royal queen seeds quick one

Quick One

Пол : Fast delivery
Комментарии : ALL GOOD

Пол : Quick one
Комментарии : As the name suggests, quick germination and quick growing.

Пол : Still waiting the seeds
Комментарии : Still didn’t receive my package ☹️ 23 days ,but during this virus problem is understandable. I will post an update photos and videos. And I will order from now new seeds to try different products if your flowers ??

Пол : Fast, Quick
Комментарии : Quick delivery, discreet! Thank you

Пол : Quick one.
Комментарии : Seeds arrived within 14 days which I thought pretty good all considered. Very good packaging. Planted 2 seeds which germinated within 5 days . Looking good. Happy seed collector.

Пол : 1 week old seedling
Комментарии : On the 1st of May, I planted it indoor, straight into the soil. Simple pot soil that I bought in the supermarkt. It took about 3 days for it to pop its little head out into the open world. 2 days faster than my ‘Euphoria’ seedling. I cut the top of a 5l water bottle off, filled it with good wet soil, put the seed in at about 10 mm, and put the top back on without the lid to create a little biosphere whilst still providing enough oxygen. I placed it behind the window where it gets sun from about 7:30 am until 5 pm. It’s the best and only place I have in my apartment, no balcony. Now, it’s growing slowly but steady, with rich green colours, only giving it enough drips of water to keep it happy. So far so good. Happy it’s working at 9 EUR/seed 😉 Considering my total lack of decent setup, I don’t expect major returns at the end of the run, but if it survives and provides, I think it will definitely proof the quality of the seed.

Пол : 100%
Комментарии : Muito feliz com a compra! Estão a crescer bem rápido 🙂

Пол : My first Quick One
Комментарии : Perfect germination, the plant Is growing strong and fast.

Пол : Excellent
Комментарии : 100% germination looking forward to the outcome 🙂

Пол : Quick one and quick service!
Комментарии : Simply effective

Пол : Solid strain
Комментарии : Package arrived even before then expected,all the seeds germinate so could not be happier!

Пол : Great!
Комментарии : So far so good, planted 2 seeds one month ago and both of them are growing fast.

Пол : Good
Комментарии : Good

Пол : Awesome seeds
Комментарии : Quick growth confirmed

Пол : Budzzz
Комментарии : Brilliant fast shipping.

Пол : Impeccable
Комментарии : Livraison rapide ,très rapide 100% de germination A suivre Je recommande

Пол : Solid Strain
Комментарии : Can’t go wrong with rapid growth, nice buds and sturdy plant.

Пол : Fast grow with quality buds
Комментарии : Very easy to grow and a tough plant. I recomment it if you want something fast and a high quality buds.

Пол : Good strain
Комментарии : Very beautiful plant after 2 months growing. Looks strong, with many leaves but also many buds! Didn’t need a lot of care, just watering/feeding the correct amount. It grows a little slower than royal dwarf but looks much better with almost twice as much yield. Can’t wait to harvest!

Пол : Great Genetics
Комментарии : Super fast shipping, very discreet , i believe my plant will to be a healthy girl. on day 9

Пол : Quick one
Комментарии : I bought three seeds, all three sprouted and they grow like crazy

Пол : The best
Комментарии : Good one !

Пол : Quick is quick!
Комментарии : Germinated in 48 hours, 2 weeks later it’s all ready 12cm tall on a windowsill grow! Amazing stuff

Пол : Very good
Комментарии : 100% germination rate, growing incredibly fast. Recommend.

Пол : My seeds
Комментарии : Ordered 3 seeds they came quick but not one of them has germinated after 5 days and 1 broke in half trying to open then package

Пол : Easy to grow with low odor
Комментарии : This is a great beginner strain easy to grow and tastes good when vaped.

Пол : Perfect
Комментарии : 5/5 germinated, growing so fast! Highly recommend

Комментарии : Quick delivery, fast grow , good yield and great flavour.

Пол : Quick and easy
Комментарии : 100% germinated every time! Very fast growers. Great service even through Covid-19

Пол : Indoor grower
Комментарии : Great seeds. All germinated fast, growing into healthy seedling.

Пол : Great for beginners
Комментарии : Easy to grow and a good everyday smoke.

Пол : Excellent!
Комментарии : Love it. Perfect and fast shipment!

Пол : 3 out of 3 germinated
Комментарии : So far so good . Delivery was kinda slow ,but with covid19 outbreak i’m happy it made it at all , so 5 stars from me .

Пол : la velocità
Комментарии : ottimi per chi predilige la velocità di crescita

Пол : quality seeds
Комментарии : Very happy with the quality of these seeds.

Пол : easy for north climate
Комментарии : Very easy to grow in Eastern Europe !

Пол : Quick One
Комментарии : Fantastic seeds. Fast too! Love it

Пол : 3/3 germinated
Комментарии : First i order this one, after this order came becouse it was quick, steelth (without extra paying) i make another one, so for sure i will keep ordering from this site. Seeds are in pots, after day and half they came out from soil, and every day you can see progress.

Пол : Recommended
Комментарии : I have grown 3 seeds every single seed germinated. Yield was decent. Would order again!

Пол : Eager to try it
Комментарии : Quick one but not quick enough. I need it now ! Great stuff anyway, just have to be patient.

Пол : Dms
Комментарии : lol good super fast delivery keep up the good work

Пол : Like the name says, it’s quick
Комментарии : First time using this seeds. Good looking.

Пол : Good
Комментарии : Didn’t get to plant them yet as it’s too cold, but the first time round it turned out ok, 2/3 survived back then, let’s hope i get better results this time 😛

Пол : All grew well
Комментарии : New to this, bit of dirt and some water etc , all three grew , one was no more than 10inches tall just a bud. Bought other stuff all doing well

Пол : Very decent strain
Комментарии : Really fast growth, amazing smell and quite potent for a small auto, very relaxing to smoke.

Пол : Szuper Gyors!
Комментарии : Nagyon gyors erős egészségesek 3/3!

Пол : jess
Комментарии : one of the first ones i grew. forgot to water it often and the soil was not that good too but still managed to get reasonable amount of frosty buds for the price. me very happy, thank you rqs ! :))

Пол : Excellent product
Комментарии : Very easy to order, extremely easy to plant 100% of the seeds are working. Very professional congratulations!

Пол : Quick One
Комментарии : Arrived in 10 working days (2 weeks). Germinating now. Looking forward to see how it grows. So far so good.

Пол : Looking forward
Комментарии : Hope it is as good as the reviews make it out to be

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Find all reviews on Quick One at the Royal Queen Seeds website. Honest reviews from customers who bought this product.

Royal queen seeds quick one

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Quick One has its origins in Canadian cannabis genetics. It is based on the original Lowryder strain, produced by crossing William’s Wonder, Northern Lights and a ruderalis from eastern Europe but has other indica genetic material added. It is fast growing and gives decent yields.

Quick One, in common with almost all other automatic plants, can be provided with up to 20 hours of light per day without interrupting the flowering phase of the plants. Indoors plants remain very short at 50 – 60 cm. yielding 275 – 325 gr/m 2 in a fast 8 – 9 weeks in total from the first signs of sprouting. Outdoors, where this strain will grow almost anywhere, it can reach a height of 100 cm. producing as much as 100 – 150 gr/plant.

This strain has a rather fresh herbal aroma with notes of citrus fruit. THC levels are medium at 13% and the CBD production is low. This gives an effect that is physically relaxing but not too strong. It therefore makes a good choice for a novice grower.

If you feel like a quick one then order a pack today from Seedsman.


Breeder/Brand Royal Queen Seeds
Genetics Canadian genetics x Autoflowering strains
Variety Mostly Indica
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Sex Feminised
THC Content 13%
CBD Content 0-1%
Yield Indoors: 275 – 325 gr/m2; Outdoors: 100 – 150 gr/plant
Plant Height Indoors: 50 – 60 cm; Outdoors up to 100 cm.
Grows Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Taste / Flavour Citrus, Spicy / Herbal
Effect Physical, Relaxing

About Royal Queen Seeds

Founded in the Netherlands, Royal Queen Seeds is made up of an experienced team of breeders who have lead the company to the forefront of the cannabis seedbank market in Europe. With popularity growing significantly, the seedbank hopes to become a global market leader in the not too distant future.

Royal Queen Seeds was born out of a passion for all things cannabis. Their founder had been involved with the cannabis growing scene for many years, expanding his knowledge and honing his skills. This, combined with a burning desire to make his envisioning of high-quality strains available across the world made the creation of Royal Queen Seeds an inevitability. The aim of Royal Queen Seeds as a company is to breed their own varieties of cannabis strains, ensuring that the best genetics are available for growers everywhere to cultivate and work with.

Royal Queen Seeds cites its grower’s individual experiences as the reason for their exceptionality as a company. These experiences have helped shape and mould their cannabis strains into what they are; unique and award winning.

There are many strains in the Royal Queen Seeds collection that have gained notoriety. The Skunk XL and Royal AK strains are very popular for their robust vigors, powerful aromas and their general cultivation simplicity. However, Royal Queen Seeds have recently garnered praise for their Euphoria collection. The variety won first place for best medical strain at the Highlife Cup in 2015 thanks to its potency and well balance THC:CBD ratio.

Everyone at Royal Queen Seeds lives and breathes cannabis, and put every ounce of their passion into our seeds, that is why they are making waves across the world as one of the best and most reliable breeders on the market. Their comprehensive library of strains are all available at Seedsman now.

Quick One Auto Feminised Seeds from Royal Queen Seeds for sale at Seedsman Shop Online. Get Free seeds with every order. Offering the best seeds since 2003