grams and 1 kilo per plant


MINIMUM HEIGHT TO PASS ON TO FLOWERING: 20 cm. We recommend 16 to 25 per meter.

SUMMARY: for lovers of overwhelming Indicas. Special and different flavour. Very relaxing and medicinal effect. Ideal for users with high tolerance to THC.

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