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Shorty Meeks

Shorty Meeks
Played By Marlon Wayans
Occupation Student
Appeared in Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2
Family Brenda Meeks (sister)
Mrs. Meeks (Mother)
Mr. Meeks (father)
Current Status Alive
Parody Of Randy Meeks (Scream Series),
Max (I Know What You Did Last Summer),
Randy (Godzilla),
Titus Telesco (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer)

Shorty Meeks is a major character in the Scary Movie franchise, having appeared in both Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2. He is the brother of Brenda Meeks. He is played by actor Marlon Wayans.


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Shorty tends to act crazy and laugh like a maniac. Due to his often high state, and lack of academic intelligence, his friends often call him “idiot” or “moron.” He has a cactus as a friend and drives without a license, even if his sister warns him that he should have a driving license. Shorty smokes weed often, does a variety of other drugs and even steals his friends stuff.

Family and Friends

Not much is known about Shorty’s family. He has a sister named Brenda, but a line of dialogue they have at school suggest they are half-siblings with the same mother but separate fathers. This would seem to imply a very unstable home life. He rarely spends time with Brenda, instead spending his time with a low clique of friends obsessed with getting stoned to the exclusion of everything else. The only identified member of this group is Dookie.


Scary Movie

Shorty is a student at B. A. Corpse High School although a reference is made to him attending another school prior. He is a stereotypical stoner and under-achiever, spending much of his time under or looking forward to being under the effects of marijuana. He tends to drive himself around while under the influence of marijuana without having a driver’s license, but he still rides the bus to school with his sister, Brenda. Since he is so ignorant, the press focuses on him and Shorty reveals how odd he is by screaming instructions to the deceased Drew Decker through the camera. He also reveals that he once used a roofie on Drew to have sex with her, but he fled when she called the police.

Shorty apparently has no knowledge of his sister’s involvement in the disappearance of Dave Keegan, but when they talk about it, he realizes that their experience is easily similar to the movie, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” After Cindy Campbell accuses Bobby Prinze of being Drew’s killer, he tricks her into throwing a party at her house and invites the entire school.

At the party, Shorty and Dookie spend their time getting stoned, but after their bong breaks, they convert the filter in Cindy’s fish tank into one. After doing so, The Killer shows up to kill them, but Shorty and the others share their marijuana with him, getting him stoned. He still lashes out during a rap competition and kills them, but Shorty remains out of his reach and survives long enough to run to Cindy Campbell and Bobby Prinze, who turns out to be the real killer with Ray Wilkins helping him. Bobby shoots Shorty in the chest, and Shorty falls to the floor, catching a brief sniff of the smoked marijuana wafting from his wound.

In Between

Shorty’s wound turns out to be non-fatal and he survives. He somehow graduates high school and makes it to college with Cindy Campbell, but it’s obvious he’s not really there to study.

Scary Movie 2

Shorty and Cindy’s friendship is explored further and he tries teaching her to act more confidant or “street,” but Cindy gets so over-confidant that she beats up a student and steals her jacket, something that even shocks Shorty. He’s still obsessed with staying stoned, revealing that he rips up his text books to make marijuana cigarettes.

Shorty also reveals that he has been tossed out of his house (likely for getting stoned) and needs a place to stay. He signs up for a sleep study class at Hell House run by Professor Oldman and his paraplegic assistant, Dwight Hartman. They study is actually a covert effort to study paranormal activity. The other participants include Cindy Campbell, Brenda Meeks, Buddy, Ray Wilkins, Theo Keyoko and Alex Monday, who are all under the impression that they are being used as guinea pigs as part of a study of insomnia.

At the house, Shorty encounters a parrot that screams insults (and somehow holds an obscenity-filled conversation). When it offends his mother, he tries to kill it, but Cindy stops him. He also encounters Hanson and is disgusted by his disfigured arm, especially as it is used to contaminate their would-be dinner.

Settling in for the night, Shorty is terrified when the marijuana plant he is trying to raise is possessed and turns into a monster that tries to smoke him in exchange. Buddy saves his life, but it’s eventually revealed the house has a poltergeist, even though he has no idea what that is. When he tries retreating with the others to the cellar for safety, Brenda Meeks gets upset that Dwight Hartman wants to split them up. Despite pointing it out, they still end up split up along racial lines. Shorty ends up finding a storage closet to hide in, but Cindy finds him, and he kicks her out. The ghost of Mistress Kane finds him (somehow having taken physical form) and despite taking a horrifying form, he has sex with her to keep from getting killed.

Under unknown circumstances, Hanson is possessed by the ghost of Hugh Kane and drugs Shorty, enabling him to sever and remove the top of Shorty’s skull and scalp. They discover a miniature version of Beetlejuice in the place of Shorty’s brain as Hanson flees.

Subsequently, Cindy, Brenda and Theo Keyoko defeat Hanson, who is ripped apart by Hugh Kane leaving his body before getting destroyed himself. Shorty shows up himself to congratulate them for destroying Kane, but it is not clear if he is alive or deceased. He is last seen driving his car and in a physical relationship with Mistress Kane.

Shorty Meeks is a major character in the Scary Movie franchise, having appeared in both Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2. He is the brother of Brenda Meeks. He is played by actor Marlon Wayans. 1 Bio 1.1 Personality 1.2 Family and Friends 2 History 2.1 Scary Movie 2.2 In Between 2.3 Scary Movie 2 3…

16 of the most classic stoner scenes in film history

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From Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Dazed and Confused, these classic scenes took it to a higher level.

Half Baked
Have you ever seen Jon Stewart’s role in Half Baked? Have you ever seen it on weed?

True Romance
Brad Pitt’s big screen splash may have been as the shirtless hunk in Thelma & Louise, but it was his turn as the stoner roommate Floyd in Quentin Tarantino’s True Romance that made him a star. Never condescend Brad Pitt, man.

The Big Lebowski
The Big Lebowski is full of memorable scenes involving marijuana, but this one will have you singing along with The Dude. “Doo, doo, doo, lookin’ out my back door.”

Pineapple Express
At its heart, Pineapple Express was a love story between a stoner and his dealer, played by Seth Rogen and James Franco. This scene is the “apex of the vortex” of that relationship.

When Charlie Sheen’s private Chris Taylor enters “the underworld,” it sets the course for his alliances for the rest of the film. The scene between him and Willem Dafoe’s Sergeant Elias (“feeling good is good enough”) says it all.

Dazed and Confused
In a movie full of quotable moments, many of them from Matthew McConaughey’s Wooderson, this one tops them all.

Chris Tucker’s Smokey set the rule for all to follow: puff, puff, give.

Bill Murray and Chevy Chase had a contentious relationship following SNL, and it wasn’t until this scene in Caddyshack that they put it behind them. It’s mostly improv and really showcases the comedians doing what they do best.

Scary Movie
In this scene from Scream sendup Scary Movie, the masked murderer goes from getting stoned and making prank phone calls to, well, murder. The real attention to detail here, however, is how the mask itself changes as the character gets more stoned.

Walk Hard: A Dewey Cox Story
This scene could double as a pro-legalization commercial. “We’re smoking reefer, and you don’t want no part of this sh-t.”

Up in Smoke
Cheech and Chong’s first feature-length film, released in 1978, helped to establish the stoner comedy genre. The entire film is made up of weed scenes, but this is still one of the best.

Everybody Wants Some
What you think you sound like stoned .

Revenge of the Nerds 2
.. what you actually sound like stoned.

Easy Rider
Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda’s ride through the American south did a lot for counter culture when Easy Rider was released in 1969. A huge part of the film is the characters’ relaxed attitude toward drugs, summed up in this campfire scene where Jack Nicholson’s character gets high for the first time.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High
Sean Penn’s Spicoli may not have been the brightest student at Ridgemont High, but he definitely taught us about the dangers of driving while high.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
Kumar’s weed dream could be the closest thing to how some people are planning to spend 10/17.

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From Fast Times and Ridgemont High to Dazed and Confused, these scenes took it to a higher level.