poop or get off the pot

shit or get off the pot

see under fish or cut bait.



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shit or get off the pot

shit or get off the pot

shit or get off the pot

shit or get off the pot

piss or get off the pot

shit (or piss) or get off the pot

Shit or get off the pot!

fish or cut bait

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  • shit or get off the pot
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  • Shit is getting real!
  • Shit is getting real.
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  • Shit just got real!
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  • shit or get off the pot
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  • shit stirs
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  • shit these out
  • shit those out
  • shit us
  • shit us off
  • shit you
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  • shit’s getting real
  • Shit’s getting real!
  • Shit’s getting real.
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