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Differences of Cannabis Clones versus Seeds

If you are planning to grow your own cannabis, whether it’s one plant or many, there are two main ways to start the plants. This can be done either by seed or by cloning. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The technique you use to grow your marijuana can depend on several factors. One consideration is what your end goal is. Are you looking to produce an abundant crop to be harvested and sold or enough for you and your friends to enjoy? Your skill level at growing plants should also be considered, especially if you are going to be marketing your harvest.

The best way to decide which technique is right for you is by first knowing the differences in cannabis clones versus the seeds.

What are Plant Clones?

Clones are grown from a central plant and are genetically identical to their parent. They are created by taking a cutting from the parent plant. This is usually a piece about several inches long from a healthy branch. That piece of limb, or cutting, is then allowed to grow roots. This is often done by placing the cutting in water until sufficient roots are grown and the plant can be put into a pot with soil or placed in the ground.

The best clones are the ones created from a healthy mother plant. The plant should be fast growing with a strong, and robust root system. It should also generate abundant harvests that are known to produce high-quality buds.

Growing Cannabis from Clones

Growing cannabis from clones instead of seeds is done for several reasons. It’s a quicker method of cultivation. The cannabis clone is already germinated and just needs to take root. Growing a plant fast also means economical. Less time spent waiting for the plant to mature means a quicker harvest, and if you are a seller this equates to the faster a product can be marketed.

With a clone, you also have an excellent idea of what the mature plant will turn out like. They are predictable in the quality of the buds they will produce. This is a good thing when it comes time to harvest. You know what kind of cannabis product you will be getting. Another benefit of growing cannabis from clones is if the parent plant has pest resistant qualities so will the clone. A plant resistant to bugs makes for a stronger plant and a better marijuana harvest.

On the other hand, cloning a plant does have a few drawbacks. Plants grown from seeds have the ability to adapt to changes in their environment, and so does each future generation of the plant. This adaptability helps the lineage of the plant be strong enough to grow in different environmental conditions. A cloned plant is exactly the same genetically as its parent and can’t change its own genetics to adapt to a changing environment.

Also, coned plants generally produce a smaller harvest than one grown from a seedling. The clone tends to be a much weaker plant, with a root system that doesn’t grow as strong and deep as the seedling’s does. Another issue may be the parent of the clone may not have had bug and pest resistant qualities in its genetic makeup. This can make the cloned plant susceptible to damaging infestations.

Growing Cannabis from Seeds

There are two types of seed strains, stable and unstable. As the name states, a stable seed strain lineage always has the same qualities. The grower or breeder will start with both a male and female plant and breed them until the specific desired qualities are stabilized in the plant. The new plants in the breed’s lineage will have most of the same desired traits, along with a few genetic variations.

An unstable seed strain often produces plants more quickly, but there is no consistency in their traits and quality of their harvests. The plants that do grow are not a reputable strain. Most cannabis dispensaries won’t buy products from plants grown from unstable seed strains.

Cannabis plants grown from stable seed strains are a much healthier plant than ones grown from clones. The seedling has a much stronger root system, starting with a taproot. This is a root that grows vertically downward for a considerable distance away from the seed. It forms a strong anchor that is able to reach rich nutrients deep in the soil. A robust, healthy plant creates a more significant yield of the product. With cannabis seeds, you also have a much greater variety of plants to choose from.

The disadvantages of growing from a cannabis seed include not knowing the specific qualities of the plant until it reaches maturity. Growing a plant from seed takes more time to cultivate. Seeds are very delicate in their early stages of growth and need more skill to grow. When growing a plant from seed, you won’t know if it’s male or female until it’s fully grown.

A female plant grows the flowers or buds, and a male plant creates the seeds. The female is the plant you want for harvesting your marijuana product.

Which are better for Starters?

Whether starting a plant from a seed or a clone is the better method, depends on several factors. The skill of the grower is essential. Seeds take more time, patience, and a bit more know-how than growing from a clone. For a newbie to gardening, growing a cannabis plant from a clone is the better option. If you do have some advanced gardening skills but just started to learn how to grow cannabis, growing the plant from a clone may still be the way to go…at least until you understand the unique techniques needed in the marijuana plants growing process.

Growing cannabis either from a seed or a clone has both its advantages and disadvantages. The best method depends on your personal preferences, needs, and plant growing skills. Either way, with some time, patience, sun, and water you can have your own cannabis plant or rows of plants in no time at all!

Growing cannabis clones has both its advantages and disadvantages. The best method depends on your personal preferences, needs, and plant growing skills.

Difference Between Marijuana Seeds and Clones

As marijuana growers we all have to make decisions in the garden. One question is what to grow from? Seed or clone. Which one do you have access to? Planting from marijuana seed or clone is a choice all growers have to make. With seeds you have to preserve time and a little more labor whereas, clones have their own conditions. What are the differences between growing marijuana seeds and clones? Discussed below are the advantages and disadvantages of growing marijuana from seeds and clones.

Buying Marijuana Seeds

Marijuana seeds have more advantages and fewer disadvantages than clones. When you buy marijuana seeds from a reputable seed bank, they are known to have great genetics and awesome origins. You also know exactly what strains you are getting and have more choice in variety of strains to choose from. Seed companies give you information on the strains, abilities in yield, potency, and optimal growing conditions for the strain. Seeds of numerous strains are available over the internet, by mail, in shops, and in dispensaries.

For most European countries seeds can be bought legally. When they come from a seed company you can have confidence in getting a strain with desirable characteristics that you want. Seedlings grow faster than clones. Plants from seed are known to grow a taproot. The taproot on plants grown from seed is an extension of the stem so it anchors the plant and holds it securely.

The main advantage of having a taproot is the ability to dig deep into the soil and reach water which is not readily available. The taproot grows lateral branches along its entire length providing the plant with a network of roots that occupies a larger area. The result is that there are more roots in several layers of soil so the plant can obtain more water and nutrients to support the plant’s growth. The taproot is not a big deal when indoor gardening or container gardening.

Marijuana seeds inherit genetic characteristics from both parents because plants grown from seeds display some genetic variations, you can choose the best plant or the one you favor most. Seeds are easy to store for long periods of time and are easy to transport. Eighty percent of seeds germinate after 5 years of storage. They also are free from pest and disease. Feminized cannabis seeds have been bred to produce only female plants. They are the solution to identifying sex since all the plants are female. When plants are grown from marijuana seeds they often have higher yields than clones.

The disadvantages of seeds are little and limited. The main disadvantage of planting from seed is that marijuana has male and female plants so identifying sex is necessary when planting regular marijuana seeds. This can be a difficult task and the consequence of misidentifying the sex of a plant can result in unwanted pollination of the crop. Germinating seeds is a delicate procedure compared to transplanting clones. Seeds will not grow to be exactly the same as their mother, although it will be a close approximation. Because male plants need to be identified and discarded this can leave you with fewer plants than expected.

Marijuana Seeds vs. Clones

The advantages of clones are limited compared to growing from marijuana seeds. Clones are taken from female plants so they are guaranteed female. You don’t need to worry about identifying the sex of the plant and removing male plants. Clones get you past the germination process. Another plus is that clones are genetically identical to the mother and there is no genetic variation. They can quickly grow into mothers and be re-cloned. Some say clones grow faster than when starting from seed because rooted clones are already biologically mature and have a head start on root development but if we take the time it takes a clone to root it is about the same time frame as germinating seeds.

There are more disadvantages of clones than growing from marijuana seeds because clones can carry disease and pests that can infect the whole garden. Clones of a particular strain that you want may not be readily available and can be difficult to find and you don’t know exactly what you are buying when you purchase a clone. They don’t grow as vigorously as seed grown plants because clones don’t grow a taproot.

Clones lack a taproot and only grow secondary roots also known as fibrous root system from the stem and most of their root growth is lateral rather than downward. Cloned plants have a single layer of lateral roots. The stem ends close to the soil line, where it was cut. This doesn’t provide as much support as a plant with a taproot. Sometimes clones aren’t healthy and can go into shock and die. Clones are more sensitive to light and they can burn easily by too much light or too much nutrients.

Clones can lose their strength overtime including yield, potency, aroma, and overall growth of the plant. It is preferable to clone up to the third generation and then look for quality marijuana seeds from a seed bank.

To conclude, both m a r ijuana seeds and clones have advantages and disadvantages. The best way to grow you crops is to use a combination of growing from marijuana seeds and clones. We at Spliff Seeds have a large selection of strains in regular and feminized marijuana seeds that would make an excellent provider for seed grower.

As marijuana growers we all have to make decisions in the garden. One question is what to grow from? Seed or clone. Which one do you have access to? Planting