rihanna rolling weed

Literally just dozens of pictures of Rihanna smoking weed

It’s a scientific fact that Rihanna is the best celebrity. She’s gorgeous, stylish, savage, hilarious, a full-on humanitarian and she loves murdering men in her music videos — perfect human being! But honestly, I don’t think she could do it if she wasn’t stoned literally all the time.

Don’t believe me? Really? After all this time?

Then feast your eyes, because there are literally hundreds of pictures of Rihanna smoking weed, holding weed or even wearing weed in existence, so I combed through them all to give you the best of the best — because every day is 4/20 when you’re Rihanna.

I love that Rihanna eats spinach, promoting healthy living.

We love a healthy queen! Side note, if I ever make it “big,” you’ll see this exact same picture of me but like 10x less hot.

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Remember when everyone’s Instagram pictures looked like absolute shit? Good times.

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There’s technically no weed in this picture, but there’s weed in this picture if you get what I’m saying.

And it’s not even my birthday.

Do you think she thought this caption was like, super funny? Because she’s right.

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This picture is making me feel like I should get an undercut? Or I should just die because I’ll never be this much of an icon?

Get you a man who looks at you like Rihanna looks at her weed and her food

Fuck. I would honestly saw my leg off to have Rihanna look at me like that.

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Sometimes it’s a blunt-only photo. We’ve all been there. It can’t always be a “face day.”

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If there's one thing we know about Rihanna, it's that our most carefree pop star loves a fat blunt. Here are a bunch of pictures of Rihanna smoking weed — light up and feast your eyes!

Rihanna rolling weed

courtesy of @badgalriri

Most celebrities might recoil from the public eye when a photographer catches them rolling a blunt on the plateau of their bodyguard’s bald head, but Rihanna, who once spent most of one sweaty day at Coachella riding her beefy protector’s shoulders, is definitely not most celebrities. Instead, she montaged the ostensibly incriminating images and posted them on her Instagram, where she’s consistently proved herself worthy of her handle: @badgalriri.

courtesy of @badgalriri

That was hardly the only time that Rihanna’s account has gone a little green over the last few years. (Particularly since that Halloween when she dressed up as Mary Jane.) Fenty Beauty plugs aside, by the looks of her Instagram, every time Rihanna’s put down her favorite accessory, that ever-present glass of wine, she’s picked up a blunt—no surprise given that you can find her puffing away in her videos for “Talk That Talk” and “BBHMM.”

In fact, blunt rolling and clouds of smoke are a motif that recurs throughout Rihanna’s entire artistic oeuvre, from her album cover for Talk That Talk and the artwork for her single “Unapologetic.” Spreading the gospel, she’s also brought that visual along with her to appear in magazines like The Fader and CR Fashion Book. (The latter even saw her bring a blunt along for her cover shoot as Marie Antoinette.)

In honor of 4/20, take a look back at the plethora of Instagrams Rihanna has posted featuring herself and a blunt.