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Six Surprising Benefits Of Smoking Hemp Flower

Smoking hemp sure is a tasty way to chill, but are there any additional benefits associated with these buds? True, the smokable hemp trend is relatively new, but many of our customers are already praising the many benefits of smoking hemp flower.

Of course, whatever benefits you derive from hemp largely depends on the quality of your buds. For the best smoking experience, you should go with the organically-grown, hand-trimmed strains now offered on Organic CBD Nugs. Our farmers take the time and care required to produce resinous buds for an unparalleled smoking experience.

Let’s quickly run through six of the most talked-about benefits of smoking hemp buds.

Six Benefits Of Smoking Hemp Flower

1. No Psychoactive “High” Effect

Interestingly, many people get interested in smokable hemp for what’s not in this plant (i.e., THC). Sure, everybody wants a high CBD count, but they also want to see extremely low THC percentages.

Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, THC is the cannabinoid most closely associated with the “high” sensation you get from marijuana. Although THC is present in every cannabis plant, it is far less prevalent in the hemp variant. Since THC levels are so minuscule in hemp flowers, you won’t experience any psychoactive effects while smoking the strains in Organic CBD Nugs’ portfolio.

All of Organic CBD Nugs’ hemp flowers are lab-verified to have 0.3 percent THC or less. No matter what high CBD product you purchase, we promise you won’t be exposed to excessive levels of this psychoactive cannabinoid. For extra assurance, we include a comprehensive cannabinoid report with all of our products.

Even though THC levels are low in our hemp strains, new hemp smokers should know that traces of THC could appear on drug tests. Also, some people might be extra sensitive to THC, even at low doses.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without worrying about THC, then we recommend looking into our CBD isolate powder. Unlike full-spectrum goods, CBD isolate has as close to 100 percent CBD as possible. Please click this link to learn more about ordering our THC-free CBD isolate.

2. Smoking Hemp Has An Immediate Effect

Another commonly reported benefit of smoking hemp flower is that it’s fast-acting. Users typically feel the effects of their chosen strain within minutes after their first puff.

Why do these flowers work so much faster than many other CBD goods? Simple: you don’t have to digest it. Unlike CBD edibles, the hemp smoke goes directly into your lungs for a swift and potent effect.

People who want a quick way to experience CBD will enjoy smokable hemp buds. Please consider browsing into our smokable hemp catalog if you’re looking for a reliably fast way to feel the calming effects of CBD.

3. Hemp Smokers Enjoy The Entourage Effect

People who’ve looked into the latest cannabis research might have stumbled upon a concept known as the “entourage effect.” For those who aren’t aware, the “ entourage effect ” posits that the natural compounds in a particular hemp strain work together to produce a heightened effect. So, according to this theory, hemp has its most significant therapeutic potential when it’s taken in its raw form.

In addition to CBD, smokers get to enjoy a plethora of other natural hemp compounds like aromatic terpenes. Recent research shows these terpenes not only give strains their distinctive flavors, but they could have physiological effects in their own right.

Hemp also contains loads of antioxidant-rich properties like flavonoids that might enhance the efficacy of CBD. There may also be low traces of secondary cannabinoids like CBN and CBG that have a unique effect on the body.

Yes, you could also experience the “entourage effect” with a good quality full-spectrum product. Since these concentrates often require costly extraction, however, they are usually far more expensive than purchasing well-cured hemp flowers.

4. Wider Strain Selection Means Greater Customizability

Now that smokable hemp is becoming widely accepted in mainstream culture, cultivators are busily breeding and crossbreeding dynamic new strains. As you could imagine, many connoisseurs love the wide variety of hemp strains that are now hitting store shelves. If you’re someone that frequently likes to change-up your CBD routine, then you will enjoy the customizability available in the modern hemp flower market.

No matter what taste or effects you prefer, it’s likely you’ll find your “dream strain” on Organic CBD Nugs. Be sure to look through the diverse array of strains or our CBD rich moon rocks now available on this Organic CBD Nugs webpage .

5. Hemp Smoking Is A Hit With Party-Goers

There’s no better way to get rid of those pre-party jitters than by smoking some CBD flower. Since hemp is non-intoxicating, smokable flowers could help you feel more “in the moment” without feeling “zoned out.” Recent studies out of Brazil also suggest CBD could help with social anxiety.

As a bonus, hemp is federally legal, which makes it a super responsible choice for people who want to have a good time. As a bonus, since hemp smoking is so new, it’s bound to add some excitement to your next social outing.

For an extra fun time at your next party, we encourage you to look into Organic CBD Nugs’ CBD kief catalog. Made with trichomes from our best hemp strains, this potent green powder will supercharge your hemp-smoking experience. Click this link to find out more about our CBD kief.

6. Hemp Might Be A Powerful Nicotine Alternative

If you or someone you know is struggling with nicotine addiction, then you might be interested in this last potential benefit. Although there’s no hard data that confirms hemp smoking helps nicotine addicts, many people now use hemp smoking to combat withdrawal symptoms. According to what little research is now available, hemp joints appear to offer nicotine addicts a healthier alternative, especially when they are weaning off of cigarettes.

You could stealthily carry a few of Organic CBD Nugs’ pre-rolls with you and light one up whenever you feel the urge to smoke. We guarantee our pre-rolls don’t contain any of the harsh additives or addictive substances often found in tobacco products. All of our pre-rolls are filled to the brim with the same high-quality hemp in our CBD flower catalog.

Please keep in mind these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. You should not use any of Organic CBD Nugs’ products to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you have any questions about using CBD, then we encourage you to speak with a licensed medical professional.

Is Smokable Hemp Legal?

Ever since the passage of the Farm Bill in 2018, hemp has been federally legal in the USA. That doesn’t mean, however, every state condones smokable hemp.

Today, there are a few states like North Carolina and Louisiana that have strict restrictions on CBD products and hemp smoking. Also, because hemp looks and smells like marijuana, it could arouse suspicion from authorities.

For your safety, we recommend reviewing your state’s current laws regarding the sale and use of smokable hemp. Be sure to get in touch with a local attorney before purchasing any of Organic CBD Nugs’ goods.

CBD Tinctures: A Smoke-Free Alternative For Asthmatic Patients

Since hemp smoking involves putting smoke in your lungs, it isn’t the safest option for people with respiratory issues. Thankfully, there’s a way for people with pre-existing lung conditions to experience the benefits of smoking hemp buds without putting themselves at risk: use Organic CBD Nugs’ full-spectrum tincture.

Just like smokable hemp, CBD tinctures have an immediate effect on the body. Well, to be more precise, these liquid concentrates can have a direct impact if you take them sublingually.

Don’t worry, taking a tincture sublingually is far simpler than it sounds. All you have to do is place a few drops under your tongue, hold for a few seconds, and then swallow. Amazingly, we have receptors under our tongue that can absorb compounds like CBD into the bloodstream. You should feel the effects of your tincture within a few minutes.

If you’re interested in learning more about our full-spectrum CBD tincture, please click on this link .

Savor The Many Benefits Of Hemp Smoking With Organic CBD Nugs

The goal behind all we do at Organic CBD Nugs is to share the benefits of smoking hemp flower with our customers. We firmly believe in the value of premium hemp flower and we work hard to supply our customers with high-quality, affordable products. All of our trichome-rich nugs contain copious amounts of CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids, but never more than 0.3 percent of THC. You can also rest assured we never use harsh chemicals to grow our delicious buds.

Although smokable hemp flower is relatively new, customers are already touting its many positive features. Anyone new to the smokable hemp scene must read through our list of the six most commonly reported benefits of smoking hemp.

5 Health Benefits of Smoking Hemp

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Cannabis has been around a long time, going all the way back to 1500 B.C., where it was mentioned in a Hindu text for its medicinal properties.

While marijuana gets all the glory in the cannabis family, there is a slightly less popular type of cannabis that is just as effective for treating different health conditions…hemp.

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the main compound in hemp and it is said to have many uses, from protecting your brain to helping you sleep better.

Here are 5 health benefits of smoking hemp.

Quit Tobacco

Want to quit smoking tobacco? Try smoking CBD.

In 2013, Dr. CJ Morgan, of the University College London, conducted a study on 24 people who wanted to stop smoking.

Dr. Morgan gave all 24 people an inhaler and told them to use the inhaler whenever they had the urge to smoke.

12 of the 24 received a placebo and the remaining 12 received an inhaler with CBD.

The 12 who received the placebo continued to smoke at the same rate, while the 12 who received the CBD reduced their smoking by 40%, proving CBD can help you quit tobacco.

Thinking of making the switch? Try CBD pre rolls .

Ease Anxiety and Stress

It’s no surprise, smoking CBD bud eases anxiety and stress, it’s one of the most common uses of CBD, but the health benefits of hemp go beyond stress management.

CBD boosts your endocannabinoids . Your endocannabinoid system helps you process and forget your fear. When the endocannabinoid system is overstimulated, you become chronically stressed and anxious.

CBS helps ease anxiety and stress by preventing overstimulation and balancing your endocannabinoid system.

Sleep Better

Having trouble sleeping? Try CBD cigarettes.

CBD is a natural treatment that is non-habit forming, making it a better alternative to some sleeping medications.

It works by interacting with the receptors in the body responsible for your sleeping and waking cycle.

Not surprisingly, CBD is also beneficial for those who have a hard time sleeping because of stress, pain or anxiety.

Relieve Pain

Hemp is great for pain because it gives a “non-intoxicating body high,” which helps your body heal without putting you in a mind-altering state.

It’s also effective for managing and preventing inflammation (typically the cause of most pain in the body) and oxidative stress, which is the result of ongoing inflammation.

CBD manages pain by interacting with the glycin receptor , which is responsible for sending pain signals to the brain.

Strengthen Bones

It’s a fact, over time our bones weaken and break down and we become more and more at risk of developing age-related bone diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

The good news is, many studies show that CBD not only blocks the bone-destroying enzyme that causes these diseases, it also helps our bones during the process of regeneration, speeds up healing after a break and helps us maintain strong and healthy bones overall.

Final Thoughts on Smoking Hemp

Smoking hemp offers many health benefits without worrying about all of the concerning side-effects that come with some medication.

If you are in pain, not sleeping well, stressed, anxious, dealing with bone conditions or simply want to quit smoking tobacco, CBD just might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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5 Health Benefits of Smoking Hemp by nikola 16.8k Views Cannabis has been around a long time, going all the way back to 1500 B.C., where it was mentioned in a Hindu text for its medicinal