tangerine dream auto grow tips

PW’s 1st Grow

Chopped down with 276g wet 20g wet from the other week. Lots of stalks on the weight so I’ll update with dry weights (no stalks in a few days. Had great day trimming with homies!

Update 7/4/18: Yield of 56g dry! Smoked the week 11 sample harvest today. A very smooth smoke, no coughing, taste was good but it was mild. The high was extremely uplifting and very potent so a few hits took me into the atmosphere pretty quickly. Still surprised that I grew this lol.

I think this sample was dried way to quickly (2 days) opposed to the main harvest (4 days). Definitely rushed the drying process 2 weeks ago. I’ll chalk it up to being way to excited! This process has been a great lesson in patience.

Looking forward to trying the main harvest in a few weeks. hoping a citrusy flavor will be more present in this batch.

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Auto Tangerine Dream

Indica dominant Auto Tangerine Dream is, as you would expect, a relative of the ever-popular Tangerine Dream from Barney’s Farm. Now in the finest autoflowering package, which is also even easier to grow than the original Tangerine Dream. It reduces the THC level slightly and notches up the CBD so the high is a bit more mellow and chilled.

The taste of Auto Tangerine Dream is exactly what you would expect from both the name and the lineage. It’s a tangy, intense, citrus but still sweet rather than bitter. This is reflected in the aroma, which is rather like having a delicious, high-quality scented candle in the vicinity.

As we’ve already mentioned, Auto Tangerine Dream has less THC than its photoperiod relative, but it has to be remembered that the original Tangerine Dream did have quite a lot of THC for an Indica, coming in at an average of 20% so for Auto Tangerine Dream, a THC level in the mid-teens would be a reasonable expectation. The CBD level is a bit higher, which means that overall you can expect a gentle, refreshing cerebral high, followed by a light, but comforting stone, which is more cerebral than physical.

Auto Tangerine Dream is a great daytime strain. It’s not the sort of mental rocket fuel that the likes of Durban Poison and Gorilla Bomb are, but it’s enough to nudge you out of bed gently or to keep you moving when you know you need to but you’d rather not. Those who require moderate pain relief will also find Auto Tangerine Dream a good choice, again, there are far more powerful strains out there but their power is only meaningful if you use it. Finally, even though this strain does have a decent amount of THC it could still feasibly be used for insomnia.

Growers will find this strain a dream to grow. It literally could not be easier. As an autoflowering strain, it will take about 10 to 11 weeks to finish regardless of whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, the only point you will need to remember if growing outdoors is that this strain will still need a decent amount of protection from the elements, hence summer growing is usually best. Height-wise Auto Tangerine Dream comes in at a compact 60-70 cm but can still produce an impressive 500 gr/m².

Auto Tangerine Dream is the cup winning strain Tangerine Dream in the finest autoflowering package, maintaining high yields and delicious flavour.