Regular Cannabis Seeds

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Every successful crop starts with a selection of solid genetics and good seeds. It is impossible to grow high quality cannabis from bad genetic material. By nature, a tubby person will never run as fast as a taller athlete. Cannabis works the same way.

Growing your own seeds

Regular weed seeds lay the foundation of any collection of weed seeds. Plants that grow from them can become male or female cannabis plants. If you want to grow your own seeds or develop your own specimen, this can only be done by using regular seeds. By growing your own seeds of course there is no need to buy weed seeds any longer. For this, you will need both male and female seeds. Cannabis is an androgynous plant, meaning that both male and female plants exist. Reproduction of course can only be done by using both male and female plants. Without (the pollen of) a male plant, our female plant can never produce weed seeds. A male plant will pollinate the female plant so the latter can produce weed seeds. Only regular cannabis seeds can set off this process, because male plants can grow only grow from regular weed seeds. Chances of obtaining male or female plants are about 50/50. The same as all things in nature.

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Male or female

The problem is that with regular seeds you never know beforehand if a plant will become a male or female cannabis plant. It takes time to figure this out. If you want to only grow female cannabis plants, feminised seeds will bring you more. Regular seeds will always require a number of male plants that you will have to dispose of later on. This, of course, is not what weed growers want.

Different varieties of cannabis strains

Regular cannabis seeds come in different varieties, also called strains. Every variety has its own specifics and a different aroma. Results are not the same and the look of plants can differ. Some varieties grow into quite large plants that nearly resemble trees. Others will never grow tall and will always stay smaller. Some produce smaller flowers, others deliver quite large flowers. Not to mention the differences in cannabis taste and aroma. Here again, results can be very different and sometimes even very distinct. Some remind of pineapple or even strawberry, lemon or pine, and then again with a quite outspoken or soft smell. In this regard, cannabis is comparable to wine. There’s a huge range of taste and smell out there to discover. The only thing that matters is your own preference, what works best for you. Our collection of regular cannabis seeds will definitely give you something close to your preferred taste and wishes.

Autoflowering and feminized cannabis seeds

There was a time when everybody used regular seeds to grow cannabis. At the time, autoflowering cannabis seeds or feminised cannabis seeds did not exist. Both are recent developments that were not available to cannabis growers. Both have since made growing cannabis a lot easier and more popular.

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Solid genetics in regular seeds still makes for a strong foundation. In general, plants from regular seeds will be more stable and less sensitive to stress compared to plants grown from feminised seeds. Hence they will be better mother plants aimed at cutting than plants from feminised seeds. Growers who use the technique of cuttings and mother plants will therefor start off with mother plants grown from regular seeds.

Sativa, indica or hybrid

As said before, regular cannabis seeds come in different strains. There are pure cannabis indica and pure cannabis sativa strains as well as all possible cross species and combinations. Cross species from cannabis indica and cannabis sativa varieties are called hybrid varieties. These hybrid varieties can be mainly indica or sativa dominant, meaning that the result is a cross species with either typical a sativa or indica physiology. Indica dominant plants will usually produce cannabis that will have a more stunning effect – the ‘being stoned’ effect – whereas sativa dominant plants will stimulate the mind – the ‘being high’ effect. Cannabis plants can either have high or low THC levels or they can either contain or be free of CBD.

We offer a wide range of regular cannabis seeds that will certainly meet your taste and wishes. All seeds come from the best known and reputed seed banks whose solid genetics and high quality are widely proven. Trust our experience to your own benefit!

Regular Marijuana Seeds

So-called regular cannabis seeds develop both male and female plants in contrast to feminized ones. Only when the flowering phase is initiated do the resulting marijuana plants reveal their actual sex.

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While female plants develop cannabis flowers containing THC, male cannabis plants produce pollen that is useful for fertilizing females but contains almost no THC and is therefore of no interest to most growers.

Advanced and professional growers often prefer regular cannabis seeds to select good and stable mother plants. For other growers, it is also a matter of principle whether to use regular or feminized marijuana seeds to grow. In addition, regular seeds can be used to easily create new crosses and thus your own cannabis seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular Cannabis seeds have both male and female seeds in an ideal proportion of 50/50. In order to find out which is which, all the Cannabis seeds have to be germinated and grown until they “sex” or begin to show signs of being females (pre-flowers) or males (pre-pollen sacs). The male Cannabis seeds can be discarded or used to breed.

Choose Amsterdam’s Legendary Regular Seeds

The female plants obtained from regular Cannabis seeds are much more genetically stable and will not turn hermaphrodite under stress so you can make highly successful cuttings. We have a great variety of regular cannabis seeds that will grow into female and male cannabis plants. We supply seeds that will produce vigorous, healthy, and heavy-yielding plants. Regular seeds, the purest form of weed, are a great choice since they are not chemically modified, artificially improved or non-genetically altered.