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Territorial Seed Company

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 158
Cottage Grove, Oregon 97424 (United States)

Phone: (541) 942-9547
Fax: 1-888-657-3131

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Company Comment, posted on December 10, 2001:
Backyard gardeners and market growers have learned from experience that there really is a difference in vegetable varieties. Not only in how they perform, but also in how they taste. If you like to garden, or are thinking about gardening, then Territorial Seed Company’s catalogs contain just about all the help you need.

Unique to Territorial Seed Company is their 44-acre trial grounds and organic research farm, located in London Springs, Oregon. Each year Territorial’s research staff grows and evaluates thousands of varieties. Those available in their catalogs have been grown at their trial grounds and have passed stringent quality requirements. They offer seeds for over 800 vegetable, herb, flower, cover crop, and sprouting varieties. These seeds are not genetically modified or engineered.

At Territorial, they pay close attention to how long it takes for vegetables such as corn and cauliflower to be ready for harvest. They seek out varieties that fill openings in days to maturity from a common planting date so that gardeners can be assured of having good tasting fresh-from-the-garden food all season long. Also important to them are cultivars rich in vital nutrients. They also offer a wide range of high-quality vegetable, herb, and flower plants, garlic, potatoes, and garden accessories.


So, a couple of weeks ago, I ordered some more miner’s lettuce seeds from another company, and they’ve already started to germinate! For whatever reason, the seeds I got from TS were not viable.

i’ve ordered from Territorial Seeds a number of years. All my orders arrived within a couple of weeks. They have great cultural info on their website. I’ve had good germination rates and love their extensive selection.

I can’t comment on their customer service because I never had a problem.

I want to say it is disgusting and disheartening to read the rude, vicious, and almost hysterical comments some people make when leaving negative reviews.

First of all, people with complaints should CALL THE COMPANY FIRST. Don’t rely only on emails. If you are still unhappy and without a resolution, THEN they should post the facts here and their rating. NO ONE should jump to wild conclusions and accuse a company of being a cheater, liar, or deliberately fraudulent.

Their catalogs, both print and online, are a wealth of information about what they sell as well as each vegetable variety in general. I have also called them for clarification on some things and the people I have talked to are very knowledgeable and friendly.

I garden in the Pacific Northwest and I like that the seeds are grown in our climate and soils. I have had good success with everything I have grown from them, so far, especially with their short season varieties of plants that normally prefer a longer, warmer growing season.

They change their offerings frequently, which may be positive or negative. I miss some of the varieties I can no longer get but the new ones they offer are sometimes better. I assume that they are swapping out for better performers each year.

I have not had any problems with items I order not being available, but that may be because I order my seeds early, always by the end of January, as soon as the current catalog arrives.

Territorial has probably the best catalogue out there – tons of information for the gardener on planting and a large selection of heirlooms and hybrids and the seed is viable for several years (case in point, I’ve had almost 100% germination on 2 year old parsnip seed and 4 year old carrot seed). The seed prices are very comparable with other seed companies (I sit down and compare across 15 catalogues every January). While many have complained about the shipping costs, I am finding that the shipping isn’t so outlandish.

My one complaint with Territorial is on its lack of transparency about stock. I place my orders via the internet and while other companies indicate whether something is out of stock and the date it is expected back in stock, Territorial doesn’t do this. Indeed, order confirmation emails also stay silent in the matter and it is not until an order arrives that there is any indication that there is an order problem; you have to call to actually get any information in when they expect an out of stock item to arrive). On a couple of occasions, Territorial has left me without onion seed at a time when I have a very short planting window and I have had to cancel and order elsewhere, increasing my shipping costs. As such, I typically order only items from them that I do not need quickly, or items that can be sown several times during a season.

This year I have gone against my own advice and once again ordered Onion seed (now Copra isn’t available I needed a replacement and they specifically mentioned that they have a variety that is similar/better than Copra) and hope that they will actually fulfill the order (I do have another variety of onion seeds from another source that fulfilled my order placed the same day as the Territorial order that has not yet shipped). On January 19th, 2017, Rustyfork added the following:

Well, yes, that’s how I determined it wasn’t my order.

“How did you open the package?”

“With a knife,” I replied. It just didn’t make sense. She, at first, seemed upset that I opened the mistaken order. Haha, okay!!

She talked to someone else and they told me to just keep the order, which is kind except I have nowhere to plant 90% of the seeds (most were big brassicas like cabbage and kohlrabi, I have a small city garden).

She was about to get off the phone when I had to ask again about the status of my package. She said the order had not been packed until the 14th, and that she tracked the package and it was set to arrive the 17th (the very next day). I was pacified by that. Then two business days go by and my order hasn’t arrived. I emailed customer service to just make sure it is really coming, and I get a very brief and casual response saying it should arrive in another day or two.

People, I live in Philadelphia, not Beijing.

No one let me know there was a processing error and that it took two weeks to package my order. Both times I contacted customer service, the responses were unsatisfactory.

I will say the plants came in healthy but a lot smaller than I would expect given the price charged. I will not be doing business with them in the future because of this incident . On April 12th, 2015, klorentz_2000 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I ordered 4 seed packets and only 3 were in stock. Did shipping come down? NO!! I wish to also support those that have complained about the shipping cost. This is the highest of anyone out there – bar none. Gouging customers is going to last only so long and then you won’t have anyone left to gouge. Let’s not be ridiculous. On June 21st, 2010, reeve1 changed the rating from negative to neutral and added the following:

I was able to resolve my major issue but there still remains a problem with what I feel like is gouging for shipping charges. A company should never try to make money off of shipping. The product is where profit should be made. Shipping is only a means to get the product to the customer and should be at cost or less. Any other company charges 1/2 of what these people charge. Until Territorial realizes this and lowers their shipping, I won’t be ordering from them any more. On March 28th, 2012, reeve1 changed the rating from neutral to negative and added the following:

I’m finished shopping with Territorial Seed. I have ordered most every year for the past 4 or 5 years and seem to have some sort of problem each year. I purchased 7 seed packs this year, mostly Zinnias, and some that I had great germination rates with before. This year, I couldn’t get 1 in 20 to germinate. I’ve got seed packs from at least 5 companies in my 4 tier grow stand (over 288 seeds each time) and consistently I got poor germination from only the Territorial seeds. Some of my friends purchased Territorial Seeds and had the same low germtination problem this year. I also complained about not being able to reach them from the Contact Us link on the web site. It goes to a blank page. The response from Stephanie? Their lab had 92% germination and she didn’t even comment about not being able to view the Contact Us page. They are either hiding or have their head in a deep, dark place. Either way, I’m finished fighting with them and having them never fixing or acknowledging problems. Poor seed germination, ridiculous shipping costs, and a customer service that won’t acknowledge any of this but keep their head in the sand. Good bye Territorial Seed. You can gouge and lie to someone else, until there are no more. On March 28th, 2012, reeve1 added the following:

They refunded my seed order but that doesn’t fix the problems and deception. On April 10th, 2012, reeve1 added the following:

I’ve enjoyed their seeds for many years, too. The sad thing is whenever you try to communicate with their customer service, it’s as though it doesn’t exist. A pleasant girl answers initial emails and then I got passed to Josh. I was never told who Josh is, and he never told me despite two emails that asked He never answered any of my questions and just kept telling me how busy he was. They won’t address my question of why the shipping is so obviously over priced for a few seed packs. I’m finally tired of asking and tired of paying exhorbitant prices, so I’m leaving from the side of the sheep and going somewhere else! GOOD BYE Territorial Seed! On January 23rd, 2015, reeve1 added the following:

I decided to check on prices again this month (Jan. 2015). The shipping prices are as RIDICULOUS as ever. I honestly don’t know how these people can sleep at night. They don’t care!They hand their boxes to the most expensive shipping company (FedEX) when they could accommodate their customers better by offering a better and cheaper choice. USPS Priority Overnight Mail is $12.55 to my location. Yes, from Oregon! I won’t be back. Company representative comment on March 28, 2012:
On Mar 28, 2012 8:00 AM, Territorial Seed Company responded with:

I’m sorry to hear about your experiences with our company. In regards to the zinnias that you ordered, I assure you that we do germination tests on every lot of seed that we get and our company’s standards are higher than the federal germination standards (as Stephany apparently mentioned, we had a 92% germination rate on the variety in quesiton). I have not heard of any other germination problems with our zinnias this year so I am hoping that your case is isolated.

Regarding the “contact us” button on our home page, I just clicked on it and it went straight to the page: which has all of our contact information.

I see from your last comment that you were refunded on your order which I am glad to see since we stand behind our products 100%. You are certainly welcome to your opinions but I assure you that we are not hiding, lying, or deceiving as you mention above.

Great selection of OP seeds.

Seeds do well in hot, dry Phoenix, especially many of their tomatoes. I have a bumper crop of Oregon Spring tomatoes this year. Seeds always have excellent germination and high quality plants.

Shipping is a bit pricey but many companies have hiked their shipping charges.

Dear gardener, first and foremost; if you are ever unsatisfied with your purchase from Territorial we will refund that purchase to you promptly.

I finally had success with a French Tarragon plant I purchased from Territorial Seed. They shipped it on time as promised. Although it looked as though it had died during the winter, it sprang up this spring as soon as the weather warmed. Today, (April 26 2013) I snipped the first leaves.

Each year I have purchased seed from Territorial the seed has grown as described and some of the varieties I have grown from them have become some of my favorite. Territorial offers many hard-to-find open-pollinated vegetable varieties that are well worth trying out. That is what keeps me coming back to them year after year.

Overall, I would not buy seeds from Territorial if they did not have want I want to buy. Their shipping and their seeds are expensive. That being said, they have always done a very good job keeping their seed varieties pure and have always provided me with high-quality seed. I’m sure they would have much more business if they lowered their prices a bit!

Also, called and talked to a customer rep who was terrific!

I cannot recommend this company enough! Wish they had a Southern counterpart! On April 12th, 2010, lilygrandma added the following:

Can this company move to the South? Then I would have my seeds in a matter of hours! Oregon to Georgia in 4 days–everything complete. Can’t wait to see the germination of these seeds! On March 12th, 2011, lilygrandma added the following:

6 day shipment this time–very good, but onion plants backordered, and no indication of WHEN/IF they would arrive. Need to know so I can order from another company. I will try to call them Monday and find out what is up. I have always had good luck with their seeds. On March 5th, 2012, lilygrandma added the following:

I received the seeds this year in great time–4 days from Oregon to Georgia! My seeds did well last year, and I hope this continues.

I am a little sad that 2 types of seeds are back ordered, but the representative told me this when I called in the order. I had hoped by ordering earlier, there would be no back orders.

Looking forward to more business with this company! On March 7th, 2013, lilygrandma added the following:

Yet again, my order came within a week. I am looking forward to growing these seeds. Their seeds have always done well in my garden! Company representative comment on March 14, 2011:
On Mar 14, 2011 7:45 AM, Territorial Seed Company responded with:

We’ve used Territorial Seed Company for “spot orders” for the last several years, mainly ordering stuff we need but can’t find anywhere else. We’ve been satisfied with the results of each order.

Territorial Seed Company has 260 reviews (26 negative, 210 positive and 24 neutral) at the Garden Watchdog.

Suspect seeds set for destruction in Territory

Department of Primary Industry and Resources

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources is urging Territorians to be biosecurity aware after local horticulturists received unsolicited seed packets through the mail in September.

Dozens of seed packets have been arriving from Asia, predominantly from China, Malaysia and Taiwan, at addresses around Australia since August, prompting biosecurity fears. The origin, variety and sender of the seeds is unknown.

The seeds may be packaged in any form with various labels of origin, so Territorians are asked to remain diligent if they receive an unexpected package through the mail.

Imported seeds must adhere to strict biosecurity conditions to manage the risk of pests and diseases entering Australia and damaging crops and plans.

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources Chief Plant Health Officer Dr Anne Walters said “imported seeds of unknown origin pose a great biosecurity risk as they can carry harmful diseases or invasive species, which can harm agricultural industries, the natural environment, and our backyard gardens.”

“It’s absolutely critical that people do not plant these seeds or throw them in the bin, as they could end up germinating in landfill and introducing new weeds or diseases into the Northern Territory and Australia,” said Dr Walters.

The department urges anyone who receives unsolicited seeds in the mail to report it to the Plant Pests Hotline on 1800 084 881.

The department is also managing collection of the seeds with drop off locations available across the Territory. Territorians are encouraged to complete a seed analysis and destruction submission form, however drop offs can also be made anonymously at seed collection points.

Seeds deposited at the collection points will be submitted to the Northern Australian Quarantine Strategy (NAQS), with packaging if possible, for type and variety analysis to support the Australian Government’s investigation. Seeds will then be destroyed by autoclaving.

The Northern Territory Government continues to work with the Northern Territory Farmers Association and the Australian Government to protect our industries through raising awareness and supporting the destruction of these seeds.

Drop off locations for suspicious seed packets are located at Berrimah Farm Science Precinct, Northern Territory Farmers Association Coolalinga office, Katherine Research Station, Barkly House at Tennant Creek and in Alice Springs at the Arid Zone Research Institute.

We all need to do our part to safeguard Australia from biosecurity pests and diseases.

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources is urging Territorians to be biosecurity aware after local horticulturists received unsolicited seed…