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Shark Tank’s Seedsheets Gardening Kits Are on Sale for Amazon Prime Day

It even sends you text alerts!

Living in a city can mean having to sacrifice little things, like having a garden. No one wants to drag soil, seeds, planters and everything else you’ll need for a garden into an apartment or tiny home. Luckily, this Shark Tank product, Seedsheet, is here to give you the garden you’ve been longing for without all of the hassle and it’s on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

Seedsheet is a gardening kit that comes with everything you need: potting soil, watering nozzle, security stake, and 2 special sheets that have six different types of seeds embedded in them. The kit also comes with special software that can send you notifications and updates on how your garden is doing (this is perfect for people like me, who don’t naturally have a green thumb).

You’ll get to make your own kale, arugula, spinach, sweet basil, cilantro, and dill.

The seeds come in dissolvable seed pods that require little to no preparation—you simply place it in the pot, add the dirt, and water the plant as needed.

“The Seedsheet made growing your own herbs very easy,” one reviewer said. “It comes with everything you need and offers reminder texts to water and trim your herbs.”

Seedsheets also creates other kits. You can check more out at their Amazon store, and see some of our favorites below:

Living in a city can mean having to sacrifice little things like having a garden. Luckily, Seedsheet, is providing a hassle-free solution.

Want An Herb Garden At Home But Have No Clue What You’re Doing? This Is For You

The majority of us have entertained having our own garden as a healthy activity to enjoy.

Healthy maybe, but not easy… That’s what we learned as soon as we thought it through or even worse, tried to garden.

Plants failed to grow, barely grew, or died too soon.. We forgot to water them, they didn’t get enough sunlight or more than likely… we literally have no clue what went wrong but our garden ended up as it began — a pot or section of dirt without plants. Minus a lot of $$$ and wasted time.

It’s quickly become the most popular way to have your own personal garden. And the best part is and you’ll STILL have a beautiful array of organic herbs to savor!

Luckily a fellow named Cam MacKugler completely solved the problem with an ingenious solution called the Seed Sheet Herb Garden

A garden connected to your smartphone!

you don’t need to know a thing about gardening

Huh? What are Seed Sheets & How Do They Help Me Garden?

Simply put, Seed Sheets are the smartest, most on-the-ball gardener you’ll ever have – and this gardener is incapable of making mistakes!

It’s actually hard NOT to have a thriving garden using Seed Sheets.

Each one comes equipped with 6 organic non-GMO seeds in dissolvable pods that are sewn into a weed-repelling fabric — everything you need for idiot-proof gardening.

Follow these easy steps to have a THRIVING garden:

Place your Seed Sheet in a pot

Water it when the app reminds you

And in a few weeks you’ll have a beautiful organic garden full of nutritious herbs for salads and snacking — or to admire, brag about and give to your family and friends.

It’s sold over 150,000 units and apartments everywhere are getting their own personal organic gardens to enjoy.

You Could Have a Full-Grown Garden In Less Than 3 Weeks!

The herbs of your labor will be visible in just days, and you’ll be able to harvest your garden in less than 3 weeks — that means enjoying a homegrown salad or dish of your own making.

You can finally break out of old routines and begin the healthier lifestyle with a hands-on approach.

And the best part is you can harvest a new batch of herbs every couple weeks — all you have to do is water it whenever the Seed Sheet app reminds you.

You’ll get garden-fresh and organic Basil, Cilantro, Parsley, Dill, Onion Greens and Sorrel. It’s farm-to-table, minus the farm. All the most savory herbs in one garden that are guaranteed to grow luxuriously with practically zero effort.

The benefits of having your own Seed Sheets Herb Garden:

Full garden kit including Smartphone App

Impress your friends and family!

Master a new skill

You Could Have a Full-Grown Garden In Less Than 3 Weeks!

It Includes everything you need to create your own herb garden, including organic seeds to grow Sweet Basil, Cilantro, and Dill, weed-repelling seed pouches, potting soil, watering nozzle, security stake and the Seed Sheet app to monitor from your smartphone.

There are a number of different herbs you can choose to grow.

The salad kit is actually the fastest growing variety of sheet, which only takes about three weeks before you will be able to get your first harvest. After that, you will be able to harvest about every week or two and that will go on for 2 to 3 months!

Don’t let the countless times you’ve failed at gardening in the past prevent you from being successful in growing your own herbs!

Yes, you meant well. but after a few days or so you forgot about it and everything died. That won’t happen again!

It Is Difficult To Keep Track of My Seed Sheet Herb Garden?

In fact, it’s impossible to go wrong. All that’s required is to water your seeds whenever you get a reminder on your smartphone.

It’s. That. Simple.

Don’t hassle with guessing, forgetting or freaking out when you can’t remember when the last time you watered it was. You’ll know exactly when and how much to water your seed pouches to help them grow luxurious and beautiful.

Just set your Seed Sheet in some soil(our kids used an old metal bucket) and shoot a text to the FREE Seed Sheet App – you’re all set!

The smart sensors in the seed pouches will do the rest!

Where Can I Get The Seed Sheets Herb Garden?

We recommend ordering direct from their official site here to avoid price hikes and added shipping time from third party sellers.

Last I checked, they had a sale running. Their customer service is amazing and from my personal experience with them, they’re GREAT at answering any questions you might have.


So I just checked their site(again) and Seed Sheets are offering major discounts when you buy in bulk – in case you want them as gifts for friends and family. Hurry, because they’ve only got discounts available here for a limited time.

Over 150,000 people are enjoying their Seed Sheet Herb Gardens!

The majority of us have entertained having our own garden as a healthy activity to enjoy.Healthy maybe, but not easy… That’s what we learned as soon as we