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Weed Seeds USA Reviews

3 out of 10 Sour Diesel seeds germinated. Zero of the FREE Cheese seeds germinated. No guarantee, No replacements. No refunds. Might as well have planted my money. Would have had the same results.

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Fastest shipping out of anyone in the…

Fastest shipping out of anyone in the USA!! Great genetics smooth transactions!! Will only buy from here now on!!

The place for beans

This place has great customer service, they give very good sound advice, and the best part is their genetics are very strong and well worth the money, don’t go places and spend tons of money for beans this place can take care of you!

First Time Grower

This is my first time growing I am not a professional gardener but I must say I am impressed I planted the seeds from scratch and boy they are growing and one of the already has buds. And they are females plants as they said they were. I definitely got what I paid for no complaints here Thank You.

I have ordered from weed seeds 3 times…

I have ordered from weed seeds 3 times and recommended them to friends. All seeds I planted have germinated and the genetics are great. Pineapple kush is my favorite so far. Customer service is great shipping is fast and they always throw in some extras. Great company and great prices

We grew mostly Lowryder and some Orca

We grew mostly Lowryder and some Orca. Every seed germinated. I was not expecting that! My freinds did not mind getting the extra plants. All were healthy females. The Orca made very nice large Colas! The Lowryders developed quicker ,but took longer to bud. Overall an Outstanding Experience and Excellent service from WS.
Sincerely, Cherry Bomb.

2 purple punch seeds germinated from 5 seeds 2 green crack seeds germinated out of 5. All seem to be females so far. Trying autoflowers this year outside so far seems bad there flowering and there to small.

I’m going to post another review…

I’m going to post another review because I have to give credit where credit is due. When I first got my seeds they looked like runts that took forever to grow. Wasn’t even going to repot them but I did. I’m happy to say since I transplanted them that plant has exploded in growth and has 7 finger leaves bigger than my hand! Now to see what I’ll get for buds.. Finger’s crossed

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I can’t say enough bad about this…

I can’t say enough bad about this company, Out of twenty seeds only four germinated. Of those four all were pathetic runts. I spent $100 and got nothing. This company is a money grab, Here today, gone tomorrow. Don’t let cheap prices seduce you. They sell worthless genetic garbage. at a cheap price!

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Great experience

Fast shipping, nearly 100% germination, I will shop from them again

I bought one probiotics from

I bought one probiotics from This product gave me stomach aches and constipation. They continue to charge my credit card and send me more products in which I did not order. I cannot stop it. I have to go to my bank and change my ATM card. They do not answer the phone they have listed. 844-646-3586, try for yourself. Their email posted for conflict resolution, do not go through. This is frustrating.

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Clear cut scam

Clear cut scam and i pray no one falls a victim. I was always getting ripped off simply because of my undying love to grow rather than buy so a friend recommended and they became my best online shop for weed related products so I tried their seeds too and I must say they’re good genetic and provided a manual to help me grow them too. To add to the fact that they cover shipping expenses, delivery is fast and discreet. I recommend you shop from

Very weak genetics on me seeds only…

Very weak genetics on me seeds only three sprouted and only one survived and it’s a tiny little weak plant that I’m barely keeping alive I think the good reviews on here are fake made by them I think they’re a scam I’ve called them I’ve emailed them and they say that they do 90% sprouting and they’re the best seed company around bulshit don’t waste your money

Arrived fast and discreet all seeds…

Arrived fast and discreet all seeds sprouted had a couple that matured at 6 weeks with enormous quantity of budd

I won’t buy any more seeds from this…

I won’t buy any more seeds from this company. Purchased several strains. All expect 1 rooted fine. All three seeds of the one strain, Blueberry AF, were duds. Ask them to replace them. The claim 90% root, which is not supported by science. Order at your own risks. There are better sources that stand behind their products when they fail like Pacific Seed Bank.

I am truly astounded by the speed with…

I am truly astounded by the speed with which my 1st order from weed-seeds arrived. 4 1/2 days was all it took for 5ct each of 3 different strains with 4 freebies of two popular strains. The packaging is equally amazing. They use tiny air tight snap containers with seeds tucked in safely and securely using the tip of a cotton swab. I also thought the strain descriptions of characteristics and growth habits more than adequate. This is important to all growers: I live in a hot dry Arizona community. I will be ordering from this vendor again.

Bunk Seeds only 33% popping rate

Purchased the following:
A. WS-BA1003, Blackberry Auto Fem, 5ea

B. WS-JV159, Northern Big Bud Auto Fem, 5ea

C. WS-TG103, Candyland Peyote Photo Fem, 5ea

NONE of the Blackberry or Northern Big Buds popped. 10 wasted seeds.

I contacted Weed Seeds USA as was told:

1. They DON’T guarantee their seeds, even though their ad says that there is an 80% popping rate. What I got was a 67% DEFECTIVE rate!

2. They actually had the audacity to give me a 25% off coupon for my next order. Ah ha ha, NOT!

3. I am disabled and on a fixed budget.

3. I do NOT recommend Weed Seeds USA.

Great–Bruce Bannerand Gorilla Glue

Ordered Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue. The seeds arrived fast and came with an extra pack of seeds. The prices are good too and germination good.
One seed was malformed and has not sproured yet but they said they would replace it. Im happy with the great genetics at this price , although all i have are done pretty seedlings so far that look great. Not sure about the other reviews. I was wondering if these seeds came from spane seed farms but im happy either way. No one has the market cornered on seeds.

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I believe these positive reviews are…

I believe these positive reviews are likely fake. We purchased 5 auto seeds, one germinated, and then died. The other 4 seeds did nothing. Unfortunately at the time we purchased several other seeds. I will review them as we attempt to germinate and grow. We have had a good amount of experience successfully germinating seeds, so we don’t feel it’s us.

Placed 2 orders–1st order was OK with…

Placed 2 orders–1st order was OK with Female photo period plants that did well. Not so with the female auto flowering. out of 20 seeds I have tried to sprout 8 of 3 different strians and NONE have broken ground. I emailed them and their response was our seeds have a 90% germination rate–they do not warranty them as they sell them deeply discounted. At face value $4 a seed is a good discount. But if 1/2 of them fail the price has now doubled to $8 a seed for what you are paying for what you have to show for it. I can get seeds from ILGM for $6 a seed with a warranty replacement so their reasoning is a bit flawed.

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WSUSA aka Weed Seeds USA is an Oklahoma based seed supplier for growing cannabis, marijuana, weed, ganja, chronic, herb, pot or whatever you call it. We sell both souvenir and licensed marijuana seeds to growers in OK and the USA only. Choose from high yielding autoflowers, flower producing feminized and phenotype hunting for genetics with regular marijuana seeds. Choose your favourite sativa, indica and hybrid or ruderalis marijuana seed for sale online from Weed Seeds USA. We also sell hemp seeds for growing low thc cannabis and cbd seeds for harnessing the power of CBD. Our genetics are done 100% in house through a partnership with Blimburn Seeds and Local Licensed Growers. Weed Seeds USA the best pot seed bank online.


  • 2618 Kenosha St. W Box 720
  • 74012
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  • United States


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Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds Near Me
Us Based Marijuana Seeds

This will directly lead to a higher yield of the home grown Marijuana. These seeds are best fit if the farmer wishes to avoid the removal of the male plants and is just thinking about reproducing resin-carrying buds. If you desire to simplify the cultivation even more, you ought to choose autoflowering Cannabis seeds.

Additionally, these types require less growing time and are thus earlier prepared for the harvest. Marijuana seeds for indoor and outdoor cultivation Depending on the area you have offered you can choose in between species that grow finest outdoors or in an enclosed area. Outside strands typically grow a lot larger, flourish finest in a natural habitat and are extremely robust.

Both types sprout particularly well inside your home, safe from temperature drops or other environment modifications. If you are looking to purchase Marijuana for indoor development, we recommend Huge Bud, Amnesia, or White Widow. They are the bestsellers in our online store. Indoor types like a constant temperature and humidity level and their growth and blooming can easily be influenced by managing the lighting times.

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At High Products you can buy cannabis seeds conveniently online– constantly at the very best costs. We offer superior marijuana seeds as a trademark and don’t feel the requirement to ask our clients for a minimum purchase. Take your time and poke around our page. We are eagerly anticipating your order.

Like enjoying a freshly cooked meal with components from your own garden, Homegrown Marijuana Co delivers a special complete satisfaction. Sure, purchasing the ended up product can be much easier, however the taste of self-cultivated produce is sweeter and far more satisfying. Seeing your seeds pop their taproots, seeing the first sprigs of green push their way through the soil . these are joys everybody need to experience.

As one of the world’s fastest-growing canna-breeders, our top-shelf cultivars have actually delivered success to enthusiasts all over the world. Our marijuana seed bank uses top quality, fast-germinating seeds with tested, stabilized genes throughout an enviable range of regular, feminized and autoflowering seeds, all at budget friendly costs. From beginners to seasoned cultivators, growers of all levels are sure to discover great choices for recreational and therapeutic use.

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Every one of our seeds is the result of over 30 years of experience producing and testing more than 150 varietals, including the world’s top strains in Oregon.

Legendary Seeds

We provide some of the world’s most popular cannabis seeds including several award winning and legendary strains with genetics you can trust!

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Order quickly and securely online with hassle-free, fast, discrete, and free shipping for two or more packets. Delivery is guaranteed within 7-10 days.

Blue Dream Seeds

The most widely grown strain on the West Coast, Blue Dream contains a dense structure with its flower packed in deep, giving off a sparkly glistening type look. Crossed with Blueberry and original Haze, Blue Dream is a hardy strain worth every ounce of work put into it. With a sweet berry aroma much like its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream is an aesthetically beautiful strain recognized by all at first glance. With heavy yields and easy to grow, Blue Dream is pest and mold resistant and does will in outdoor and indoor environments.

$39.99 for 10 seeds!

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Why Buy From Us?

We have been licensed medical growers in Oregon for over two decades. We have grown over 150 strains and selected the best varietals on the market. We continue to select the very best plants of each strain for breeding. After many years of breeding, we believe these seeds represent some of the best strains available anywhere.

For too long European, Canadian and American based seed banks have taken advantage of the everyday grower charging outrageous prices for seeds that may not even pop and genetics that haven’t been stabilized. That’s where we come in!

We provide seeds that anyone can grow successfully, beginners to experts alike. Here in Oregon we have spent over three decades testing hundreds of strains, spending countless hours picking the best varietals and preserving the strongest genetics and breeding them year after year.

We accept all major credit cards. No bank/routing number required!

Shipping time is 3-5 days for US based customers and 7-10 days for International customers. All packages are labeled with discretion.