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What is Reclaim?

Tuesday June 20, 2017

D ue to the recent spike in concentrate popularity, many of us cannabis enthusiasts have taken a dab or two by now. In doing so, you may have noticed an accumulation of resin inside of your rig that looks kind of like the dab you just inhaled, only darker. So, what exactly is that goopy resin? The answer is reclaim, and there’s a lot more to it than you may think. What is reclaim you ask? Let’s find out.

What is Reclaim?

Simply put, reclaim is re-condensed concentrate that collects within your rig after a few dabs. Think of it like resin in a pipe. Every time you smoke your favorite dry pipe, more and more resin builds up, right? Concentrate reclaim is the same way, leaving behind more and more after every dab.

When it comes to reclaim, there are essentially two schools of thought: consuming the reclaim or throwing it away. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what to do with your reclaim. To make it a bit easier though, we’ve outlined the talking points for both.

How to Collect Reclaim

Collecting reclaim can be accomplished several different ways. There are even attachments for your rig, called drop-downs, which make the process a breeze. To collect reclaim from your drop-down, all you need to do is flip it over and apply light heat to the bottom. The heat will loosen the reclaim and it will fall out, just be sure to have a silicone pad in place to collect it.

If you don’t have a drop-down, you can still collect your reclaim fairly easily. All you need to do is pour some solvent (isopropyl alcohol or grain alcohol works well) in your rig, shake, pour out and evaporate. Once the solvent is evaporated you will be left with a nice collection of reclaim. If you are planning on eating your reclaim it’s probably best to use grain alcohol as your solvent because it is safer for human consumption than isopropyl.

If you enjoy dabbing, odds are you have dealt with reclaim before. Find out what reclaim is and what to do with it.


Definition – What does Reclaim mean?

Reclaim refers to the residual substance from a smoked concentrate that collects in a dab rig. Since oil and water do not mix, the reclaim often collects in the water as globs of oil concentrate. Reclaim also coats the interior surfaces of the dab rig as an oily residue. It can be collected and re-smoked or consumed as an edible instead of being discarded.

MaximumYield explains Reclaim

Reclaims are perfectly safe to use if the initial cannabis concentrate that you used to dab was high quality. It should be noted that butane hash oil (BHO) reclaim may contain butane residue, and that olventless and CO2 dabs create the cleanest reclaim.

Reclaim continues to contain active cannabinoids that the body can utilize when the user reuses the reclaim. Research has indicated that reclaim contains all five main cannabinoids plus high levels of cannabinol (CBD).

Reclaim can be removed from the dab rig by adding a high-quality alcohol to the rig. First, the user shakes the rig so the alcohol covers the entire walls of the rig to remove any and all built up reclaim. Then, the user allows the alcohol to sit inside the dab rig for a few hours. Next, the alcohol is poured into a glass dish. Cover the dish, wait a few days to allow the alcohol to evaporate, and then the reclaim will remain in the dish.

This definition explains the meaning of Reclaim and why it matters.