lemon peels in weed

Adding orange/lemon peel to container

  • Mar 7, 2009
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  • marcus44
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    • Mar 7, 2009
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    I do occasionally to keep my herb from drying out in my stash jar, but a little goes a long way. Maybe like a fingernail sized slice to start, it seems to give it a little citrus zing, anymore than that and it tastes like you’re blazing an orange. I also keep my stash jar humidified with a slightly damp chunk of sponge or q-tip end, remember very little is needed to keep your stash fresh. Remember herb can mold, I know there are other good suggestions on this site.

    PS Hope everyone is having a nice day, spring is on it’s way in my neck of the woods.

    I like to keep my stash in a sample jar once used for ak47. Someone mentioned to me that putting in a piece of orange, or lemon peel adds a flavor to the…

    5 Ways to Rehydrate Your Weed

    For one reason or another, you’re holding some really crispy buds in your hand. In fact, they’re so crispy that smoking them is like smoking dry wood. Have no fear – they can be salvaged. Try the rehydration methods in this article with great care and tact to make sure you don’t make them wet!

    • 1. The orange or lime peel
    • 2. The banana peel method
    • 3. Fresh buds
    • 4. The cotton ball or paper towel method
    • 5. The hot pot
    • How to stop your buds from drying out

    There are a few reasons you might have ended up with weed too dry to use:

    1. Maybe you harvested a lot after the last season and just didn’t really store it properly.
    2. Perhaps you forgot about that old stash of weed you had and all of a sudden, you’re having some cravings.
    3. Or… you bought a brick of cheap weed because… well, it was cheap. No judgements here.

    Whichever one you are, there are ways to rehydrate your weed!

    If you’re going to be making edibles, it doesn’t even really matter that your weed has become super dry. It won’t matter once you dump it in a pot of butter or oil. But if you’re smoking it, ultra-dry weed can be a harsh, non-pleasant experience to say the least.

    So, before you concede to throwing that dry herb in your bubbler, pipe or joint, try some of these tips we have for rehydrating your buds!

    1. The orange or lime peel

    This suggestion is among the more popular ways to try and get some moisture back into your herb. The “peel” method seems interchangeable between orange and lime, both resting on the same principles and having the same effect.

    What you’re essentially doing is transferring some of the moisture locked in the lemon or orange peel into your dried-up buds. Actually, it’s the same principle across all of the suggestions in this article.

    So, the way to do it is to remove all the fruit from a piece of lemon peel. You don’t have to use the whole lemon peel. Half will do. Make sure there’s no fruit, because that might just soak your weed in lemon juice, and your mission would be failed.

    Put the peel in a jar with your buds and close it. Check on it in a couple of hours. If it hasn’t rehydrated to your liking, keep checking it at intervals. Don’t leave it in the jar for too long because you risk losing your buds to mould – and there’s no way out of that one, unfortunately.

    The aftereffect to this method is that your buds will end up with the taste of lemons or oranges in them. You can use this method on any strain of weed, but you can definitely do this to strains that have citrus hints, such as Trainwreck, Hawaii Maui Waui and Swiss Miss! It will further bring out the citrus flavours!

    2. The banana peel method

    Although this dry weed remedy could also be lumped under the “peel” category, the method is slightly different. Banana peels contain more moisture than lemons or oranges, so you will need to be extra careful on checking your jar. Check it for the first time after one hour. And then check it at 15-minute intervals.

    Your buds will definitely taste strongly of bananas after leaving them in a jar with banana peels. Delicious!

    Have no fear. There ain’t a mountain of dry weed high enough to stop you from trying these rehydration methods. Learn more here.