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Matanuska Thunderfuck

an unknown / legendary cannabis strain

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Basic Strain Info

Matanuska Thunderfuck is an indica variety from unknown origin and can be cultivated indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse. .

What do we know about the unknown/legendary Matanuska Thunderfuck?

Matanuska Thunder Fuck refers to any good cannabis coming out of the Matanuska Valley in Alaska since the early 70s. If you research the history of Palmer, you will find that it was/is a government agriculture experimental station. The original families who moved here for this experiment had children in Palmer around the 40’s & 50’s that were influenced by the hippie movement and the influx of their kind to the Matanuska-Susitna Valley around the beginning of the 70’s. With the knowledge those children gained, while working with their parents on their family farms growing up, and from the projects they were involved in at the experimental station as college students, and from a few new found hippy friends from the west coast of the US, they began flower-forcing by blacking out greenhouses during the summer. None made clones. They did remove males, and they knew how to prepare the cannabis for market. So with that, people in Alaska started to see some green bud as opposed to imported bud, and it was all coming out of the valley.

By the 80’s, only a few of those people remained. Some were busted. Others moved on. Those that remained began taking clones and growing indoors. One of those men, Larry, met my father and taught him the techniques that some still use to this day here in the valley. Unfortunately, both Larry and my father are dead and the valley is full of greedy people, so the story of a strain named MTF just isn’t true. Most people who say that they have smoked it give inconsistent descriptions for flavor and effect. Most of the cannabis in the valley is grown from seeds bought from mainstream seed banks/breeders.

Matanuska Thunder Fuck Myths:
To start, I have more than 20 years of experience with cannabis, beginning with guidance from my father. I feel sure that there are few people who know as much about MTF as I do. My family has lived in the Matanuska Valley/Palmer since 1940, well before Alaska was even a state.

* There is/was a strain named MTF/Matanuska Thunder Fuck- Any PREMIUM cannabis from the valley is called MTF.

***Untrue there is nothing that taste, smells or blows you away like MTF. As of 10+ years ago main growers on the inner and outer springer loop left the area to grow harvest up north and then little if any was found at the Alaska State Fair since. How do I know this?? In the late 70’s I was introduced to the main growers due to my brother when to school with them all.*****
* Cannabis finishes flowering outdoors in the valley- Unless cannabis is auto-flowering it will grow large because of the long, bright days during summer, but it will never reach maturity before the cold and rain kill it. Light deprivation is the way to go.
* This so-called strain named MTF needs a frost before harvest to yield maximum resin- Most cannabis is severely damaged if it does survive a frost. NOT RECOMMENDED!
* This so-called strain named MTF is native to Alaska- NO cannabis is native to Alaska, or even the Americas. Try the Asian continent.
* There are only mainstream strains in Alaska- If you know someone who’s been growing in the valley since cloning caught on in the early 80’s, you could possibly come across some of the old school clones, but I’d say it’s improbable. Most don’t even know where the clones that they get originated from. Of people making seeds, few really understand the science behind it, and the seed stock really doesn’t compare to anything available on the world market. Although the work of quite a few commercial breeders is nothing to write home about, the few who do possess the knowledge won’t reveal themselves or their methods for fear of loosing decades of hard work. And yes, they do possess genetic stock outside the world seed market. They’re still hoping things will change and one day they will step up.
* Cannabis is now only allowed for registered patients in Alaska- You can legally posses up to 28.35 grams in the PRIVACY of your home. Growing up to 24 plants is a misdemeanor. Although, according to one attorney he personally keeps up to four ounces (113.4 grams). Privacy, meaning no one can see it from a window or doorway outside your house.
* Law enforcement in the valley can get warrants based on odors or abnormally high electric bills- They must be able to show probable cause that you are selling/distributing, cultivating(cannabis), or that you possess more than is allowed for personal use.

I think the lesson to take away from this is, what is being done in places like Amsterdam, Spain, UK, California, and Canada can be done anywhere on this planet. It has been done on ships in international waters, a shopping mall in Florida, even Antarctica. So, wherever you’re at, you can grow MTF quality cannabis. Just remember, the more you educate yourself on the subject, ie., lab work, experiment, and cultivate, the more likely you will grow true THUNDER FUCK!

Disclaimer: In no way is this to be construed to be an advocation to break the law. I am not a lawyer, and in no way should you consider this legal advice. This is my view and I encourage you to discover truth for yourself.

Addition (from a medical grower/researcher (Ph.D.)): A medical clone called “Matanuska Valley Thunder Fuck” (or MVTF) ended up in Oregon. It is said to be a cross between “golf bud” and the “original” Matanuska Thunderfuck, both created in Alaska. The flavor is a pungent orange-citrus and is unmistakable–the aroma, once burnt, will fill a room. The clone also went by the name “Tange” (short for Tangerine). It is a prolific producer of high quality flowers and is the earliest flowering outdoor plant I have ever grown.

It begins flowering by July 5th at 45 degrees N and finishes the first weeks of September. One of the single-best medical clones to grow outdoors–period. This particular clone is now available in several California dispensaries as well.

The Matanuska Valley is well known for its exceptional ability to grow vegetables. MTF is not so much a strain. It refers to virtually any marijuana grown in the Matanuska Valley. The Matanuska valley is a location that has an optimal growing season and extremely fertile soil. Consequently, seeds bought from the mainstream seed banks/breeders tend to grow to their optimal potential in the valley. Most old timers, like my old boss who lived there, grew and kept most of their yield for family and friends. The winter is long up here. I am always skeptical when I hear people talking about actually having some “MTF” in the lower 48.

Matanuska Thunderfuck an unknown / legendary cannabis strain Here you can find all info about the unknown / legendary cannabis variety Matanuska Thunderfuck . If you are searching for

North Thunderfuck: New And Improved Version Of MTF

Matanuska Thunderfuck, or MTF, is an Alaskan heirloom strain that went off the radar in the 1990s. Forty years later, our expert breeders have created North Thunderfuck, an homage to the Alaskan classic that left cannabis lovers everywhere drooling.

Inspired by Matanuska Thunderfuck (MTF), a mysterious Alaskan classic dating back to the 80s, North Thunderfuck’s exact genetic lineage is still shrouded in mystery. One thing is very clear, though; this lemony THC monster will hit you like a train and leave you in a euphoric daydream for hours.


North Thunderfuck is our version of MTF, an iconic Alaskan cannabis variety that first crept into the spotlight in the 1970s.

MTF’s frosty buds delivered a strong, euphoric body buzz, and it’s aroma combined pungent notes of pine and earth with underlying hints of Skunk and mint. These plants grew short and thick, developing dark green fan leaves with up to eight fingers. They flowered extremely quickly and were perfect for growers working in cramped spaces. But even outdoors in the short, mild Matanuska summer, MTF could still produce exceptional bud.

Those cannabis aficionados lucky enough to try MTF during the late 1980s were dying for more of the strain, which, unfortunately, disappeared after the re-criminalisation of cannabis in 1990. After Alaska legalized and regulated the commercial market for cannabis in 2015, however, the search for MTF was back on. Now, over 40 years since it first popped its head out of the snow, we’re excited to bring back the glory of MTF.

Our North Thunderfuck was bred directly from MTF; after finding the phenotype with the right aroma, effects, bud structure, and growth traits, we backcrossed it over three generations to create a variety of MTF with a unique aroma and improved THC production.


In the grow room, North Thunderfuck is a complete treat; whether you’re a rookie about to sprout your first seeds or a veteran looking for a new A-grade strain to bring into your grow room, North Thunderfuck won’t disappoint.

Originating from the Matanuska Valley, known for its long, cold winters and short, chilly summers, this strain is extremely hardy; it flourishes in slightly colder temperatures and has a natural resilience to pests and diseases. Its flowering time is roughly 65 days.

If you’re just starting out as a grower, feel free to let your plants grow as they choose, feeding them with a regular fertiliser during veg and a bloom booster during flowering. Flush for the final 1–2 weeks of flowering, then get ready to harvest some of the best bud you’ve ever seen.

If you’re an experienced grower, on the other hand, we recommend using a combination of LST, HST, lollipopping, and defoliation to really push this strain’s potential. Reaching heights of 80–120cm, North Thunderfuck is ideal for indoor growing. Her short, stocky structure also makes her an ideal candidate for a sea of green setup.

If you really want to let North Thunderfuck blow you away, move her outdoors. With enough soil and space, these plants can grow up to 190cm tall, producing tons of nodes that, come harvest time, will be heavy with thick, frosty buds. Yields average about 450–500g/m² indoors and 500g/plant outdoors.

North Thunderfuck
North Thunderfuck
Matanuska Thunderfuck Bx3
450 – 500 gr/m2
80 – 120 cm
8 – 9 weeks
THC: 22%
Sativa 50% Indica 50%
500 – 550 gr/plant
160 – 190 cm
Middle of October


Capable of producing up to 23% THC, North Thunderfuck is a step up from the original MTF when it comes to potency. Within just minutes of your first hit, you’ll feel your hands and feet get warm and tingly. Give it a few more minutes, and you’ll be fully immersed in a euphoric stone, with waves of optimism knocking you back in your chair. Whether you’re at a party with friends or home alone, North Thunderfuck will leave a lasting smile on your face and a cool sense of relaxation running through your body for hours.

To really harness the chill euphoria of North Thunderfuck, light her up after a long day at the office or on a lazy weekend afternoon. Put on your favourite movie or record and kick up your heels, or go for a slow stroll in the sun; regardless of the activity, it’ll be 10x better after a few hits of North Thunderfuck. Just remember, this strain is known to induce couch-lock with enough hits, so it’s best reserved for moments where you can unwind completely without having to deal with work or other commitments.

With its complex terpene profile, North Thunderfuck boasts a delicious aroma with pronounced earthy pine overtones and hints of mint and citrus. While flowering, plants give off very pungent aromas that’ll reach every corner of your grow room. Then, after curing, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a container that can hold the smell of these buds; expect your friends to go wild the minute you pop the lid off your grinder before rolling up.

Its high concentrations of limonene give North Thunderfuck a unique lemon flavour that’ll dominate your palate after a single hit. On the exhale, you may pick up more earthy pine flavours, but they’ll be subtle compared to the big citrus note.


Whether you were around to try the original MTF or you’re new to cannabis, North Thunderfuck is a revamped classic worth trying. She’s easy to grow, delivers big yields of exceptional bud, and, most importantly, offers a delicious and potent smoke. Order your feminized seeds today to see for yourself.

Using rare MTF genetics, our breeders created North Thunderfuck, an homage to the Alaskan classic that left weed lovers dying for more. Click to learn more!