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Vision Seeds is the result of one man’s passion for cannabis growing. Danny B. founded the company about 15 years ago. This breeder became popular among the professional as well as the recreational growers. The company produces a top quality genetics and provides a wide line of cannabis strain.

The seedbank entered a new phase of development its collection after the summer of ’99 when Herbal Harald got in the Vision Team. Vision Seeds uses the best world genetics, selects the best properties, tastes, effects, appearance. Vision Seeds officially introduced all its 100% feminized seeds” at Cannafest 2010 for the first time.

The Vision Seeds collection contains seventeen strains of which five are auto-flowering and it introduced another four unique strains in early 2014.

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Northern Lights Auto

White Widow Auto

Blueberry Bliss Auto

Northern Lights Auto

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Vision Jack AutoFem

Amnesia Haze Auto

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She grew so squat in veg with all her nodes super close. That old School NL taste. Love it.

Would recommend to any newbie growing there first plant.

Buds swelled very nice, super stanky even with a carbon filter I think I got some weird looks for the police officer who lives across the street (lol I am licensed cultivar tho). in its early stages be careful to not over water this one. once established it can take heavy feedings with the CANNA series.

Once somewhat cured the Buds have a beautiful sweet herbal smell. little bit of gassy notes as well which may come from OG lineages.

The high is very different in a sense its very stimulating but there is a a physical relaxation that comes in too. perfect bud when you start to wrap up your day and have a few chores left, you can smoke a bit and still finish stuff up and later on you’re pretty relaxed as well.

As of now there is 5 ounces of beautifully cured dense gelato nuggets. 2.5 ounces of frosted shakey Larfy stuff. However I did accidentally dry a portion of a plant too slow and lost about another ounce of it. probably had over 8 ounces total. incredible yield. I did let the plant veg for an insane amount of time. im surprised with how much bud I ended up with using a phlizon light with some supplemental side lighting.

I purchased a bunch of 8-Gram bovedas thinking I wouldn’t need the big ones and LOL. I have tons of 8g baggies filled with gelato and a boveda pack. They are then stored in tubbaware just to keep it all sealed in. Definitely give Pure gelato by vision seeds a try!

I don’t have any negatives of this strain. If you want a good hybrid leaning on sativa side. this ones for you!

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Vision, mission, goals and values

Jensen Seeds wants to be at the forefront of the field of skilled seed producers.

Through our professionalism, we will deliver the highest quality of seeds. We will develop and maintain the good and mutual cooperation with our customers and suppliers and will be and an attractive workplace.

We will constantly work to sharpen our good results and create growth and values ​​for the company and our collaborators.

Our goal is to increase production and improve our results every year.

Jensen Seeds is a seed production company, specialized in spinach seeds.