weed from the washing machine still good

weed in the washing machine.

  • Jun 16, 2010
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  • my buds just went through the washing machine. I’ve been trying to ration out my shit lately to save some money. and no I don’t want to quit. I was planning on making my stash last another couple weeks. but whatever.

    I hate throwing weed out though.

    Should I wait for it to dry, then smoke it as I normally would. or is that not worth it?

    Should I maybe eat it. cook it up in something. I was thinking of just making some quick fire crackers. Never really cooked weed before. Never have enough to make it worth. I don’t grow. I only buy. and prices are whack usually.

    also, when eating weed. how long does it take for the effects to set in. 15-20 minutes. or is it closer to an hour?

    Thanks for the help.

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    • Jun 16, 2010
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    • Jun 16, 2010
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    • Jun 16, 2010
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  • ^ +1. sorta. my mom is a total hippie so the shit in our washer does basically nothing and probably not a single chemical in it. but the texture/consistency of the bud was fucked and it tasted really stale or something. high was slightly less but not enough to ruuin the high totally.

    what kind of container was it in?

    baked weed can take 45min-2hrs to hit me depending on how full my tummy already is and what quality/quantity of bud i put in

    • Jun 16, 2010
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  • If it was in an airtight baggie, and you can confirm that no water got in, then sure, give it a try.

    If the buds got wet, don’t try. You don’t want to be smoking the laundry chemicals.

    It’s just cannabis man, take a bit of a break and buy some when you get a bit of change going.

    • Jun 17, 2010
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  • How do you not notice that?

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    • Jun 19, 2010
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    • Jun 19, 2010
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  • Unless you’re an uber-hippy/environmentalist who washes with white vinegar and water, you’re unlikely to be able to smoke that weed.

    If you used Calico-n-Creme™ super-scented Agent Orange detergent, it may be difficult to rinse away enough of the chemicals to make it safe for cooking, but considering many people wash their weed when it’s drenched in pesticide, it might work. But if you wash with organic, no additive, no fragrance detergent I’m pretty sure you can salvage that weed for cooking. At any rate, cooking seems safest and easiest.

    As I understand it, when you wash your weed, you’ll lose a lot of the flavor and fragrance, and I think, most of the green from the chlorophyll, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for kitchen weed. So maybe check out the thread Huaca mentioned. There’s a lot of back and forth unrelated to your topic, but you might find some tips for washing. The only thing I would worry about it is drying it properly to avoid mold growth.

    When eating weed, the onset of the high can take up to 2 hours. I once waited 2.5 or 3 hours because the weed sweets were the dessert course at an 8-small course Moroccan-themed brunch. Digression: We made two different cannabis sweets: my friend made a delicate, light, crunchy, spicey (cayenne, cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, orange peel, turmeric) cookie and I made a pistachio baklava with canabutter. Pistachio and weed go together well. Mmmm. That was an incredibly fun day. 8 hours in the sun, finger-, brush-, drip-, spray-painting the extensive, broken-down fence around the yard. Lots of musicians, so live deranged music all day. Just trying to inspire you for when your salvaged, edible weed will be consumed.

    I’m guessing you’ve eaten it before but just in case, the high is more intense, lasts longer (6-8 hours sometimes) and it guarantees lovely sleep. Once you experiment a little with dosages, you can find a dose that doesn’t get you super-high (unless that’s your goal), and that lasts about 2-3 hours.

    thread digression: cooking suggestion

    I don’t know how much weed you have. If it’s a fair amount, you may want to make clarified butter, then throw the weed into that and extract the THC. You will be left with a large chunk of clarified canabutter, which if you’ve prepared it correctly will last you for up to a couple of years. (The critical part is making sure to remove ALL milk solids from the butter while clarifying.)

    I have a 2 year old container in the freezer that has lost some potency. (That’s not a problem with this batch since we made it so strong that a dime sized piece would give us a strong high for 2-3 hours. The first time we tried it to test for strength, we dosed very conservatively and ended up high as FUCK for about 8 hours.) But most importantly, it has not become rancid or freezer-burned. I’ve had it in there so long since it’s so strong, and because I don’t get high very often anymore… Just in case you were wondering why anyone in her right mind would leave lovely canabutter like that uneaten for so long. It’s a fair question.

    We used extremely powerful, fragrant and tasty organically-grown, outdoor Mendocino buds to achieve the potency. We wanted to make it as strong as possible in order to use it in a wider range of recipes or so that we could just swallow a tiny piece and be ready to go. Canabutter is really versatile and it’s my favorite way of preparing weed for ingestion. We usually use shake but this was a special experiment and I’m assuming that you have buds too.

    PM if you are interested in recipes or techniques.

    Hello, my buds just went through the washing machine. I've been trying to ration out my shit lately to save some money… and no I don't want to quit. I…

    Weed from the washing machine still good

    Koala Koolio said:
    there should be a 3 month waiting period between registration and posting.

    Every empty bowl must be filled, and a full bowl must always be emptied.

    When the stress burns my brain it’s like acid raindrops
    maryjane is the only thing that makes the pain stop

    Heh, actually, that’s happened to me a few times
    The worst that can happen is it will get you high and leave you with a sore throat from hell

    “That’s why you get in close to them, and then take the picture!! Don’t be a pussy!”

    a few hours after i posted that question, i came home from my classes to nicely dried buds. just then my neighbors a’rat-a-tat-tatted on my door. “hey what’s up?” “yo” “you wanna smoke a g-bong?” “fuck yeah”

    so we hit it with the laundry weed – it wasn’t bad, and i didn’t even notice a diminished potency. although that is prolly because i was taking whole bowls to my face at a time.

    my mom happened to call when i got home, and i asked her about it all (she is really cool). she goes “we did that a lot in college. i was in school in the sixties, we were buzzed up everyday”

    plus, after much thought. 4oz of detergent to the 15 gallons of water in the washing machine makes a pretty dilute liquid.

    BTW, for he who asked, “ERA particles” are like. particles from the brand name laundry detergent “Era”.

    ok guys – so it’s official. laundry weed is OK!!

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh hhmmmm. . .

    hey guys, i just ran a half quarter bag thru the fucking washing machine… i smoked the other half to my face yesterday (happy holi-daze by the way), which is probably why i did something so ass