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The Mysterious Mr. Watson

He was called Sam the Skunkman when I first met him, which was in Amsterdam.

Craig Copetus was the first to write about Nevil’s Seed Bank operation in Holland. Nevil was a recovering heroin addict who had obtained a government grant to start a cannabis seed business as part of his recuperation. Prior to that Nevil had been making hash oil and barely survived an explosion. Nevil was a pioneer in altered states of consciousness who just happened to have a serious interest in breeding. Anyway, even though Nevil took out an ad in High Times, I didn’t pay attention to the Seed Bank until Craig’s story was published in a Washington DC magazine.

So I went off to Holland to meet Nevil, and was waylaid by Sam the Skunk man and Robert Connell Clarke immediately after that meeting happened. They wanted to give me their spin on Nevil’s operation, and the quality of Dutch homegrown versus Cali homegrown, which was vast. They also let me know they’d reaped a fortune selling seeds to Nevil.

Now certain disinfo agents spread the story Sam ordered me to start the Cannabis Cup so the DEA could survey growers. Truth is, Sam had no idea I’d be inventing the Cannabis Cup later that year, as I didn’t even get the idea until I was on the plane home.

Did Sam’s stories of the Santa Cruz harvest festivals of the 1970s influence me? Of course. But Sam never presented himself as a major player in those harvest festivals, or even the boss of Sacred Seeds, or the breeder of Skunk #1, which was his primary strain. The story I got was Skunk #1 popped up unexpectedly and everybody loved it, and it won some early harvest festivals. Which is pretty much the story you get about most of the famous strains.

When I returned to Holland for the first Cannabis Cup months later, Sam was there to greet me. He wasn’t sure he wanted Cultivator’s Choice, the name of his new Seed Company, to enter the first Cannabis Cup, which so far consisted of Nevil’s Seed Bank and Ben Dronkers’ Sensi Seeds. As I recall the Sensi Seed strains were all freshly harvested and we couldn’t smoke them without running the samples through a microwave. It would take another year for many to catch on to the importance of curing, and keep in mind some people in the industry weren’t even stoners. Nevil didn’t care whether he won, or whether Skunk #1 won, because he had both Skunk #1 and Northern Lights. The final decision was not Dave Watson’s, but something entirely decided by grow guru Bram Frank and I because we liked the taste. The only other judge was the photographer Jiffy Schnack, who preferred Northern Lights. Nevil at the time was into dry sift made from Haze, which he kept to himself, while Sam and Robert were smoking full-melt Skunk #1, and were giddy about the way it turned to liquid when they hit it with a flame. This was all new to me.

A few years later, Arjan of the Greenhouse showed me a report by Mario Lap indicating Sam was really Dave Watson, who’d been busted in Santa Cruz one month before arriving in Amsterdam. And he’d supposedly arrived in Amsterdam with hundreds of thousands of seeds for sale one month after his bust. After selling the seeds to Nevil, who was making a fortune at the time in cash sales, Watson got the only license to study medicinal cannabis in Holland. It sure looked like Watson was secretly working with some powerful forces, and those operations might include tracking the ID’s of all the strains of the world and documenting the growers and dealers distributing them.

I would not be surprised if Watson was a spook at one time, and I can guarantee the world of illegal drugs is filled with spooks in all possible nooks and crannies. He went on to co-found Hortapham, which made the deal with GW Pharma, which made the bigger, better deal with Bayer, the powerhouse in European medicine. Surely you realize big money is an Octopus that pulls strings everywhere it goes? Truth is, however, Watson lost his fortune when his shares were revoked. Or at least, that’s the story I was told.

But on the other hand, I notice some trolls twisting this tale and inventing details, like Watson “ordered” me to create the Cannabis Cup so he could use the event to gather intelligence. Under that theory, you can basically end all harvest festivals or gatherings of any sort because radical conferences are always milked for intel. I started the event to create a standard for cannabis seeds, and that’s exactly what happened. What Watson represented was the arrival of the West Coast hybrids into Europe.

Meanwhile all the paranoia about Watson tracking the DNA of every cannabis strain worldwide so growers everywhere would be busted is about to evaporate, isn’t it? Even if they have a list in the works for the last twenty years, it won’t be much good in two or three years when cannabis becomes legal everywhere.

I’d say we’re on the downside of the tipping point.

The Mysterious Mr. Watson He was called Sam the Skunkman when I first met him, which was in Amsterdam. Craig Copetus was the first to write about Nevil’s Seed Bank operation in Holland. Nevil

Sam The Skunkman DEA Scammer?

Who is Sam the Skunkman and where did he come from? Better yet, whom is he really backed by?

Dave Watson Mud Bags For Sale

As with almost everything these days the hidden agendas of those who are trying to control the weed market, or any power organization, the theories abound. To me, in my opinion, there is only the gut feelings and organizational independence to keep you on a straight path.

Cannabis Farmer is always interested in weed, how to grow and how to cultivate. Having spent the better part of 45 years in the search for knowledge and power in the plant have provided an abundance of providence.

In the first case I should admit to personally knowing Joe Petri both in the early days in the Far East and these later days of his activism on the west coast of the USA. For the most part I stay the Cannabis Farmer, just dedicated to growing and sharing – as we did back in San Francisco during the mid sixties. It was Joe who brought the first, and best, water pressed Afghan to us. I remember it well. Smoking it for the first time in Aaron Russo’s rock venue in Chicago.

I watched as Joe worked the scene in Bombay and created the market for American Touristers to Australia. An amazing run. Joe was creative and helped a lot of people make a living from their lifestyles. I do not know of one instance where Joe “turned” on anyone but I did see some abandoned runners. Who they were running for is where it gets cloudy and Joe was not close enough to be on the bad edge.

Perhaps Joe’s abrasive tone does not sit well with many, but his idea is straight as an arrow. Cannabis is a plant, its use is no business of governments and there should be no laws granting or taking any right to a natural plant or imbibing in it. Freedom does not allow governments to tell you what to do with plants unless you give them the rights to tell you how to live. Did you?

Joe Petri reflects what Cannabis Farmer’s live for – weed for whatever you want. This puts him at odds with the sellouts who try to subvert the effort at ending prohibition using the lame excuse of medical necessity. Who does not have some pain, some problem, something? So what?

Cannabis is a simple plant, a weed, and its control by government is just wrong. What started as a corporate terrorist action to tax cannabis out of existence by Morgan banks and Dupont Chemicals (to capitalize the patents for synthetic fiber – which are running out and the reason laws are being eased) has been replaced with extreme disinformation about a simple weed. All this obscuring the fact that government, particularly one under the original US Constitution, has no right making a plant illegal. Joe Petri campaigns for the end of prohibition, he, and we, fight for the same thing. Others want to allow continued government control over what we can and cant do with plants – by letting government control the plant under their medical system.

This allows a joke to be made of medical marijuana in so far as you only need to find your doctor Feelgood and get a paper to buy it. But it leaves the control of a plant under the government.

Sam the Skunkman? Well, I have not had any personal contact with this gentleman and the contact here is the most I have had. I had seen him around the “scene” for years promoting bubble bags at the various conferences, but he did not make it to my level. Maybe he was too much in Amsterdam and not in the world of global marketing? Mostly I have seen him pushing the mud bags, the worst rip off in Cannabis history. Trying to sell bags and more bags to ignorant stoners, sort of an easy job.

The case Sam the Skunkman makes on my blog to lambaste Petri is weak at best. Calling him a snitch when it is he who should be wary of such labels. Skunkman has spent his time in trying to corner the coming legal cannabis market by getting on the top of the government distribution. One must have some kind of connection to get to this level and that is why Sam the Skunkman has problems with credibility.

Since the DEA and CIA will not disclose the names of their agents or snitches it will be impossible to verify the veracity of anyone working for them. It is up to you to decide where you will place your confidence.

As for me, the Cannabis Farmer, I like Joe and I think Skunkman an arrogant agent of mis-information as he pushes a lot of people at the top of the junk pile and his horrible bubble bags.

Who is Sam the Skunkman and where did he come from? Better yet, whom is he really backed by? As with almost everything these days the hidden agendas of those who are trying to control the weed market, or any power organization, the theories abound. To me, in my opinion,…