most euphoric strains

What are the most Euphoric strains?

Redeye Bri
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As the title says, I am looking for the most euphoric strains. I am not concerned with maximum potency, or knock-out effects. I just want to know the strains that are uplifting, super mood elevators, that put a smile on your face and make everything feel great. The dope that releases the dopamine. Thanks.

*disclaimer – I understand that your own mood going into smoking, as well as other variables, will have an effect on this. No need to go over this.

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Recently I got hooked up with 818 headband, its unique high that would put a big smile on your face !! try this strain out


Sativas like Thai, Ajan haze #1.Amnesia Haze are great for the trippy high.I saw very vibrant colors from the Amnesia.
Gonna want a Sativa tho as ive never had tht effect with Indicas.Any Haze will work.


Jilly Bean TGA- Haven’t tried it yet, but at the top of the short list to run next go around. Every review I’ve read has a somewhere in it.

Headband- this shit rocks. A bit more relaxing than other Sour D strains I have tried but by no means a downer. It def. puts a smile on my face every time I think about it.

But if your looking for dopamine; you can’t beat THE CHEESE. after taking upwards of 50-100mg of oxycodon a day for years it was hard for me to really fell “happy” Then entered the UK CHEESE (real deal clone only) and the rest is history. I have not touched an opioid in 6 years.
Damn I miss that cheese.

in addition to those anything with HAZE in the name. Which reminds me

Blue Dream- I smoked on a large ball of dry hash from blue dream for about a month. It was my after work go to strain. Not to exciting or energetic just relaxation, clarity, and then Blue Dreams.

Check out they have good med. reviews

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hazey grapes
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kali mist is CRAZY euphoric, but don’t plan on trying to sit still on it. don’t get me wrong, in the mid 90s, i begged and pleaded to buy some weight after being gifted a nice gram and stopped bidding at $120 for an eigth and STILL got no more than that freebie tease, but it’s not my favorite buzz. joey weed (textbook buzz) C99 is similar, but not quite so racy and only took 45 days while mosca’s hazier probably potent pineapple phenos that can get stonier or trippier too only take 55 days.

apollo 11 is C99 x genius and mellower and trippier. i want to try bodhi’s genius when it comes back, TGA’s A13, or a member here’s genius that he’s putting up on hemp depot. psycoactivity makes euphoria funner.

jillybean is supposed to be one of the most euphoric strains. it’s made up of stony and euphoric romulan and skunk #1 along with C99 too. i’m interested in TGA the third dimension too, blueberry is another mid stony euphoric buzz as i imagine bubblegum is too bassed on it’s descriptions

mandala’s 8 miles high has a really nice mellow clean euphoric high with enough of a trippy twist that it likes music and dancing. KM & C99 don’t like sitting still as much. it has a neutral energy profile with precise body control. it’s 24/7 happy to me. very classy.

have had 0 for 2 luck with barney’s laughing buddha. the 1st refused to sprout and the second snapped at the stem inside a pellet

CH9’s jack impressed me with a nice warm and fuzzy euphoric high that was potent too, though lacking in the additional touchy feely and trippy qualities that make jack’s cleaner 2 my personal favorite. it was nice and potent too and surprised me because i was expecting something like afghani based on it’s stature and not a low odor functional potent happy strain. i’m inclined to believe CH9’s jack 33 lives up to it’s description for laugh your ass off euphoria based on what i saw from it’s sibling. it’s worth checking out for a $10 or so fem for sure.

on the stonier skunk #1/blueberry side of mids, DNA’s sour cream is crazy delicious and yummier than blueberry to me. it adds some quality to a buzz that doesn’t inspire me, but it is functional. i like motivational better. their lemon skunk delivers there with a better flavor than skunk #1 too as well as a sexy golden color that suits it’s lemongrass flavor. light motivation with plenty of euphoria. their sweet haze is my number two favorite hands down though. it’s trippier than generic hazes if not IBL ones, but it’s just a 9 week strain, as well as fruitier and stickier too. i need to test it against JC2 more to pick a clear favorite. i just like the touchy feely effect of JC2 so much that i can ignore the body thump

high quality seeds’ haze x skunk is a 12 week strain that smokes like an IBL. i think it’s less trippy than JC2 and sweet haze, but it kicks butt in the potency and motivation departments with a long lasting buzz that doesn’t turn stony even after a month like crappy skunk #1 will after just a couple weeks. if you want a potent high, you can do worse.

durban poison has a generic haze kind of clear headed euphoria high, but is notable for it’s authentic licorice flavor. it made me nauseous as i don’t like that flavor and i bet that’s where it gets it’s poison name from. VERY expansive hits too, but after the dry heaves went away after each hit, i was happy to FINALLY get high again in a world ruled by greedy scum afraid of people getting high and telling them to go fuck themselves the way i’m always doing.

if you’d like a cheap fruity generic haze, rokerij amnesia is as good as any other, but no match for sweet haze.

if you’re curious about diesels, short stuff’s onyx has that vile abomination of a truckstop oil slick taste i got off another stony diesel i scored once, but it had a really nice upbeat almost trippy euphoric high with a similar touchy feely effect as JC2 without the stone. i couldn’t stop playing footsie with myself on it. i’ll never understand why anyone likes that sin against nature flavor, but i had to respect the buzz. i can’t believe sour cream is actually related to that!

that should give you a nice range of flavors and highs to choose from

As the title says, I am looking for the most euphoric strains. I am not concerned with maximum potency, or knock-out effects. I just want to know the…

8 Most Euphoric Strains for Intense and Long-Lasting Happiness

Euphoria is probably the most desirable effect of marijuana, and that’s understandable. We all like that feeling of elation and well-being that lets us forget about our worries and be happy, content and productive. Of course, not all weed varieties are created equal in this respect, so here’s a selection of our most euphoric strains.

Bruce Banner #3: Calm The Angry Monster Within

Bruce Banner #3, a Sativa/Indica hybrid, carries OG and Diesel genetics, both famous for their upbeat qualities and mellow body buzz. The outstanding flavors of earth, fuel and citrus further enhance these all-round euphoric feelings – and the yields of up to 800g/m2 (2.5 oz/ft2), coupled with its 28% THC, means you’ll get a lot of euphoric bang for your buck!

Amherst Sour Diesel: Pump Yourself Up

Amherst Sour Diesel is your ultimate fuel for fun and euphoria – an 80% Sativa-dominant variety that’s ideal for wake-and-bake sessions, usage throughout the day, and going to a party or club. Newbies, beware: with 27% THC, this is some extremely potent stuff, so instead of a burst of energy, you might slip into a ‘medically-induced coma’ and miss out on all the action if you overindulge.

Blue Dream: More Energizing Than Coffee

One of America’s favorites, this best-selling Sativa is your go-to source of inspiration, creativity, energy and good mood. Blue Dream, a euphoric medicine, also has a beautifully complex flavor of fruit, berries and citrus, complete with an intoxicating aroma of exotic spices and incense. Better still, the yields are so great that they’re a source of happiness in themselves.

Fruit Punch Auto: Social Enhancer Spiked With 21% THC

Fruit Punch Auto, a sweet and fruity hybrid of Skunk and Haze, is one of the best euphoric strains among autoflowers. With such a lineage, and with 80% Sativa genes in its DNA, it’s bound to be a terrific mood enhancer. Use this strain in any social setting where you want to be relaxed and talkative at the same time.

HulkBerry: A Long-Lasting Energy Booster

Get ready for HulkBerry, another version of Bruce Banner #3 in our collection, this time by Royal Queen Seeds, who tirelessly hunt for outstanding clones and adopt only the best of the best. High levels of THC (usually testing between 24 and 28%) and exquisitely sweet flavors with earthy, gassy and sour notes make this Sativa-leaning hybrid a great choice for party-goers.

Tangie’matic Auto: Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

The Tangie genetics are in the top tier of new-school marijuana, and Tangie’matic by Fast Buds is a great autoflowering reincarnation of this juicy wonder. After just 9-10 weeks from seed, it provides growers with heaps of buds that smell and taste of tangerines, are packed with 21-23% THC, and fill the body with a sense of well-being and the mind with creative euphoria.

Critical Neville Haze Auto: A High That Has No Ceiling

You may have already noticed that our most euphoric weed varieties tend to lean heavily on the Sativa side. Well, Sativa really is a mood booster, and Critical Neville Haze Auto has 90% of it. It’s practically pure, so the more you smoke these pungent and sweet buds, the higher you get. With 21% THC, it’s a must-have strain for all the thrill-seekers out there.

Gorilla Bomb: A Sweet Spot Between Uplifted and Stoned

Gorilla Bomb, this sticky, gluey, trichome-covered miracle produces heavy buds with 25% THC. It’s enough to first deliver a powerful blow to your head, making you giggle helplessly and nervously, and then to spread you thin on the couch so that you’re unable to move a muscle, while your whole being is filled to the brim with happiness – a perfect euphoric strain to end the day.

Try These Euphoric Strains To Add Some Pep To Your Step

This list of the best euphoric weed varieties we have to offer is far from comprehensive, but is an excellent starting point for any type of smoker. Whether you’re a novice or veteran, these euphoric strains will get you where you need to be: in a state of prolonged cerebral adventure in your happy place. And as an added bonus, all these plants are easy to grow, have reasonably short flowering times, and offer above-average to downright outstanding yields.

Here’s a selection of our most euphoric strains we have to offer. All these plants are easy to grow, have reasonably short flowering times, and offer above-average to downright outstanding yields