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Skywalker OG Discontinued

Obi-Wan Kenobi wasn’t kidding when he said “may the force be with you”.

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Description for Skywalker OG

Often confused with the indica-dominate variety called Skywalker without the OG part; a resinous plant, Skywalker OG is known for providing well above average yields of hash due to high concentrations or trichromes. The smell and taste of Skywalker OG is something that most Kush-lovers will fawn over.

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By Michael Weeks on January 21, 2019

Just finished spicy heavy smoke 1/2 pound plants

The Skywalker OG is a head-clearing indica weed strain that's great for use on pain, especially migraines. This flowers in 8-9 weeks and gives off a sensational aroma.

Skywalker OG Cannabis Strain (Everything You Need To Know)

Skywalker OG, also known as Skywalker OG Kush, is an Indica-dominant hybrid (85% indica, 15% Sativa) strain that hits home hard. Skywalker OG offers up a beautiful combination of the couch-locked heaviness of the body with a euphoric cerebral high that fades to peaceful sleepiness on the comedown. Due to these potent side-effects, Skywalker OG may not be ideal for new cannabis consumers, but seasoned kush fans and those in need of serious pain relief should definitely put it on their list.


In keeping with the murky past of most OG strains, the provenance of strain Skywalker OG genetics is hard to pin down. One variety, developed by Dutch Passion Seed Company, is said to be a cross of OG Kush and Skywalker (Blueberry X Mazar). However, many old school breeders maintain that the original Skywalker OG strain is actually a phenotype of OG Kush, selected for its Sativa-dominant traits.

Wherever the faraway galaxy from which it comes, the deeply relaxing physical and mental effects of Skywalker OG leave the user in little doubt as to where they’re going: Nowhere!

The initial aroma of spicy jet fuel gives way to a glorious, earthy, herbal aftertaste.

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Skywalker OG Effects

The heavy sedative effects make Skywalker OG ideal for insomniacs and it’s attractive terpene profile offers up hope for many in the fight against chronic pain. Many patients report relief from migraines and anxiety after using this strain.

The light, mental stimulation means that you’ll still be able to concentrate on a film or book, but don’t use too much – the tipping point between relaxed and sleepy makes Skywalker OG ideal on a lazy, rainy day.

Dry mouth and dry eyes are commonly reported side effects with the Skywalker OG strain, but these can be mitigated with some conscious self-care: drink water before, during and after use.

Obviously if you’re lighting up Skywalker OG, you’re going to want to keep the Star Wars theme alive.

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photo: @weedworld12v

Skywalker THC level

With Skywalker OG’s THC content ranging from 18-30% those susceptible to THC-induced paranoia would do best to avoid this strain altogether or, at least, go easy with it.

This strain is bound to have you moving towards the darkside. It has incredibly strong sedative effects, which can be absolutely perfect if taken in the right way for helping you to sleep. Skywalker OG is famous for its indica effects.