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Rare Dankness Seeds

Rare Dankness is an American strainbank which was founded in 2010. The company is based in Colorado and uses quality ingredients within all their stains to create the best medical marijuana products in the cannabis industry today. They go the extra mile to breed the most sought-after and premium strains in the world. Rare Dankness believes the road to legalization is through the education of the benefits that marijuana can provide for users.

    Rare Dankness Seeds Regular Photoperiod Medium
    Rare Dankness Seeds Regular Photoperiod
    Rare Dankness Seeds Regular Photoperiod
    Rare Dankness Seeds Regular Photoperiod
    Rare Dankness Seeds Regular Photoperiod
    Rare Dankness Seeds Regular Photoperiod Medium 300 – 900 g/m² indoors
    Rare Dankness Seeds Regular Photoperiod 75 cm indoors 200 cm outdoors 900 g/m² indoors

Rare Dankness – The New and Upcoming Medical Strainbank

The company has produced some of the most potent and active strains in the world. They provide the world with both Regular and Feminized seeds and can take your medical experience with cannabis to the next level. One of their most sought-after strains is the Ghost Train Haze #1, which is known for being of the strongest strains. With a 25%+ THC level, it’s ideal for users who need a high THC strain to treat certain medical conditions. They produce both highly potent Sativa and Indica plants which come with their own unique benefits. They have a strain in their bank named ‘CBD OX,’ which has incredible growing capabilities and is commonly used for extraction purposes due to the high concentration of CBD within each bud. CBD has been commonly used for the treatment of many different ailments and provides an alternative to usual pharmaceutical medication – Some people are allergic to these medications, the bodies can’t take them, or they develop an intolerance. With medical marijuana, you get the natural benefits without having to sacrifice any health concerns or side effects which you commonly get from standard medication. If you’re looking for high-grade, Colorado-grown cannabis then look no further than Rare Dankness!

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High quality marijuana seeds from Rare Dankness Seeds. Original breeder's packaging, guaranteed germination and 100% discreet shipping. Low prices and free seeds with every order

Rare Dankness Seeds

Founded in Colorado in 2010, the founders of Rare Dankness have spent many years growing, collecting, preserving and experimenting with a variety of strains

Through a global network of friends, Rare Dankness has been able to source some of the most sought after and rare genetics available on the market today.

Rare Dankness’ current library of strains contain genetics that span thirty years of cultivation and represent the finest strains from history.

Their work is not intended to replicate mother plants but to compliment the masterful genetics that they have sourced by breeding with superior males.

Rare Dankness’ ultimate goal is to provide the highest quality genetics from the very best sources directly to the cannabis community, especially those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Rare Dankness’s goal is to provide the highest quality genetics to the Medical Marijuana community. The seedbank believe that education is key to eventual legalization and that is why they offer as much information as possible alongside each of their strains.

While the original Rare Dankness is based in Colorado and only breeds and sells their seeds in Colorado, they have established a sister company – RD Genetics who are based in Europe. The seeds that are created by RD Genetics are produced in local gardens in Spain. This is how Rare Dankness have infiltrated the European market, where there reputation continues to grow.

While many of the strains in Rare Dankness library receive plenty of customer attention, there are some truly exceptional varieties that have becoming exceedingly popular. Their Midas Regular is a large yielding variety that has giant nugs and a phenomenal aroma and flavour, while their Moonshine Haze packs a fruity punch and can help with creativity and productiveness.

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