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10 Best Cannabis Strains from California in 2020

What are the best marijuana strains in California this year?

What’s the best marijuana strains from California right now in 2020? This year has seen a change in the popularity of strains from California. There’s been a push for designer weed, which is exotic cannabis strains with fancy packaging. Marijuana strains continue to improve with higher THC content and impressive flavors. This state provides easy access to premium cannabis for adults and medical users.

Although cannabis strains become famous, they are not always grown to their fullest potential. We highlight marijuana brands that are known for sourcing from impressive cultivators. This guide was made for anyone new to California, and want the best weed possible from there. This insight comes from a Bay Area native, and professional with a passion for the best cannabis. Find out where to buy the best top shelf bud in California.

It can be exciting to find a popular cannabis strain that you’ve been dying to try, but it can be a disappointment if it wasn’t grown to its fullest potential. Beware of unknown cannabis brands selling popular strains in sealed bags, this can be a great marketing trick to sell low grade bud. The best weed in Cali comes in glass jars, this makes it easy to see exactly what you’re going to get with no unpleasant surprises.

We explore what some of the best marijuana strains are for relieving many illnesses and conditions. It’s safer to vaporize cannabis using a vaporizer than it is to smoke it. Vaping marijuana unlocks more of the medical benefits from the plant. Burning weed and then inhaling its smoke can cause health complications. Vaping marijuana preserves the flavor and is much safer compared to smoking.

Price Of The Best Weed Strains In California

The price of the best cannabis strains in 2020 are more expensive than ever before. That’s because the potency of marijuana continues to increase. These newer strains are frequently breaking THC potency records ever recorded with lab test results. Remember, the method of cultivation plays a huge factor in determining the quality of cannabis. Let’s look at some average California Weed prices for 8ths and the quality from a dispensary.

⅛ of Low Grade Cannabis – $15-$30

⅛ of Med Grade Cannabis – $35-$45

⅛ of Top Shelf Cannabis – $50-$75

Depending on the brand behind the bud, top shelf from a dispensary retails from $60-$100 in California. Expect sizable buds that are grown to their full potential. This bud has been cured properly, and the nugs are typically big. The tetrahydrocannabinol averages between 24-37% THC content. Part of the price for premium bud includes some natural and out of this world flavors. Nobody wants to take medicine that does not taste good, it’s fascinating how medical mairjuana comes in an abundance of pleasant flavors.

Beware of street dealers trying to sell counterfeits of popular cannabis brands. Criminals can buy exact replicates of popular cannabis brand packaging such as Cookies. However, what they can’t mimic is the strains’ unique properties. This is just another reason why it’s a smarter idea to buy your weed from a dispensary.

Cheap Weed Vs Expensive

It’s important to understand the difference between cheap and expensive weed. The marijuana community is frequently looking to smoke on the most trending strains. The price of cannabis is determined by its THC content, and how it looks. Big cannabis nugs that have been trimmed professionally, and cured are worth the high price tags usually associated with them. It’s important to understand the difference between indoor and outdoor grown weed too.

Typically, when cannabis is grown in a controlled environment it can reach its full potential. However, more really talented cultivators continue to grow the most impressive looking and high in THC content weed outdoors. Warehouses are places that allow for a control environment and large cannabis cultivation. Marijuana strains that do not come with lab test results for potency or pesticides should be avoided like the coronavirus. Seriously, there has been cannabis sold with mold and pesticides in the black market.

The best weed strains are not easy to find even in places where it’s legalized. However, brands such as Cookies are making their popular strains easily available in their own dispensaries. They are able to do this because they also control their own cultivation which is the supply for their dispensaries.

There are basically three different grades of weed when determining its quality. The most affordable is typically grown outside and has THC content that ranges from 10-15%. It’s not the smoothest when smoking but it will get you mildly high. Medium grade marijuana is grown in a greenhouse and has decent THC content ranging from 18-23%. Today’s top shelf pot has lab test results proving its unbelievably high THC content labeled above 27%.

Best Sweet Marijuana Strains In 2020

The cannabis strains today are much sweeter than they were ever before. Breeders continue to cross sweet cannabis strains with others to create some remarkable flavors. The cannabis plant is vast with the flavors it can produce. Those who are after the sweetest tasting weed strains will be happy with any of the following recommendations below. California is well known for their purple and grape flavor weed made famous by the GDP strain. Fast forward to today, and a lot of the best marijuana strains in California for 2020 include purple bud.

Runtz Strain Known For Its Sweet Candy Taste

The Cookies brand continues to make noise out of California, and the Runtz strain is helping them. This marijuana strain made noise all over the USA, and the proof can be seen from Google trends data. It shows searches reached an all time high for Runtz around May 2020. This designer weed strain can be found in most if not all Cookies dispensaries.

This popular sweet marijuana strain is being cultivated by Compound Genetics in California. They are known for creating new strains for the Cookies brand too. These cannabis breeders currently have over 112k followers on their instagram. We highly recommend checking out their instagram page, it’s filled with many exotic cannabis strains they cultivated. The Runtz team has teamed up with Compound Genetics to release seeds of their popular strains.

Wedding Pie Strain

We start our list of the best cannabis strains in California with the Wedding pie. This strain can be found in the Los Angeles Farmers dispensary. They source from the talented Jungle boys marijuana cultivators. Pictures of the Wedding Pie strain can be found on both of their instagrams with impressive size nugs. The medical prices for marijuana at this dispensary are cheaper than recreational. An eighth of the Wedding Pie strain for medical cost $46, and $60 for recreation.

The two cannabis plants crossed to make the Wedding Pie strain was Wedding cake and Grape Pie.

Blueberry Cruffin Strain

The Blueberry Cruffin strain is something special out of Oakland California. It’s super frosty with trichomes and has a wonderful sweet taste. The cannabis cultivators behind this impressive strain are cannatique farms. They have created a vast selection of dank strains that each look more amazing than the next. This is the type of designer weed that comes with a premium price in exchange for premium quality flowers.

The Blueberry Cruffin strain is the perfect strain for those after a sweet flavor. Blueberry Cruffin strain is a cross of three really popular cannabis strains from California. The Dj short Blueberry, Blue Cookie, and Platinum stains together.

Obama Runtz aka “Obomba Runtz” Strain

The Oboma Runtz strain comes from the Bay Area. There is even a music video behind this marijuana strain. The lyrics talk about smoking on presidential Obama runtz. Some lyrics include “It’s presidential, we’re not smoking no bammer” and “Everything I roll is presidential smoke.” The first lyric was from rapper Yung LB, and the second from Nero. The Runtz team is associated with the Cookies brand. Unfortunately, we do not have the information of the genetics behind this cannabis strain.

If you’re smoking on that Obama Runtz, expect some green mixed with purple buds. Upon a further closer up of the Obama Runtz strain, it is entirely coated with trichomes. This candy flavor bud comes with the strength which can be felt fast. This is the type of weed that must be enjoyed via vaporization, its terpenes are packed with pleasant flavors.

Pineapple Piss Strain

Cannabis strains are named after the breeders who bring them to life. The cannabis breeders behind Pineapple piss strain are 2 took farms. However, its Grandiflora Genetics who cultivates the Pineapple Piss strain genetics which can be found for sale in Cookies dispensaries. Grandiflora started their operation in Oakland California over a decade ago. They made so much noise with their genetics that Berner reached out to them for a partnership.

Cookies continues to produce the best cannabis strains because of the vast amount of talented cultivators and breeders they have on their team. They’ve secured partnerships with some of the best cultivators in California.

Biscotti Strain

Prepare to spend close to $100 for the Biscotti strain from the Bay Area dispensary Garden of Eden. They source their cannabis from the best marijuana breeders locally in northern California. The best weed in California is not cheap, an eighth of this top shelf strain retails for $70 at the Garden of Eden dispensary. This purple and blue shade color weed strain has been created by crossing Gelato #25 and South Florida OG.

Strongest Weed In California in 2020

Lab tests are normal now for marijuana strains being sold in California legally. It’s possible to verify lab results online too. Beware of the black market selling cannabis in counterfeit packaging and fake lab results. We take the time to highlight some of the strongest cannabis strains lab tested out of California. Below is a list of recommendations of cannabis strains high in THC content, that can help provide relief from PTSD, anxiety, and insomnia.

GMO Strain

If you’re looking for some of the strongest weed in California to smoke, the GMO strain cultivated by Kings Garden lab tested (download lab test report and reupload to and link back to it, title it GMO-strain-lab-test-results.pdf) for 34.5% THC content. Once again, it’s up to the marijuana cultivator to bring out a strains full potential. This has been done by Kings Garden cannabis cultivators with the GMO strain. It’s incredible how we reached a point in time where cannabis strains are testing as high as kief.

Gelonade Strain

The genetics of Gelonade comes from two famous California strains, Lemon tree crossed with Gelato #41. This has created a sativa strain with a sweet and citrus taste. This top shelf California strain cost $70 for an eighth at the Garden of Eden dispensary. The Gelonade strain lab tested at 26% THC content, making it an excellent choice for those after strength. This bud is hard like a golf ball and looks like it’s coated in sugar! The Connected cannabis brand has this marijuana strain available in California.

Wedding Crasher Strain

Another very skilled marijuana breeder from California is Symbiotic Genetic. They are well known for creating the cannabis strain Mimosa. They also created the Wedding Crasher strain by crossing Purple Punch with Wedding cake. There are a lot of marijuana cultivators who have grown Wedding Crash, and many of the pictures show big fat dense frosty purple nugs. This type of flower is what a lot of people would consider weed porn.

Gary Payton Strain [Cookies]

One of the best purple weed strains out of California right now is the Gary Payton strain. This is another cannabis strain that comes from the Cookies brand. This marijuana strain is synonymous with huge nugs. There are a ton of pictures that can be found online of the Gary Payton strain and its incredible size buds. The marijuana breeders behind this legendary strain are by Powerzzzup. Their instagram page is filled with nothing less but impressive cannabis strains they have cultivated.

Let us know in the comments what’s your favorite strain right now out of California. Our list of the best marijuana strains in California can help you find quality. This list of fire was not sponsored by any of the mentioned brands. It’s purely on a recommendation from a Bay Area native who travels to LA frequently, and is very active in the cannabis industry. Let us know what you think is currently the best cannabis strains in California in the comments below.

What’s the best marijuana strains from California right now in 2020? This year has seen a change in the popularity of strains from California. There’s been…

The top 10 cannabis strains in California

Bailey Rahn and Dante Jordan contributed to this article.

Home to the famous Humboldt County, California is damn near synonymous with high quality cannabis. It’s blessed us with many legendary cannabis strains like OG Kush , Gelato , and Sherbert . With so many famous genetics coming out of the region, California is a great market to watch for potential trends—so we scoped out search interest on Leafly to see which strains are most popular in the Golden State.

1. Blue Dream

This hybrid tops the charts in every major market, California included. Even in the state where OG Kush is expected to reign supreme, it would appear that Blue Dream still maintains a stranglehold. Leafly reviewers rant and rave over this uplifting berry-flavored hybrid, but do you think Blue Dream’s quality justifies its notoriety?

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2. Gelato

Gelato is a cross of Sherbert and Thin Mint GSC . Being a California-bred strain from the Cookie Fam, it makes sense that it would be among the most commonly searched strains. Gelato blesses high-tolerance consumers with blissful, soaring euphoria—meanwhile novice consumers might find an early night’s sleep in this knockout strain.

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3. Purple Punch

Purple Punch , a cross between Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple , pushes out earthy flavors with a fruity undertone. Many associate Purple Punch with deeply relaxing effects best suited for the latter part of the day—so if you’re looking for a strain to help you kick back and enjoy a Cali sunset, look no further.

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4. Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake , also called Pink Cookies, is a sweet and earthy cross of Cherry Pie and GSC . A reliable source of potent euphoria, this high-THC strain is sure to leave you feeling ultra stoned. Based on the powerhouse strains featured in this list, immobilizing potency like that found in Wedding Cake seems to be just the thing most Californians are looking for.

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5. Original Glue

The funky, earthy, and undeniably strong Original Glue was bred from Chem’s Sister , Sour Dubb , and Chocolate Diesel . Named after its tendency to superglue you to the couch, Original Glue a potent treasure that tops the charts in practically every legal state.

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6. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a legend among cannabis strains, providing an invigorating high that makes walks along Venice Beach that much better. This spicy, uplifting strain has given rise to many widely cherished hybrids like Jack The Ripper , Super Jack , and J1 .

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7. GSC

This California native has sprinted its way to fame in recent years, gobbling up awards left and right for its potency. In masterful balance of soaring euphoria and deeply relaxing physical effects, it’s no wonder that GSC ranks #2 in the California market.

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8. Sour Diesel

No doubt, Sour Diesel is a staple that holds an esteemed position in most major markets. While some don’t like the strain’s funky fuel flavor, its weightless cerebral high is worth it. The uplifting effects can help you get up and out, making this strain a perfect pair for those warm, sunny California days.

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9. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a legendary cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud that needs no introduction. This California staple with its grape and berry-forward flavor is well-known for putting people riiight to sleep when consumed in higher doses.

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10. Sherbert

It wouldn’t even be right is this list didn’t have Sherbert , so rounding out the list is this sweet-scented cross of GSC and Pink Panties . Bred by California’s own Sherbinski, Sherbert can provide a variety of experiences from cerebral and thought-provoking to a relaxed, let’s-just-chill type of high—so give it a try if you’re looking for a nice treat from the Golden state.

With so many famous genetics coming out of the region, California is a great market to watch for potential trends—so we scoped out search interest on Leafly to see which cannabis strains are most popular in the Golden State.