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Defending your business


Double lapdance experience

Easy experience

Every harvest results in the same experience amount of experience points. Consider planting cheap seed and grind experience with bush weed.

Complete quests on the blackboard as soon as possible to acquire more experience and gain levels.

Purchase the turntable and different records. When played, the records will give a 2x to 6x experience point multiplier. Sell the weed while the music plays. Also try using the punk rock track gives you a 4x experience multiplier but lasts a minute longer instead of the shorter songs. To maximize this trick, buy all the customizations to keep your customers making transactions to gain both experience and cash. For example when you play the dubstep track you will have a 5x experience multiplier and using the joint and the bong with a customer will earn 20 experience points.

Reach level 11 and aliens will appear. They will offer to advance you to the next level, but at a cost. To make their offer most effective, do so after gaining a level and not when you are close to leveling up. Tap the “Warp to the next level” choice to pay them $500 to for an instant level up. Note: They will reduce your experience points if you refuse them. To do avoid this, purchase the painting from Mary the artist then refuse the aliens’ offer. They will steal the painting and leave your experience points alone.

Repeatedly plant weed and grow it instantly by advancing the time on your device. Then, set the time back to its true value and sell the plants to convert them into experience points.

Play records when harvesting weed. This is most effective when harvesting more expensive strains with twelve pots. For example, playing the punk rock track for a 4x experience multiplier while harvesting twelve Purple Hazes will result in a total of 144 experience points. Also advancing your device time to speed your harvest will not slow down the playing of whatever record is on the turntable. It is possible to get three full harvests while playing one single vinyl record.

Easy money

Faster growth

Increased production

Increased sales

No gangsters


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Weed Firm for Android cheats – Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need.

Weed Firm: RePlanted Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Virtual Pot and Earn from It

Weed Firm: RePlanted is, to say the least, a controversial mobile game for Android and iOS. But regardless of where you stand when it comes to legalizing the herb, this is a fun game (and a sequel to the original Weed Firm) where you play the role of Mr. Ted Growing and cultivate your marijuana fantasies by planting and raising new strains, fertilizing your harvests, and customizing your weed shop with record players, bongs, and other accessories to draw customers in. You can also interact with your stoner customers while spinning records and toking up, increasing your profits in the process, and defend your shop from criminals and policemen alike, and even “extraterrestrial” aliens.

If there’s anything worse than getting busted by the cops, it’s having a hard time making progress in this game. And that’s why we’ve compiled a list of Weed Firm: RePlanted cheats, tips and tricks that can help you get high – up the leaderboards, that is.

1. How To Grow Weed With Less Water

Like any other plant, marijuana can only grow if you have water. But the thing here is that none of your water will be utilized even as the weed grows with the game minimized or turned off. What you can do instead is to plant your weed, then minimize or close the game for as long as it takes for the weed to grow. It won’t matter how much water you use, just as long as you use at least one bottle per pot.

Alternately, you can use the time lapse cheat to make your weed grow ASAP. Set the time ahead by the number of minutes it takes a certain strain to grow, then return to the game to collect the weed.

2. Earn XP By Dealing Your Pot

If you’re out of tasks that can be completed for experience points, you can still keep yourself busy; there’s no need to be as lazy as the average stereotypical pothead! Grow and sell your weed as often and as much as possible, and you won’t just earn money, but XP as well. Also, buy the couch if the opportunity arises, as that will double the XP you get per action permanently.

3. Pass It On… To Social Media

If you want a nice and easy way to earn cash in the game, you can go to the lower right corner of your screen and hit the button that allows you to “share for cash.” This will earn you 100 cash each time you share anything about the game on social media, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as email. But if you’re not comfortable telling your friends that you play a game where you’re a head shop owner, what you can do is hit the email button, cancel upon seeing the mail popup, and return to the game. You’ll still get your 100 cash, and you can repeat this trick as often as you want for unlimited cash, or something close to it.

4. What Other Items Can Help You Out?

Aside from the aforementioned couch, there are other helpful items that can do great things for your business. The safe allows you to hide your money from the police, while the shotgun can be used to defend yourself from thugs who may try breaking in and stealing your weed.

We’ve compiled a list of Weed Firm: RePlanted cheats, tips and tricks that can help you get high – up the leaderboards, that is.