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(ˌmaɪ koʊˈplæz mə)

n., pl. -mas.

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  • atypical pneumonia
  • bacteria genus
  • being
  • eubacteria
  • eubacterium
  • eukaryote
  • family Mycoplasmataceae
  • genus Mycoplasma
  • mycoplasmal
  • mycoplasmal pneumonia
  • mycoplasmas
  • Mycoplasmataceae
  • mycoplasmosis
  • nongonococcal urethritis
  • organism
  • ornithosis
  • parrot fever
  • phytoplasma
  • pleuropneumonia
  • Tsinan
  • tsine
  • Tsinghai
  • Tsingtao
  • Tsingyuan
  • Tsiolkovski
  • tsiology
  • Tsitsihar
  • tsitsith
  • tsk
  • Tskhinvali
  • TSO
  • Tsonga
  • tsoris
  • tsotsi
  • tsotsitaal
  • Tsouic
  • tsp
  • tsp.
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  • TSR
  • TSS
  • TST
  • T-stop
  • t-storm
  • t-strain mycoplasma
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  • tsuba
  • Tsuga
  • Tsuga canadensis
  • Tsuga caroliniana
  • Tsuga heterophylla
  • Tsuga mertensiana
  • Tsugaru Strait
  • tsukahara
  • tsunami
  • tsunamic
  • tsunamigenic
  • Tsung Dao Lee
  • Tsung tu
  • Tsung-li Yamen
  • tsurikomishi-ashi
  • tsuris
  • Tsushima
  • Tsushima Strait
  • tsutsugamushi disease
  • tsutsumu
  • Tsvangirai
  • Tsvetaeva
  • Tsvetaeva Marina Ivanovna
  • Tswana
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  • T-spine
  • T-spine
  • T-spine
  • T-SPOT.TB test
  • T-SPOT.TB test
  • T-SPOT.TB test
  • T-SPOT.TB test
  • T-sql
  • T-square
  • T-square
  • T-square
  • T-squares
  • T-squares
  • T-squares
  • T-stop
  • T-storm
  • T-storm
  • T-storm
  • t-strain mycoplasma
  • T-strap
  • T-strap
  • T-symmetry
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Define t-strain mycoplasma. t-strain mycoplasma synonyms, t-strain mycoplasma pronunciation, t-strain mycoplasma translation, English dictionary definition of t-strain mycoplasma. n. Any of various extremely small bacteria of the genus Mycoplasma that lack cell walls, are usually nonmotile, and are often pathogenic or parasitic in…

Don’t Strain On Classifications

When it comes to cannabis and knowing how it will affect you, you may have heard that “it is all about the strain”. There’s Indicas, Sativas, hybrids that have more Indica than Sativa, and hybrids that have more Sativa and Indica; not to mention there are multiple brands in each category to choose from. So how do you know which one to choose? Let us break it down for you to make it easier the next time you are faced with the decision.

Traditionally speaking, we have been told that Indicas bring on sedating body highs that aid in relaxation. Sativas on the other hand have been described as having intense, energetic cerebral effects that bring on euphoria and inspire creativity. It’s also commonly said that Indicas are for nighttime and Sativas are for daytime. Lastly, Hybrids are typically described as the best of both worlds. They stimulate the mind while also relaxing the body. Hybrids have been promoted as the some of the best strains to consume before engaging in physical activity like exercise, yoga, or hiking since you can stay mentally clear while feeling the engagement in your muscles.

This rather unscientific classification for cannabis strains has been so deeply engrained in the cannabis culture that many consumers base their purchases solely on these over-generalized categories, completely disregarding the other compounds in cannabis that contribute to each strain’s unique effects. The expectations on how a strain will affect us plays a large role in our experience. This can be a problem when trying to find a strain that is right for you and here’s why.

Research has indicated that the Indica and Sativa categories mainly pertain to the morphology (the scientific study of the structure and form) and yield rate (actual seed generation) of the plant versus the actual affects they induce. There are two types of cannabis compounds that are the key factors – cannabinoids and terpenes- also know as the chemical makeup. THC and CBD are two of the most well-known cannabinoids each having their own unique properties and therapeutic benefits. Terpenes are compounds found in cannabis that give them their aroma/flavor and interact with these cannabinoids–highly influencing and altering the effect. Strains classified as either Indica or Sativa can often produce the opposite effect of what the strain is typically believed to do, due to the altering effects terpenes have on cannabinoids.

In addition, how the plant is grown and cured can affect the strain’s terpene and cannabinoid content. More or less of either compound may stimulate different physical sensations. Let’s take the strain Blueberry as an example. Due to its Indica genetics, we expect Blueberry to make us feel relaxed and calm. Sometimes, however, you’ll find a more sativa-like affect of this strain like the Blueberry grown by Noble Farms, which brings on a much clearer head and energetic effect than traditional Blueberry strains.

So as you can see the decision can be more in depth than you originally thought. It’s not solely based on the Indica or Sativa classifications but rather how all the compounds are presented and interact with one another. Also referred to as the “Entourage Effect.” So the next time you hear someone say it’s all about Indica or Sativa, you can respond back and say, “No, it’s about the ‘Entourage.’”

Check out our wide variety of premium strains on our menu at Don’t worry, our entourage will be waiting to answer all your questions on which is best for you.

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