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Here you can find all information about the cannabis breeder Resin Seeds. We’ve collected data about 8 Cannabis Strains breed by Resin Seeds ( 3 of this strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating from 8.39 out of 10!) Click on the strains to find more informations, pictures, reviews, comparisons and sources for a variety – and/or check out the Breeder Info here at the page to find out more about Resin Seeds. Its also possible to visualize all Resin Seeds strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with our dynamic maps – check it out!

8 Cannabis Strains

Name of the strain
Bubblelicious 60
Cannatonic 67
Critical Haze 74
Dieseltonic 60
Hammer Shark 56
L.A. Ultra 53
Sour P. 74
Yummy 67

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More info about this breeder:

My name is Jaime and I am the founder and breeder of Resin Seeds. Resin seeds is a Spanish cannabis seedbank, founded in 2008.

I have been active in the grow scene of Spain since 1998, when I opened one of the first grow shops of Spain in Barcelona. Since then I have been involved in the Spanish grow scene, participating in various grow shop projects and as speaker at grow seminars.

I have always been eager to learn more and expand my knowledge about my beloved plant. There are many well known breeders of the Cannabis world that are my friends and have greatly helped me to develop my strains with all kind of contributions.

One of the main reasons that has pushed me to start up my own seedbank was the contact with medicinal cannabis users, contacts I had established especially via the growshops I have been managing. Patients told me the different effects they felt when using different strains and provided me with their valuable feedback. I am truly interested to get in touch with people that use Cannabis as a medicine – please send me your comments about our strains!

Thanks for visiting and don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Resin Seeds Resin Seeds @ SeedFinders Breeders Database Here you can find all information about the cannabis breeder Resin Seeds. We’ve collected data about 8 Cannabis Strains breed by Resin

Welcome to RESIN SEEDS!

Thanks for taking the time to visit us. We are the founders of the CBD movement, with our CBD queen Cannatonic, which began a worldwide quest for the ultimate medicinal strains. To date, Cannatonic is almost entirely responsible for the CBD gene pool in modern, commercially available strains. Our team takes pride in knowing that thousands of people across the globe have benefited mightily from the unique healing abilities our specially bred strains offer.



Critical Haze by Resin Seeds is a rather sativa version of the famed Critical, as it was mated to a powerful cut of Amnesia Haze, forming a very special hybrid, that will leave all cultivators and lovers of these genetics absolutely speechless. It is perfect for all kinds of extractions, as it is produces tasty, powerful and very abundant resin. Indoors its a variety that branches little but has a long central cola, so we recommend placing 16 plants per m², as you will end up having an incredible harvest with yields that can top 450g. If pruning of lower branches is performed, it will focus its production even more on the central cola, although the nearest branches will also grow some, forming very productive plants with a trident shape. Its flowering cycle will last an average of 10 weeks, although the different phenotypes can be pulled earlier or delayed by up to a week. If grown outdoors, it will show a great structure, forming plants of up to 3m high, so if you want to have smaller strains and some aerial camouflage, you can perform apical pruning. Its structure will be thin, so we recommend using stakes, since the density that the Critical brings to the buds can cause it to pause its flowering to increase the strength of its branches. Harvest must wait until late October, although more experienced growers will appreciate the wait, as they can harvest crops up to 800g of an extremely powerful product. The bouquet is quite varied, beginning with incredible incense tones with a sweet and spicy finish, creating a pleasant fragrance that reminds one of anise. It is the perfect variety to consume with friends before watching a movie or doing any type of homework in a group, since it will bring you that cheerful and very social buzz, in which laughter is assured. Physically it is something heavier, so we do not recommend consuming it in excess, or it can become treacherous.


Back in 2008, Cannatonic was unveiled to the public, and accomplished a feat not easily imaginable at the time: winning a High Times Amsterdam Cannabis Cup in a Sativa category with a CBD-rich plant. We can only suppose that the judges were so overwhelmingly impressed with the initial sensation of a balanced THC/CBD high that they had no choice but to include our Cannatonic seeds amongst the winners.

Since then, we have continued developing our CBD line to include Hammershark and Dieseltonic, which again won an award in Amsterdam’s High Times Cannabis Cup, this time in 2013. And now we are proud to announce our newest addition into our CBD lineup, Kushtonic, whose lineage will soon be unveiled. Many of our other strains, the high THC strains, are also well-known world over, and recipients of extensive awards, from Chile to USA to the Balearic Islands. Our genetics are now being grown in places as atypical to the common grower as Gambia, Slovenia, Cambodia, New Zealand and more. We can only suppose that the global debate over cannabis is reaching a tipping point, where communities are finally beginning to ignore years of backlash and brainwashing over the cannabis plant, and finally embracing the true merits it can offer.

How does a sacred plant become a medicinal plant to then be an illegal plant and then back to a sacred and medicinal plant? This is a paradox of the highest proportions. But here we are, in these modern times with cannabis all around us, growing wildly and controlled, subject to inspection and eradication, accepted and denounced. To this very day, thousands of families around the world continue surviving on the ability of cannabis to grow and thrive in whatever harsh or lush environment surrounds it, to then harvest and process the fruit of their labors to endure. Millions more rely upon it regularly to help them get by the struggles of daily living. Rather sadly and heartening at the same time, there are many millions more who regularly legally or illegally use cannabis or its resin to treat themselves of a medical condition. Unfortunately, the laws of the 20th century did not bode well for this special and majestic plant. But somehow, it found a way to fight back, to stay alive, to leave a footprint, to figuratively plant a seed with roots so strong it could never die. Now this plant is set into our collective mindset, as a species, we are finally, although often slowly, beginning to embrace the mystical healing properties of the plant. No more do we have to shun or shy away from it, nor do we have to promote or enforce a brainwashing that has gone on for too long. We are free to accept the marvelous benefits this botanical wonder has to offer.

Welcome to RESIN SEEDS! Thanks for taking the time to visit us. We are the founders of the CBD movement, with our CBD queen Cannatonic , which began a worldwide quest for the ultimate