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Lemon OG Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized

Lemon OG Kush by DNA Genetics was created by using cuttings of The OG No.18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. These highly potent US genetics give this strain superior quality. It’s by far the most “lemony” of all the OG mix-breeds available, has a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio, and a flowering period of 8-9 weeks. Lemon OG Kush remains indica-dominant, but also contains quite a bit of Sativa, about 40%.

Lemon OG Kush (DNA Genetics) feminized
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DNA Genetics – Lemon OG Kush: The most “lemony” OG

DNA genetics created Lemon OG Kush by combining cuttings of Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and The OG No.18, both US strains with superior potency and remarkable aromatic profiles. The OG No.18 cutting originates from California, and can be seen as one of the best performing strains among the numerous OG Kush varieties on the market. The OG No.18 is already highly popular due to its sour taste and fuely influences coming from the original Chemdawg. Crossing The OG No.18 with Las Vegas Lemon Skunk logically resulted in a hybrid of excellence.

Lemon OG Kush has a flowering period of 8-9 weeks, and stays compact and short. This hybrid leans a little bit towards its Kush heritage, with 60% Indica genetics, but there is still a strong influence coming from Sativa. The calyx-to-leaf ratio is exceptionally high, so trimming buds won’t be an overly time-consuming process and bud appearance will be grade A. Final yields of up to 450-550g/m² can be expected, depending on conditions and growing techniques.

The flavours of Lemon OG Kush are remarkable, and help to differentiate this strain from so many other OG Kush varieties. Smokers can expect to get the already amazing flavours of The OG No.18, which are mostly sour and fuely, enriched with pronounced aromas of fresh lemon. Effects will be very strong, and can potentially be used in the medicinal context of appetite stimulation.

Lemon OG Kush could be your first choice when fresh lemon flavours and potent US Kush genetics are on your shopping list. It can make sense to look around to find the version of OG Kush that outperforms others, but you’ve just discovered a shortcut. Lemon OG Kush by DNA genetics is the answer!

Lemon OG Kush was made using genetics of The OG No.18 and Las Vegas Lemon Skunk. Fuely lemon flavours and yields of up to 550g/m²!

DNA’S “Lemon OG Kush” grow.

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This will be a complete grow, start to finish with the good and the bad. As I have posted numerous grows and am pretty thorough on “my style” of grow, I thought I’d twist this grow a little to make it a bit more interesting and instead of the normal posts, comments, pic’s, etc- I post up the other things I do that I don’t touch on or don’t include normally. Off the top I can think of things like enzymes I use, types of lights and ballasts, pinching plants timing, room sprays (not plants) for mites, r.o water advice, etc. etc.

I started 26 seeds, 25 popped and are about a week+ in the grow. I’ve had really good success with DNA’s/Reserva Privada’s stuff over the years- I’d thought I’d try something lemony. I won’t post many pictures until flowering, about 21 days from now- who wants to see pic’s we’ve all seen 1000 times.

So it’s Lemon Skunk X The OG #18. it gets very high marks on 8.81/10 which you don’t normally see. Yield is supposed to be very high, done around 61 days or so. I grew The OG #18 maybe 4-5 years ago- don’t remember much about it other than it was a monster yielder and I cut it around 65 days flowering and thought it needed an extra 7-10 days to finish off more. I’ve heard people claim it’s gone downhill recently.
Regarding the straight Lemon Skunk, it also got pretty high ratings, 7.99/10 with a great lemon smell and taste and great sativa high. Numerous people stated it ranked as some of their favorite smoke.

Feel free to post away.

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hey guys
sshz i been trying to send u a msg but couldn’t figure it out ..
im new to the site even though i made the acct long time ago.

My question is have u ever ran into a real bubba kush or real og kush seeds? or even pink or purple?
i read somewhere here where u mentioned u grew his bubba kush and it was only 7/10 in potency which is garbage. And I actually talk to dr green thumb yesterday and he was swearing that it was original cut turned into seed and his the only one in the world to have it and i was about to order it until i seen your posts. This guy even told me it tasted and smell like coffee like what a liar.

The real Bubba kush Or OG kush has a really strong smell that kinda smells like coffee hashish type of smell . Now the real deal is all about the coffee like flavor taste and the potency .i would of rated taste 9.5 and potency on 9.5 it was one of the best weed i ever smoked.

Now a days all the stuff i get with anything with kush it in does not have that smell or taste to me 90% of times it tastes like chemical garbage

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Hey Kanna. Dr. Greenthumb, my least favorite subject. LOL

Dr. G’s Bubba was not good potency wise but DID smell have a coffee-like smell. Many people the last 2 years have reported that most Bubba’s seem “tired”, and aren’t up to par with what they once were. If you are looking for some very nice kushes, either OG, bubba, Chem-D- whatever- I’d look at DNA’s (or Reserva Privada-same company basically) or Breeders Boutique. B.B. has The Dog, which is incredible, just don’t get the feminized version. On the DNA side, I thought their Holy Grail Kush was one of the best things I’ve done in the last 5 years.

Dr. Gruber, a medical issue grower/tester for Dr. Greenthumb recently told me he had someone contact him that had his Bubba tested at 24%, which surprised me. I didn’t see the report so I can’t confirm that but I trust Gruber.

I guarantee you, both things I mentioned above, will knock your socks off if grown properly. They are both multiple cup winners, not that that means anything anymore- but I’ve grown both and they were killer.

Lastly, Bodhi, Gage Green and a couple of others have rave after rave report but I stay away cause I want feminized. If you don’t care about that, I would surely look at both of them. And to send a personal message, I believe you need a certain amount of posts first before it lets you do that.

Eastcoastmo- would you like to add anything.

Very last thing. Gruber has reported that Dr. Greenthumb’s Chem-D is straight fire too. And I did his Bubba OG, not Bubba Kush! Stay away from Greenthumb, his stuff is too expensive anyway- too hit and miss for me.

And. LOL These days I rely more and more on I have found that site to have the most accurate reviews and ratings and although it’s tough to navigate, it’s a no-bullshit site with reliable reviews. is ok too.

Hope this helps you out.

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Ok. slightly over 2 weeks since the seeds popped, nothing exciting going on yet. 26 seeds started, 25 popped.

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And a few helpful hints with links today:

1. Bulbs. I’ve used many different bulbs over the years, and obviously some are better than others. But price wise, more expensive bulbs don’t necessarily mean better. For the past few years, ever since I switched to digital ballasts, I started using iPower bulbs readily bought on Ebay or Amazon. They are very hardy, and can resist banging, while holding up well to the ballasts. After having many of the “better” bulbs stop working, I found these and like them. I only use each one 2.5-3 grows at most, but for the price, who cares. Buy a 6 pk and they barely cost $20 a piece.

2. Pro-mix. made by Premier, there are a lot of different soiless versions made by them. For 20+ years I have been growing in Pro-Mix BX but the last year or so my local garden store started carrying Pro-Mix w/ Mycorrhizae already in it. It’s a great cost savings considering Great White is $48 for 8 oz, Advanced Nutes Tarantula is around $57 for a liter, etc. etc. Use this Pro-Mix and you won’t have to spend the extra cash for myco’s. And my roots grow great in it.

3. Enzymes. And look at Flying Skull “Z7”. This is a 2 part water conditioner and enzyme that is effective in keeping your roots healthy and able to absorb fertilizer. A little goes a long way, i.e. all that is needed for 10 gallons of water is 5ml of both A & B. Eight oz only costs around $27 and the bottle usually lasts me 2-3 crops. A great savings over having to buy Prozyme, Cannazyme and Hygrozyme- all products I have used over the years.

All the above products work very well and will save you loads of $$$$$$$$ over many seasons of growing. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks when I switch over to flowering. I’ll be pinching in a week to 10 days- actually not pinching I may chop off more of the plant than normal to reduce the lower crap and try for 4 nice branches per plant. more about this later.

This will be a complete grow, start to finish with the good and the bad. As I have posted numerous grows and am pretty thorough on "my style" of grow, I…