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This was a difficult list of marijuana movies to put together. And then I got HIGH.

When talking marijuana movies, we believe there are several categories to be explored. We also believe that it should include excellent cannabis documentaries as well as GREAT marijuana movies to watch. So we tried to break it down a little, but still remain cannabis related in our list.

We wanted to offer a concise list because we do NOT have room for ALL the movies made about marijuana, cannabis, or the evil weed itself. We also wanted you to be able to order them, they make FABULOUS GIFTS for the right people or Party! We did NOT really want to rate them, as we feel different people rate different 420 movies in their own realm of what makes up a good movie –

So YOU voted on Twitter of what marijuana movies you liked the most. We took whatever data you gave us and these are the most called out cannabis movies most of you can remember (LOL).

The BEST VOTED list of Marijuana Movies, Cannabis,

Weed, Stoner Flicks, 420 Videos, DVDs, etcetera.

All movies (depending upon your taste) are excellent when stoned (IMO). We hope you share the list and enjoy the ones you have not seen as well as buy the ones that truly rate a space in your marijuana & cannabis movie collection. All of them (as you can see) are available on Amazon – And many of them are VERY cheap too!

We hope you enjoy them! Pick-up something for your friends, or get a few you have not seen yet – We are here to tell you this makes for a great 420 DATE. Who knows? This could turn out pretty well for you?

Marijuana Movies: The BEST & most complete list of cannabis, weed, and 420 movies made for Stoners. Ultimate marijuana movies make it big. Cannabis Documentaries

10 Must-See Cannabis Documentaries

Documentaries are the perfect way to open people’s eyes, so it’s no surprise that there’s a whole series of high-quality documentaries about cannabis that dispel myths and half-truths. We have selected 10 of the best for you. Lights, camera, action!

A good documentary is a bit like the red pill in the Matrix: enlightening, revealing, real. After taking it, nothing will be the same again and you will see the world from an entirely new perspective. In times of fake news and “alternative truths”, blogs and videos are assuming an important role in the formation of opinions.

However, even for documentaries, it’s worth taking a closer look! Because every documentary is based on more than just facts; they also incorporate the motive of a director, who wants to create a particular response from his audience.

The following 10 films highlight cannabis from different perspectives and allow smokers, producers, scientists, doctors and politicians to have their say. Overall, they provide a clear overview of a controversial, misunderstood and political plant.

1. Grass – The History of Marijuana (1999)

Director: Ron Mann

Interesting fact: the narrator is the actor Woody Harrelson

“Grass – The History of Marijuana” is a good introductory film that offers a historical perspective on the plant and its use. Ron Mann relays serious information, but also understands the importance of conveying it in an entertaining manner.

This film demonstrates how cannabis was portrayed badly through targeted propaganda and the type of catastrophic consequences that are arising due to the war against drugs. The soundtrack, which includes a sprinkling of classics such as “Reefer Man” and “One Toke Over The Line“, was particularly appealing to us.

2. Super High Me (2007)

Director: Michael Blieden

Interesting fact: a parody of “Super Size Me” by stand-up comedian Doug Benson

Doug Benson’s answer to the film “Super Size Me” is one of the funniest documentaries there are about cannabis. “Super High Me” stays true to the original as Benson consumes cannabis non-stop for 30 days and takes various tests to check the effects on his body and mental wellbeing. Before the experiment, Benson abstained for a month.

There are many documentaries about cannabis that dispel myths and half-truths. We have selected 10 of the best for you. Lights, camera, action!