moke weed

Moke weed

“Dude you wanna smoke some mokes after school today?”

“That moke just made me zone-out for 5 minutes.”

The Moke Out Mob from Mill Valley, California are people who represent taking fatty moke bong rips.

Anyone (Usually of Hawaiian ancestry) who actively participates in one or more of the following moke activities-
Bodysurfing with McDonalds Tray
Hawaiian Canoe Paddling
Driving a Lifted Pickup
Listening to Reggae/Jawaiian Music
Playing an ukulele
Stealing shoes/slippahs
Smoking Weed

There is one mandatory qualification though. For one to be a full fledged “moke”, one must be well versed if not fluent in pidgin english.

Hawaiian pidgin for: a big local “braddah”

Someone from Hawaii that is most or all of the following:

Hawaiian or Hawaiian mixed
Likes to scrap
Likes to drink
Drives a truck
Works construction
Longboards, bodyboards, or bodysurfs
Loves Hawaiian music
Loves to eat
Hates haoles
Goes offroading
Goes hunting (for wild pigs)
Owns a pitbull (or some other bad-ass dog)
Works Security/Bounces
Has a “Proud to Be Hawaiian” sticker on his truck
Cruizes at da beach on his day off
Lives in “da country” outside of the city

Wut, you going Waianae side? Watch out get plenny mokes out dea! No act dumb!!

All da mokes wen chase me outta da watah!!

Hawaiian pidgin describing and/or classifying a male based on their displayed personality traits.

“Moke” can be used to describe a male (usually of Hawiian descent, and/or from/living in Hawaii) who exhibits traits of outgoing, personality type “B”, and/or “bully” style behavior.

Males that cause others to cross the street to avoid them may sometimes be called “mokes”.

Percieved “bullies” may sometimes be called “mokes”.

Agressive, while not always violent behavior, may be exhibited. At the same time, verbal opinions, points of view, comments, and/or exclamations will be expressed using the commonly accepted, Hawaiian pidgin dialect.

While the term “moke” invokes images of negative connotations, this may not always be the case.

Bouncers, security, older brothers/cousins that don’t like you trying to date their little sisters/cousins may also be wrongly classified as “mokes”, due to the fact that they usually scare the user.

Field workers
Her uncle that hates you
The neighborhood kid who wanna be da kine badd ass
Pot smokers/famers
Pitbull Owners (this includes other “bad ass” breeds as well)
Guys that typically cause fear without ever speaking to them
The guys that laughed and/or picked on you in school for being a kook

. are usually labled “mokes”.

Use your imagination to determine what a “moke-ette” can be.

Fo real, J-boy wanna be one kine moke now dat his braddah jes got out.

Sometimes incorrectly spelled ‘moch’, a moke is a bowl of mixed tobacco and marijuana, typically in a single snap of the bowl. Known for its intense, concussive high, a moke is a pleasant and cost-effective experience for the experienced stoner.

Moke, as a term, is most commonly heard in Northern California, particularly in the San Francisco bay area and surrounding communities; the act of smoking marijuana mixed in bowls with tobacco goes by many other names as well, including (but not limited to):
-Mocha bowl
-T-rip or T-snap
-Splice bowl
-Spliff bowl (which is just about the worst name ever for a moke)
-Zorb (more correctly the intense headrush a moke produces should be referred to as a ‘zorb’)

And the act of having a friend make you a thick, delicious brown snapper is called a ‘Chef Special’

“Bruh, lets go take some mokes and watch Trailer Park Boys”

“There are two rules when it comes to moking. One, if that moke did not physically hurt to take, do it over again until it does. Second, if you ask a friend to make you a small moke, by law he must now make you a fat moke”

Moker #1 “One chef special on the house, please”
Moker #2 “Coming right up, sir”

“Let me take a Brownt Olympus first, then lets go watch the movie”

Person #1 “Hey man do you guys smoke splice bowls out of that bong?”
Person #2 “We smoke mokes here boy, you must smoke cock”

“I saw that one dude with the long hair smoke a moke out of a fuckin steamroller. That’s fucking heinous”

Moke weed “Dude you wanna smoke some mokes after school today?” “That moke just made me zone-out for 5 minutes.” The Moke Out Mob from Mill Valley, California are people who represent

Secondhand Marijuana Smoke?

People often worry how breathing someone else’s marijuana smoke could affect them. Let’s look at some common questions about this, and the answers that science has found.

Can you get a “contact high” from secondhand marijuana smoke? It depends.
You’d have to be in an unventilated room, and very close to someone who is smoking for a long period of time. (“Unventilated” means all windows and doors are closed.)

In one study, 12 participants sat together for an hour in an unventilated room. Six participants smoked marijuana casually during that hour and the other six didn’t smoke anything.

At the end of the hour, each nonsmoker’s heart rate was a little faster than it was before the experiment. The nonsmokers also reported feeling slightly buzzed or sleepy, and they didn’t perform as well on logic tests as they had before the experiment.

But when the same experiment was conducted in a ventilated room, there was no change in the nonsmokers’ heart rate or test performance, and they did not report any signs of a “contact high.”

Can you test positive on a drug test after inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke? Probably not in most cases.
But it is possible to detect marijuana in drug tests after exposure in an unventilated room to larger amounts of THC, the ingredient in marijuana that causes the high.

Drug screens can look for THC in your blood, urine, saliva, or hair. In one study, nonsmokers spent 3 hours in a well-ventilated space with people who casually smoked marijuana. Then, researchers measured the amount of THC in the nonsmokers’ urine.

Sensitive laboratory tests were able to find THC in the nonsmokers’ urine, but not enough to trigger a positive result on most commonly used drug tests.

Next, the researchers conducted the same experiment for 1 hour in an unventilated room with marijuana that had higher levels of THC (11.3 percent, compared with 5.3 percent in the previous experiment). This time, some nonsmoking participants did test positive for THC in their urine—but that was rare, and it only happened in the hours right after the experiment.

What are the health effects of inhaling secondhand marijuana smoke? Researchers are working to figure this out.
We don’t know yet how a person is affected if they live with somebody who smokes marijuana regularly, or how higher concentrations of THC in today’s marijuana could affect secondhand smoke.

A study using rodents found that secondhand marijuana smoke can do as much damage to the heart and blood vessels as secondhand tobacco smoke. But researchers haven’t fully explored the effect of secondhand marijuana smoke on humans.

We also know marijuana smoke contains levels of chemicals and tar that are similar to tobacco smoke, raising concerns about risk for cancer and lung disease. We don’t know yet how it affects a person’s health in the long run.

Research is also being done on possible risks of secondhand vaping; this will be important to know, because a growing number of teens report vaping THC.

As researchers learn more, we’ll keep you updated.

Find out the health effects that come from breathing secondhand marijuana smoke. ]]>