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How to Store Your Flower for Maximum Freshness

Ever feel like the last buds in the bag just don’t seem to be as potent as when you first got it? Say goodbye to Ziploc bags and say hello to fresher cannabis—we’re going to tell you how to store your weed for maximum potency today. We’ll even explain why certain methods are more effective than others.

First, though, the good thing to keep in mind is that there’s no expiration date on cannabis. As it’s been treated and dried before ever reaching you, it can last a very long period of time if stored properly and aged correctly. With that said, let’s dig in to our first tip.

How to Store Cannabis: 3 Tips

Ditch the Plastic Bags

There are a handful of problems that come with using a plastic bag as a medium to hold your flower. Not only are they cheaply made, (so, prone to break and not be able to seal all the way) but they can affect the flavor of your herb over time.

A baggy does nothing to hide the smell, but it can be crushed easily to degrade the quality of the cannabis. Trichomes get removed from the buds and left in the plastic bag, rendered useless while the flower is made less potent.

Finally, and most importantly, plastic bags aren’t a good look. It’s not a stylish or discrete method for storing your herb. And while some of us may not care about aesthetics, it’s also just an ineffective and unconventional way to store flower.

Use Glass Instead

When you look at how to store cannabis for maximum potency potential, glass is king. All High Season 1/8ths are sold in glass jars for optimal storage and freshness and sealed with an airtight lid. For larger qualities, mason jars are also a favorite choice, though there are more specialized or novelty cannabis glass jars that do the job just fine.

Count on cannabis to stay consistent in flavor, aroma, and potency when you use glass instead of plastic. They’re superior in every way. Plus, a glass jar that’s airtight means cannabis doesn’t get exposed to oxygen until you open the lid.

Keep it in the Dark

While the storage container you use does play a massive role in the flower’s long-term potency, we also know that exposure to light is the single greatest factor involved to the breakdown of cannabinoids in a marijuana plant. A clinical trial from 1976 concluded that cannabis can stay stable for 1 to 2 years as long as it’s kept at room temperature in a dark environment. Do not leave your cannabis sitting in a warm car, make sure you’re storing your jars in a room temperature cabinet or other dark place.

The trial found THC doesn’t degrade through exposure to light, but air oxidation in any setting can. Regardless of whether the bud is exposed to the dark or the light, if it’s exposed to the air it’s breaking down THC into CBN, which makes it less potent for its initial purpose.

Last but not least, keep those buds away from humidity, which can encourage mold growth. We recommend cannabis humidity packs, such as Boveda.

Now that you know how to store cannabis, it’s time to stock up. Check out some of our new strains link Mintz and Moscato and stock up on your favorites. Use

Want to maximize how potent your bud stays? Learn a few tips and tricks on how to store your cannabis for maximum potency today.

Man sells plastic bags with free marijuana on Craigslist

Marijuana can be grown legally in Massachusettes but the selling it has been delayed till mid 2018.

Boston: Sound business sense and salesmanship is all about being able to deliver what your clients want despite all kinds of obstacles. This might require a lot of effort and imagination when it comes to selling a product which isn’t supposed to be marketed.

Growing and possessing marijuana was legalised in Massachusetts in November after a ballot, but the governor signed a bill barring individuals from selling weed till mid 2018.

Sandwich bags have been a great way to carry around a quick bite at work or on a short trip, but an entrepreneur in Boston has come up with a novel idea to sell marijuana using these bags. He is selling these for $20 to $325, as they come with “free” marijuana inside.

While the strategy is clever since up to one ounce of marijuana can be legally gifted to someone, the seller went wrong since he advertised the gift on Craigslist.

After the North-western District Attorney David Sullivan described the ply as ridiculous and fraudulent on New England Public Radio and clarified how it’s illegal, the entrepreneur changed the description of his listing to,

“I’m not advertising free marijuana gifts. Oh no. I’m just saying that I’m awesome. E-mail me and we can go out for dinner. And talk more about the subject. smoke a fatty. And chill. I’m not advertising free marijuana gifts.”

Man sells plastic bags with free marijuana on Craigslist Marijuana can be grown legally in Massachusettes but the selling it has been delayed till mid 2018. Boston: Sound business sense and