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Vancouver Seed Bank is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder. This means we do not have very much info about this seedbank – you should have a view to the user-reviews or try by self at your own risk.

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guest Canada, September 2020

i ordered nevilles haze, 275$ for 18 seeds, 4 females rest were males, consulted a few others and the seeds were not nevilles haze at all, sent vsb a email and zero response, stay away from these guys bunk seeds not worth the money at all.

guest Canada, August 2020

I ordered a pack of 10 early out door fast flowering reg seeds to flower in time in Canadian climate zones also 2 northern lights autos. The northern lights autos both auto flowered as normal 2 quite different phenos. Decent quality and size decent mold and pest resistance happy overall with the autos. However i waz told by VSB that the pack of 10 outdoor mix were all strains that would be done before the growing season was over, it is now aug 19 and the 4 females i got out of 9 seeds that germinated are still not showing that they have even started to flower. So i got 5 males which is fine thats the luck of the draw with reg seeds but the fact that 4 females are not at least a couple weeks into flowering bugs me i ordered because i was told that the pack included a mix of early finishing outdoor strains. Now im wondering if they just sent a mix of any old seeds at all not probably even knowing what they were them selfs. Its not that im a new grower and dont know what im doing as i have other strains photos as well as autos from other breeders that are almost done flowering outside a few autos are done already. The 2 autos i got from them did auto and flower 1 is down and curing the other which was planted about 10 days later will be coming down in a few more days when the tricomes get were i want them. Eather a mistake by them on the outdoor mix or they done a quick cash grab and dont really care what they send out. I know that there is prob about 6 weeks left give or take a couple days weather depending but based off my experience i highly doubt they will be done in time and at full potential most i say i could get in premature flowers with all clear tricomes im thinking very premature not worth growing flowers. Maybe i should have contacted them but i saw this and i am simply leaving my review. I will not order from them again based off this experience.

guest United States, October 2017

Annoyingly they do not accept credit cards for purchase but from the u.s. you can use only a money order or bitcoin online. Seeds arrived in a regular letter envelope and were quite discrete and took about 16 days from when they took my money to when I got my seeds in the u.s. They do guarantee germination but only as long as you follow their methods and if you use any others like I did they will not replace your seeds. They are however one of the few companies that will return your call or email.
will use again

guest United States, July 2017

Ordered Blueberry and got order quickly and with nice stealth packaging however there was nothing showing the breeder or strain so I bitched. They sent me an additional 10 seeds of OG Skunk and 10 seeds of OG citrus for FREE. Note that orders from outside CA are money order only!
Would order from them again

guest Canada, January 2017

Got some varieties from these guys and had poor germination on one strain out of 3. Let them know and they sent me replacements right away at no cost. the variety they replaced it with was a bit more expensive too.

guest Canada, January 2017

Ordered 10. 4 germed, funny looking leaves all crumpled up still growing though. Complained that less than 80% germed. They sent 10 more right away. Happy if I get a couple more to germ out of the new 10. Would recomend 🙂

guest United States, October 2016

. and my last order. These units were of horrible and yielded 90% male plants. They ought to be ashamed!

guest United States, May 2016

Ordered ten indoor mix pack. Sent cash money in envelope, and found these people totally honest and received order np. Only lost one plant due to my own negligence and only had two males!
Would definitely recommend this company to everyone! Order with confidence! AAA+++

guest No info, November 2015

Ordered 4 feminized seeds. Didnt receive any update for a week. When I emailed a week later, I was told the order was getting shipped out that afternoon. Waited a week and several emails and calls later, 2 of the seeds were sent out, which apparently were the runts of the stock.

Waited another 2 weeks. Germinated in water for 1 week, the seeds didnt germinate. Read that seeds can ferment in water after that, so put then in soil, a week later no sprouts.

Called today to ask when the rest of my order was going to get shipped. Told any day now. Asked for seeds that were sent but didnt germinate to be replaced and was told that I should have germinated them in water and 1/2 an inch deep is too deep to borrow MJ seeds and I should have just sprinkled soil on top and then it would have worked out.

Needless to say, wont use again and dont recommend. From my experience so far I fully expect them to try something underhanded.

guest No info, October 2015

I will never order from Vancouver seed bank ever again the delivery was good the seeds germinated and died immediately The sales rep didnt give a @&$! ?They didnt even say sorry no new seeds with the money I spent I could have bought my own stash once they get your money they dont care so order at your own risk youve been warned.

Vancouver Seed Bank Seedbank Review User Rating On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 19 user reviews. SeedFinder Info Vancouver Seed Bank is listed as “gray” at the SeedFinder.

Vancouver seed bank

Afghani x Hindu Kush x Ruderalis
Afghan Kush Auto Fem is a short, very fast potent indica with a unique structure and flavor.
Approx 70-100 days from germination
Indica Dominant
More info coming …

Auto Blueberry – feminized

Auto Dynamite – 5 seeds feminized & autoflowering

All the fresh and fruity tones of the old-school dynamite hybridized with the Ruderalis for an even quicker finish no matter what the light cycle. Squat growing and stable, this is an easy strain to grow and will hide easily amongst other plants. 70-80 days finishing time from …

Auto Hindu Kush – feminized

A potent auto showing powerful sativa dominance, this is a very cerebral strain with an earthy, pungent, hazey aroma coming from its multiple buds. It grows like Amnesia too – Christmas-tree shaped with healthy buds along each branch. Not one for the faint-hearted. Genetics: Amnesia (Original Haze x Northern Lights) x Lowryder #2 …

Auto Northern Lights – Feminized Single Seed

Northern Lights is probably the most famous indica strain in the world. It gained its notoriety due to its excellent properties being fast flowering, and high yielding with very compact, often rock-hard buds. Each bud is covered in resin giving the plants a distinctive odour of over-ripe fruit.
6-8 weeks flowering time
mid – late September …

Blue Dream – 3 feminized seeds per pack

Bubba Kush – feminized single seed

CBD Tiger 40:1 – Feminized

Dynamite – 5 feminized seeds

Classic Grapefruit Indica strain. Deep taste and large yields.

Squat growing Indica dominant strain. Works great in all grow methods, indoors or outdoors. Stabilized version of the original Grapefruit clone.

The flowers have a deep fruity taste that cuts through everything. The flavour stays strong all threw the smoke, very enjoyable, long lasting high. Indoors …

Afghani x Hindu Kush x Ruderalis Afghan Kush Auto Fem is a short, very fast potent indica with a unique structure and flavor. Approx 70-100 days from germination Indica Dominant More info coming …