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Pineapple Kush

The Pineapple Kush was a stunner all round. She has heavily stacked cola’s filled with thick, dense buds. She has a nice strong structure in veg and flower, and had an average stretch.
She’s a pleasure to grow and came out in some beautiful purple winter colours throughout flush. It seems that the full spectrum of the CMH is letting every strain I put under it fade into their nice purple winter colours (with some more than others). Each and every bud is covered in trichomes and has a dank gassy (not a diesel) smell and taste :fuelpump: a typical Kush, but she definitely has a taste of her own. At this point shes only had about a week to cure, so still not the full flavour/aroma. She’s a strong smoke so best to toke after work to wind down, or on a relaxing weekend. Another must have Kush by Royal Queen Seeds :ok_hand: thanks guys! :v::wolf:

Been using the GHE base nutrient line for a long time. It works for me and I like the fact that this line is a 3 part, meaning I can feed at the ratios I wish to feed throughout a cycle and can control what is being fed exactly.
In regards to Ripen, I’ve seen many people say it speeds up the ripening stage and can be used throughout flush, but because it has a PK value I used it the same as any other PK booster and stopped feeding to give a full 2 week flush. I’ve been using it in either wk 4 or 5. It’s only used for one week. Everything is always super frosty and perfectly healthy so I can only put it down to the environment and what was being put in the coco!

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Pineapple Kush

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This is not an easy-to grow strain at least on the outdoors. She needs a lot of space, a lot of defoliation, a lot of nutrients, a lot of care but is not assured that she will reward.

She has faced easily heat waves, rain, strong wind, pests.

Very resistant to mites and aphids, has a poor

resistance to bud and stem rot (the weather was dry). I’ve analysed the stem after the cut and I’ve found a large portion at the base of the stem heavily damaged by rot. This is why the three involved branches looked paler. However, these branches reacted by anticipating ripening and frighteningly increasing the production of resin. Unfortunately this damn plant was incredibly leafy and I didn’t notice anything.
She has a great LTS attitude but needs to be topped indoors and needs continuous and careful defoliation.

Flowering starts too late and lasts as expected.

The quality and the shape of the buds is very high although the plant was cut too early. They are very dense and resinous.

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