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What type of cheese is Old Amsterdam?
Old Amsterdam is a premium aged gouda cheese made from cow’s milk. It has a firm texture, deep color, and smooth, rich and robust flavor. Gouda cheese in general is named after the town of Gouda, located in the South Holland province of The Netherlands. Gouda has been a center of trade for farmers and cheese makers for centuries.

What is an Aged Gouda?
Aged gouda, a washed-curd cheese, is always made from standardized milk. It has a minimum butterfat content of 48% (Edam cheese, a close relative, has a butterfat content of 40%). Traditionally, Old Amsterdam is ripened on wooden shelves to form its typical semi-hard structure, with a deep caramel color. The body of the cheese may contain tiny holes, called “eyes.” In addition, crunchy white protein (or ‘ripening’) crystals appear during the ripening process.

How is Old Amsterdam made?
Old Amsterdam is made from cow’s milk, with the addition of rennet and a cheese culture. After years of experimentation, dedication, and collaboration with well-established dairy producers, the Westland family found the specific cheese culture that gives Old Amsterdam its specific smooth, rich, and robust taste while visiting Italian farmers. Old Amsterdam’s unique ripening process consists of three stages, each with its own conditions, similar to the traditional warehouse process. Old Amsterdam is released to market when it has reached the perfect taste – never before.

How long has Old Amsterdam been aged?
Westland uses taste and quality to determine when Old Amsterdam is perfectly ripened; on average this takes approximately 8 months. The decision to hold or release a particular batch of Old Amsterdam rests with our master cheese makers, and nobody else.

What makes Old Amsterdam special?
Old Amsterdam is made from a secret family recipe which provides its complex flavor profile, often described with terms such as “butterscotch/caramel” and “bouillon.” Compared to other aged goudas, Old Amsterdam is not dry, crumbly, or salty. It has a smooth texture, which makes it soft in the mouth, and easy to cut or slice.

What are the ingredients of Old Amsterdam cheese?
Pasteurized milk, salt, cheese cultures, rennet, color extract (annatto or beta-carotene).

What are the nutritional values of Old Amsterdam?
Serving Size 1 oz (28g)

Amount / Serving: Calories 120, Total Fat 10g (13% DV) Saturated Fat 7g (33% DV), Trans Fat 0g, Cholesterol 30mg (10% DV), Sodium 270mg (12% DV), Total Carbohydrate 0g (0% DV), Dietary Fiber 0g (0% DV), Total Sugars 0g, Includes 0g added sugars (0% DV), Protein 8g (17% DV), Vitamin D 0% DV, Calcium 20% DV, Iron 0% DV, Potassium 2% DV.

Percent Daily Values (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

How many gallons of milk are needed to make cheese?
Around 1,3 gallon of milk is needed to produce one pound of cheese. The exact amount depends on the type of cheese.

What are the health benefits of cheese?
As a dairy product, cheese is naturally rich in protein and calcium, among other nutrients. It also contains substances called Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Sphingolipids that may help prevent cancer. In addition, the vitamin B in cheese is helpful for maintaining body functions and protecting the body from disease. What’s more, eating certain cheeses such as goudas (like Old Amsterdam) immediately after a meal or snack has been shown to help prevent tooth decay.

I’m on a low-cholesterol diet. Can I eat cheese?
If you’re on a low-cholesterol diet, it’s important to eat foods rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as vegetables. Since cheese is a product of animal origin, it contains only small amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids and can be enjoyed in limited quantities. For more specific advice, ask your physician or nutritionist.

I’m on a low-protein diet. Can I eat cheese?
As a high protein food, cheese is not typically included in low-protein diets. However, if you’re a cheese-lover, we recommend a Gouda 48+ cheese, such as Old Amsterdam, because it contains less protein than a 30+ cheese.

I’m lactose intolerant. Can I eat cheese?
People with lactose intolerance can normally eat cheese. While cheese does contain lactose, the level declines with aging. This means that mature cheeses like Old Amsterdam and other Dutch cheeses contain only small traces of lactose. When in doubt, ask your physician or nutritionist.

I am allergic to cow’s milk. Can I eat cheese?
Unfortunately, no. Cheese is a milk product and contains milk proteins, no matter how it is made or aged. Many people enjoy tofu as a cheese substitute.

I have diabetes. Can I eat cheese?
Old Amsterdam does not contain carbohydrates but, like any cheese, it does contain fat. Check with your physician to see if a mature gouda such as Old Amsterdam is permitted on your diet.

I am allergic to gluten. Can I eat cheese?
Yes. Cheese is a gluten-free food.

What is that white deposit on the cheese?
You’re seeing ripening crystals, part of the process that gives the cheese its flavor and texture. They tend to appear on more mature cheese such as Old Amsterdam, and are totally edible.

My cheese has mold on it? Can I still eat it?
Mold is a natural process which can occur if cheese is not properly packaged or rewrapped. Most molds that appear on cheese are harmless, but it’s wise to avoid eating them. If only a portion of the cheese has mold on it, simply cut around the mold (leaving an inch on all sides). The remaining cheese is fine to eat.

How can I slice, cut or shred cheese more easily?
Slicing, cutting and shredding is easier with a warm cutting tool. Hold the slicer, knife or grater in hot running water before use and it will cut through the cheese effortlessly.

How should I store Old Amsterdam cheese?
Old Amsterdam should be kept in the refrigerator in its original unopened package to prevent drying. Leftovers can be stored in plastic wrap, wax paper, or parchment paper and place in the vegetable drawer of your fridge.

What’s the best way to prepare Old Amsterdam cheese?
Old Amsterdam tastes best when brought to room temperature. Take it out of the refrigerator at least one hour before serving.

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How mature is Old Amsterdam? Is Old Amsterdam mature cheese? Old Amsterdam is prepared with 100% meadow milk

Gouda Cheese

It is one of the most famous cheeses in the world: Gouda Cheese. But originally this cheese is from Holland. It is a yellow, hard cheese with mild flavour, which is loved all over the world. Nowadays the name is used for cheeses that are produced in the same way as the original Dutch Gouda Cheese, but it never tastes the same as it does in the country of cheese: The Netherlands.

Cheese of Gouda

Gouda is a Dutch city and that is what the cheese is named after. It is not, as many people think, because the cheese was made or founded there, but it is called this way because it was traded there. Nowadays it is one of the last commercial cheese markets of Holland. Even though it is originally a Dutch cheese, a lot of countries sell Gouda Cheese. This is because the name wasn’t protected. This means that every country around the world can produce and sell ‘Gouda Cheese’. But the best is always in Holland.

Selling points

You can buy Gouda Cheese everywhere. From supermarkets to the originally Gouda Market and of course in the Old Amsterdam Cheese Store. With three shops in the city of Amsterdam, there is always one close when you visit the capital of Holland. In these shops only true cheese experts are at work. They can tell you everything about the cheese, from how it’s made to the best wines to drink with the cheese.

Cheese tasting

Are you curious about the taste of Gouda Cheese and other cheeses from Holland? Then reserve your spot at a cheese tasting. Daily at 5 pm there is a cheese tasting at the store on Damrak in Amsterdam centre. During this tasting, you will try different cheese combined with suiting wines. These are set together by a sommelier. The cheese expert will tell you everything you need and want to know about Gouda Cheese and the other cheeses. Curious? Reserve your spot!

Gouda Cheese is a typical Dutch cheese. Nowadays you can buy it all over the world, but the one with the best taste is still from The Netherlands. More information here.