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SeedFinder Info is listed as “fake” at the SeedFinder. This means you will get overpriced or re-packed gear (if you are lucky), industrial hemp seeds – or nothing! Be careful if you plan to order in one of this shops.

Sells overpriced niravana-seeds without telling the breeder.

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guest United States, December 2020

I never received my order. They say it was delivered and I have checked with all my neighbors but it no where to be found. No response from them to emails I have sent. I even offered to pay shipping again and buy additional seeds on a re-order but they are ignoring my emails. Buyer beware!

guest United Kingdom, May 2020

I got an old CD in the package.

guest Australia, November 2019

Got the order fast enough but none of the seeds germinated. Got sent useless, non-viable seeds. Dont waste your money ordering from them.

guest United States, November 2019

Great service. I bought 4 Strains all germinated 100%. All strains are what they say they are I had my Black Domino tested it pulled a 21.2% THC which is way above avg for this strain it usually tests at 16-19%. MSNL went above and beyond with freebies and insuring my order got to Jax, FL.

guest United States, June 2019

Ordered 4 strains 35 seeds. Only 2 germinated, but never grew a tap root. None of the rest did anything. Sent email. They are not responsible and sell seeds for souvenirs. No good.

guest United States, June 2019

35 seeds 4 different strains. not one viable seed. several cracked after soak,
but not even one taproot.

guest United States, April 2019

In February of 2019, I purchased 7 different strains from MNSL, in varying amounts, for a total of 100 seeds. They have reasonable prices, good freebies, rewards points, stealth packaging and quick shipping times. The germination rates, however, ranged from good to bad.
I decided to use some of the seeds and save some for another time. Here are the mixed germination results I got from the 7 strains.

Thai Stick – 3 out of 3 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Northern Lights – 3 out of 3 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Sour Diesel – 3 out of 4 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Master Kush – 3 out of 4 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
White Widow – only 2 out of 7 germinated but look healthy and are growing well.
Mountain Mist – only 2 out of 7 germinated but look healthy and are growing well.
Afghani – only 1 out of 8 germinated but looks healthy and is growing well.

I should add that Ive been successfully growing various types of cannabis for over 40 years, so the less than impressive germination rates of the last 3 strains arent from my end of the procedure.

guest Turkey, February 2019

So, this was my first ever order and grow.I bought 5 blue dream autos and got 3 strawberry cough as freebies.Firstly the germination rate was 3 out of 5 seeds.The plant grew really well first few months even if I fucked up sometimes.However it didnt auto and I had to switch to 12/12 after 2 and a half months.The plant flowered nicely with LST but took too loipeng to ripen. cut it 3 months after switching to 12/12 .Harvest was 125 grams dried in a 60×60 tent. plant height 60cms.Nice soft smoke.

guest United Kingdom, September 2018

I should have checked the reviews first. sadly purchased 50 seeds and only 10 germinated the rest were just dead seeds and when you contact customer support the just tell you they cant help you since they only sale the seeds for display and bla bla bla. at least they should be replacing the dead seeds, first time and last time i will ever shop from them

guest United Kingdom, April 2018

all seeds planted did germinate and grew strong, was concerned about the lack of any smell. now, five and a half weeks in flower and still no smell. AK47 should stink right? conclusion, its not AK47, HEMP! Fraudsters, do not consider spending your money with them. peace.

guest Canada, March 2018

I placed a order for 5 varieties and was given a nice selection of freebees with the order. The order process was good and payment was easy. The beans arrived in about 22 days which is about average in my experience. Oh yeah, the stealth option was used and it indeed was very stealthy. A plain brown mailing envelope with no identifying information or markings. My orders are usually around $300 and I have yet to find a seed bank that can match MSNLs price per bean. They really are a great value. The genetics are pretty true to their descriptions.

guest No info, January 2018

Worst cannabis seed bank . Blue dream auto was 40% off so I decided to buy 10 . Item came 2weeks after and I got 3 free feminized mazars . I was expecting it in week but what the hell . My friend ordered for me because its his 4th or 5th order from them so I was thinking it cant be bad no matter of 40% off . ONLY 4 germinated out of 10 and they are small and shitty . This is my fifth grow so dont eaven think its my fault . First my friend sent review and got no response for a week than they sent him response that says that they are not selling their seeds for germination but for suvenirs but still they didnt post his review on page . Ahhahaha so I laughed( we all know why we are here) . I went to post review but when you finish your review they clearly say your review is going to be posted AFTER they arrange it . So my point is : they tell us they are not selling them for growing but they post only reviews that say : Oh I got it in few days 5/5 germination and etc. But when we are trying to put critic they wont post it . I think they are being hipocrit and that they are posting their reviews bcos all reviews on their page seem sketchy . Never buying again and not recomending for you to buy either .

guest United States, October 2017

When you say MSNL is good with communication you must be lying. I complained and was told that all orders are for research and they could not give me any advice on growing seeds. Purchased 3 auto and one grew about 10 inches and started budding and made .04 grams, one got maybe a quarter oz from and the other has been growing now for 3 months and I think it is a hermi. After two months of nothing I put it on a 12 / 12 light and still nothing and after a month I finally put it outside . I very bushy plant but no nothing yet. I also at the same time By mistake ordered the strong something pack and did not even think about not be feminized and 6 out of 10 where male, my mistake. Did get some free seeds but no marking on bag so I dont know what they are. I paid extra 6.95 I think for stealth and they where sent in a cd. Some group I never heard of and not sure if it even plays. It could just be a blank. Would not buy again

guest Australia, September 2017

Ripped me off half my order and have made no attempt to rectify the situation. The seeds that did arrive arrived fast and were well hidden

guest United States, August 2017

I ordered 10 amnesia haze seeds from them by cash. Its been 2 months and they are sa Ying no payment was received. Email communication is next to nothing. Sure wish that I would have ordered from ILGM or Vault Seeds, with them orders have always been delivered by paying with cash.

guest United States, June 2017

They have a nice site with pretty pics and a lot of info and the seed came quickly BUT I had to sign for them after paying 7 dollars for stealth shipping and half the seeds did not germinate.Go to Ilovemarijuanna for good seeds and good support.

Dlzx2 Australia, June 2017

First order received no problems to Australia, 5 / 5 germed no problems cant see why this company has such a bad rep here

guest United States, May 2017

Terrible quality seeds that amount to nothing. If you were considering purchasing from this seed bank, do yourselves a favor and look else where. Dont waste your time.

guest United States, April 2017

Second order from them. Each time I had issues with my card declining. Seems like they have been having some issues with there system the last couple of months. Tried sending a couple messages but none were responded to till my last one and then they doubled my free seeds just like they said they would. First order came at a reasonable speed hidden in some socks. Split between some friends a number of fem seeds didnt germ. The ones that did so far seem good, or as described. Second order I only germed one seed and it popped and is sprouted out within 3 days. I love their easy to use website, easily the best I have been to and have been to a lot. They have great prices and sales. If these seeds workout great I would think they are legit.

guest United States, April 2017

Stealth shipping is done decently. Shipping time is pretty fast. Quality of seeds are lackluster and very disappointing. If youre looking to grow quality bud, dont bother buying from this bank. They send you leftover seeds. All of mine were duds or males.

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Reviews 3,990

No communication at all sent 3 emails…

No communication at all sent 3 emails and not a single reply. Where’s my order tracking number?

It’s been over 3 months with no seeds…

It’s been over 3 months with no seeds delivered pretty much ruined my yield this year now I have to go out and pay for my weed which will cost me thousands. I would like my money back or seeds ASAP my order no. 500497844
Richard sievers

My first order and my order got lost

My first order and my order got lost. Emailed this company and I had my babies in 15 days. Good company, now let’s hope the seeds produced what they claim. So far very satisfied.

They just took a long time to get them

They just took a long time to get them. But the few that I planted are on there way too becoming great plants.

Excellent service

Very discreet and also shipping was smooth took about two weeks

Didn’t receive anything!!

I’ve ordered since 22 October and yet didn’t receive my shipment!!

Shipment # 500125044
Order # 500497900
Shipment method: Guaranteed

I didn’t receive my order

I didn’t receive my order, I guess it’s because we have strict regulations. But anyway ;MSNLwrote that they gonna replace them and send me new ones. Wow! That’s really great, thank you guys so much ? ??

I received my order

I received my order. Thank you very much. I Planted 3 today will let you know how it’s going

Great place to do business with

Great place to do business with. Great customer service. Fast shipping and high quality, real deal healthy product. 5 stars and my go-to.

Excellent service ,my first package was…

Excellent service ,my first package was intercepted . customer service responded in 24 hours and without hesitation re-sent my order . I just received my delivery they all look dark and healthy can’t wait to plant . Would definitely order again and recommend guaranteed stealth shipping

A Pleased Customer.

I’ve been very pleased with your service. Thank you. My orders go thru painlessly and the delivery time is reasonable. Guaranteed delivery is the best. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!

Great shipping and quality seeds!

Wow! Firstly their selection on seeds was amazing. Better than most any other websites. I planted 4 autos and they all sprouted within a week and a half! Also I am in the USA and shipping time was right on point with what they said it would be on their website. Got my order I beleive on the 12th business day.

Wonderfully reliable

One of THE BEST strains last year!

Last year’s turned out very well one of our favorites, this is a reorder, looking forward to planting in the Spring.

very happy with my orders.

Trustworthy source!

Thankyou guys heaps. My package arrived safe and sound way down under down under (Tasmania) ! Great service highly recommend, cheers all

Fast delivery and packed stealthy

Fast delivery and packed stealthy, excellent thanks.

Seeds didn’t arrive crap customer service

Seeds didn’t arrive. Multiple emails asking about their guarantee resend policy. Not 1 return email. Crap customer service.

I am sorry to hear that you haven’t received your order yet, I have checked our customer service system and we haven’t received and email from you, did you email us directly or go through the contact form? It looks like based on the tracking code that we sent to you that it has been lost in the post, a member of our customer service team has contacted you via email to arrange to get this reshipped to you.

Good quality seeds

First time ordering they left out seeds. This time they got it right. Would definitely order from them again.

Stealthy packaging, Reliable Service

The seeds came on time! The packaging was so stealthy that I almost discarded the seeds! It came in a used CD case and I had to figure out how to crack one of the panels open. Such a fun experience. I will be germinating the seeds soon! I hope it goes well

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