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Lady Pollen

Lady Pollen’s feminizing spray’s

With Lady Pollen’s feminizing spray “We’ll make you grow Nuts”.

Lady Pollen offers an extensive line of products for all your gardening needs. From fertilizers and seed starter. To feminizing spray’s and powders. Whether your a beginner or a master seed maker. We have the products that will guarantee you success in creating you own feminized pollen and medicinal seeds. Save your favorite flavors to enjoy for years to come or make new strains that suit your ideal preferences. Don’t waste your Space, Time and Money trying with the other guys. Get it right the first time and every time with our products. Discover the secrets that others have been using for decades to create their very own perfected feminized seeds. Stop paying the high prices that seed banks are asking. Start making as many seeds as you want from as little as one branch. Let Lady pollen help you grow nuts. Through years of perfecting the formulas and rigorous testing. Lady Pollen is able to offer you the very best when it comes to making feminized pollen and seeds.

Create your own Feminized seeds with Lady Pollen products

Lady Pollen has everything you would need to make sure that your going to get a 100% success rate. No more wasted money, time or space When it comes to producing medicinal seeds. Lady Pollen will make you grow nuts. Seed banks all over the world do not want you to know about these revolutionary products. Our products can turn any female plant into a seed producing machine. Either for personal or wholesale use. Lady Pollen’s products are specially formulated to rapidly accelerate the seeding and pollenating processes. Lady Pollen products minimize the time needed to create your own feminized seeds. Our feminizing products work by stopping the ethylene production of a female plant. This affects only the nodes you decide to treat. Thus creating male pollen sacs that only contain 100% female pollen. Which can be used to self pollinate the same plant. A cutting or a completely different strain. Using only 100% female pollen every time.

Lady Pollen can help you create any feminized seed strain you would like or just make more of your favorite feminized seeds

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Feminised weed pollen – Apollyon’s selection

Want to buy feminised weed pollen? – Seedshop Apollyon – Rotterdam

When you want to produce your own seeds, you will need both male as well as female plants. By using both male and female plants you are exploiting a bigger gene pool in order to find that one special, new pheno type, which will turn out to be a keeper.

Weed pollen for vigorous and stable new crosses

Furthermore a lot of old school growers will swear that plants from regular seeds will make for better mothers and produce more vigorous and stable new crosses. And besides that, without the use of regular seeds and pollen the gene pool and thereby the diversity of the cannabis plant family could shrink dangerously.

Weed pollen are for the experienced growers

However, due to the inevitable losses from the development of male plants with regular seeds – which you will have to remove if you want to harvest seedless buds – regular seeds are often only used by serious seed-producers with years of experience. They use them to create new strains or further refine existing strains. For folks that just want to modestly provide for their own needs, the feminized option will always be more advisable.

For this reason the majority of pollen sold by Apollyon Seedshop are feminised. Only the pollen of Tropical Skunk are available as regular pollen.

You order them all quickly and discreetly in our online Seedshop!

Check out our collection of Feminised Weed Pollen in our online Seedshop, for experienced growers who want to produce their own cannabis seeds.