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A Guide On Mixing Different Cannabis Strains Together

A lot of experienced stoners have their favourite go-to strain combinations. Let’s go through why that is and give you a few combinations so you can try for yourself!

Whether you only have half a joint of each strain and need to mix or are just looking for a new experience, mixing strains can bring a whole new world to the experienced stoner. It’s available to take advantage of by both the recreational and medical users.

Different strains will produce different symptoms because of the entourage effect. This is the concept that explains how cannabinoids act together to provide the psychoactive and medical effects of cannabis. When mixed in different quantities, these chemical components will act differently. With more than 100 registered cannabinoids, the combinations are endless, explaining the existence of so many strains.


When mixing strains, you’re not only taking advantage of the cannabinoid mixture in each of those strains, but also how the two flowers will work together. It will make a difference how much of each strain is in each joint and if you mix the two herbs together or split the flower halfway in the joint.

A lot of consumers will claim the high is better when they mix good strains. On the other hand, you might also want to tone down a certain strain by mixing it with a lighter herb. This might come in handy if you plan to smoke before an important dinner or event. You either mix or you simply try packing a smaller bowl or rolling a thinner joint. But we all know how much more satisfying a proper smoke is.

At the end of the day, cannabis is a very personal experience. Only you will be able to decide if you like a certain combination or not or even if you like mixing at all. Regardless of that, let’s go through some of the popular mixtures out there.



There are a lot of great cannabis combinations out there. So many that it was hard for us to pick just a few to show you. You might find your next favourite combination amongst these, but you’re as likely to not enjoy any of them. The best strain mix for you might not even have been discovered yet. Ultimately, it’s up to you to try out and experiment, but let’s give you a few to kick-start your journey on the world cannabis mixtures.

If you’re the kind of person who loves a good relaxing indica, you’ll want to try White Cheese and Blueberry. This combination will provide you with a couch-locking dreamy high. Recreationally, you’ll experience the relaxed and happy effects of both strains with a hint of creativity provided by the Cheese. Medically, your body will respond with a satisfaction in a lot of conditions. You’ll feel better if you’re dealing with stress, depression, insomnia, and even pain.

If on the other hand, you’re the type of consumer to enjoy terpenes, you have to try the Blueberry, Bubblegum and Trainwreck combo. Terpenes are the components in cannabis responsible for the present aromas and flavours. This is a combination to be enjoyed by cannabis aficionados. Although you’ll obviously be enjoying a wide array of effects, this mixture is extremely popular due to its effect on the mouth, not the brain. Smoking this combination will make you wish you had an endless bowl or joint to toke on all night.


Like we referred above, there are many reasons why one would mix different cannabis strains together. If you’re not looking to increase your high, but to actually tone it slightly down, we also have combos for you.

Seen that we have an indica combination with an incredible head high, we thought of doing the same for the lovers of a good body high. For those guys we would suggest mixing the White Widow with some Purple Trainwreck. This combination will certainly give you an incredibly relaxed body high. You’ll be left with a happy and euphoric high that can still be mentally light and clear.

And finally, for the perfect wake and bake, try out Lemon Kush and White Cheese. Although being strong flowers, the high they provide is extremely functional. The Lemon Kush brings in focus while the White cheese enhances your creativity. You’re sure to feel the wonders of cannabis with this mix. Just be careful with how much you grind. Tread lightly with these plants.


Before you go full on bartender and start making crazy weed cocktails, there are a few guidelines we suggest you follow. First of all, you’ll probably want to stay at home for this experience. You’re most likely to feel things you’ve never felt before and these won’t necessarily agree with you. If you’re not at home, be sure you’re somewhere you feel safe.

And obviously, don’t smoke too much at once. Whether you’re vaping, smoking joints or packing bowls—smoke less than your usual dose. Allow yourself to test the high and effect before embarking on a crazy journey. Be prepared for an interesting flavour. It will be hard to master the best flavour combinations. At first, your smoke might not taste that good. Just know that that’s OK and you’ll improve next time. Experiment and take notes. It will take time to truly understand strain mixing, but once you get it, the experiences can be very rewarding.

Ever wondered if mixing different strains got you any higher? We believe we have the answer you want to hear. Learn more about it and what strains to mix!

Mixing Weed Strains: Why You Should Consider It

Mixing different strains of weed, sometimes known as making a ‘salad’, is a really common practice among habitual pot smokers. You’re able to smoke different kinds of weed at once, and who doesn’t want that? But are there actually any reasons as to why you should be mixing strains? Let’s find out.

Are There Actually Benefits To Mixing Strains?

Simply put, yes, there are many benefits to mixing cannabis strains. By smoking multiple strains at once, you will experience the side-effects of many different types of weed present in the mix; moreover, when certain strains occur together, they can sometimes have enhanced effects. Let’s get into the details.

Better High

Mixing weed strains can definitely induce a better high. There are hundreds of cannabinoids in marijuana, and each strain of cannabis has different cannabinoids in them. Cannabis also contains a large variety of terpene molecules, which are likewise said to have their own medicinal or therapeutic properties. Mixing strains can therefore cause cannabinoids to have different effects or the effects to be exaggerated when smoked with other strains. The possibilities for experimentation are endless!

Delicious Combos

Cannabis contains what are called terpenes – the molecules responsible for the taste and smell of your cannabis. Mixing cannabis strains that have different terpenes can create a wide variety of flavors and aromas. Sometimes, the combination of particular terpenes can create a different aroma than what’s normally produced from those strains. It’s also important to note that terpenes are just as significant as the cannabinoids in marijuana and have their own effect on the quality of high.

Sweet Strains

Get Some Variety

Mixing weed strains is also just a fun way of mixing things up – for example, if you’re tired of smoking the same strains on their own all the time. Many people enjoy the effects of both Sativas and Indicas, so you could try this easy combination. It’s also interesting to experiment with the different effects of different strains of cannabis and see how they react with the side-effects of one another. You may find that there are certain strains that were just born to be smoked together.

Important Considerations When Mixing

When looking for the best strains to mix, it’s important to consider what it is you’re trying to achieve. It’s easy to create a 50/50 Sativa/Indica mix if you just want the best of both worlds, but if you’re trying to utilize particular strains for certain medical benefits, it could be more difficult to perfect a combination that works for you. It’s also important that you know your own limits when you begin mixing strains, as you may accidentally end up creating a very potent salad without even knowing it.

The Best Mixes Of Cannabis Strains

If you’re looking to start mixing cannabis strains when you smoke, try out some of these classic combinations first. From classic 50/50 blends to extra-strong fully-Indica or fully-Sativa salads, mixing strains together truly has no limits.

Afghan Kush And Jack Herer

This is a classic mix of two strains of weed, both of which are household names to experienced weed smokers. This particular weed blend will bring you the relaxing, couch-locking body high of the Indica Afghan Kush with the insightfulness and creativity of Jack Herer. You will be able to stay completely focused and think deeply while also remaining fully relaxed during this mix experience. You can also expect to enjoy a wonderful mix of spicy lemon and herbal, piney aromas.

Strains For Relaxation

OG Kush And Sour Diesel

OG Kush and Sour Diesel is another excellent combination if you’re looking for the best of both worlds. OG Kush will provide pain relief and relaxation, as it’s a strong Indica, while Sour Diesel will give you all of the euphoria of a Sativa. You will feel totally relaxed, happy and stress-free with this weed blend. Even the combined flavor profile is worth it alone, with the lemony freshness of Sour Diesel combined with the pungency of OG Kush.

Blueberry And Royal Cheese

Though it may not sound like it at first, the flavors and aromas of Blueberry and Royal Cheese work well together, with the perfect mixture of sweet and savory forming in your mouth. Royal Cheese is a Sativa, Indica and Ruderalis hybrid that will give you a perfect combination of a strong body high and the munchies; together with the pain relief and stress-reducing qualities of the Indica Blueberry, it’s guaranteed to provide a relaxing experience.

Strains For Euphoria

Lemon Kush And White Cheese

This combination weed blend is definitely for those who love a good body high or are using weed medicinally for pain. Lemon Kush and White Cheese are both strong strains that induce feelings of laziness, relaxation, couch lock and an overall strong body high. White Cheese is considered to be a “nighttime weed,” so it’s best to save this salad for bedtime. Lemon Kush also contains many limonene terpenes, which by themselves induce a state of clear-mindedness and euphoria.

White Widow And Purple Trainwreck

Two of the best strains to mix if you’re looking for a strong Sativa high rather than an Indica stone are White Widow and Purple Trainwreck. White Widow has many of the best qualities of a good Sativa, and mixing this with the stimulating and euphoria-inducing qualities of Purple Trainwreck will give you one of the happiest and most uplifting highs you can find. The taste is also amazing and will be relaxing all on its own, with hints of lavender, pine, wood and earth.

Strains For Socializing & Parties

Try Mixing The Next Time You Smoke

The next time you’re looking to spice up your smoking life, try mixing two strains of weed together for a completely revolutionized high. When different strains are smoked together, they can have a wider variety of effects than when smoked separately. From benefiting from more of weed’s positive effects at once to creating a different flavor palette entirely, mixing cannabis is definitely something every smoker should try.

Do you know what making a ‘salad’ means? That is strains mixing, a really common practice among habitual pot smokers. You’re able to smoke different kinds of weed at once, and who doesn’t want that? But are there actually any reasons as to why you should be mixing strains?