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Buying Weed As A Tourist In Barcelona

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona are an exciting new development in weed culture in Europe. Barcelona weed clubs have become a very popular alternative for nights out in the capital of Catalonia. They’re a great spot to do work on your laptop or just shoot a few rounds of pool. But are you allowed to visit Barcelona coffees hops as a tourist?

Under Spanish law it’s perfectly legal for you to visit these weed cafes while on holiday. There is nothing in Spanish or Catalonian law to stop you. You should however educate yourself before visiting Barcelona. This isn’t Amsterdam or Colorado, there are laws you need to be aware of. Unfortunately, it’s not completely legal… yet!

We’ve included some tips on how to join a cannabis club in Barcelona below

Best Social Clubs in Barcelona

Dragon Cannabis Club

    Good location Very friendly stuff Quality products


    A cool place Best chilling place in Barcelona

Barcelona Coffeeshop

    Great club Very friendly stuff

MBC Marijuana Barcelona Club

    Relaxed atmosphere Outstanding products quality

Dragon Cannabis Club

Barcelona Coffeeshop

MBC Marijuana Barcelona Club


A cool place, Best chilling place in Barcelona

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Don’t do anything illegal

The laws on cannabis possession and use in Barcelona are relatively simple. Smoking and possession of marijuana is completely legal within the confines of your own home or within a cannabis club. As long as you aren’t smoking or in possession of cannabis in a public place, you are not breaking the law. Even as a foreign national you are within the law. So don’t do anything illegal. Illegal activities under the current law would be:

Don’t buy from a street dealer

You aren’t at home now. You don’t need to take the risk by buying weed on the street in Barcelona. Not when you have a perfectly legal alternative.

Be careful of street promoters

It’s illegal for a cannabis clubs in Barcelona to promote on the street so if you support this practice you are helping to break the law. If a cannabis club is promoting on the street then they don’t care about the law and in all honesty, they probably don’t care about the quality of their weed or the happiness of their customers. Avoid supporting these shady practices. It’s also to keep you safe. With over 300 muggings a day in Barcelona it’s best to not take the risk.

You don’t “buy” weed in Barcelona

It’s a small quirk of the system but get used to it. You can’t ‘buy’ weed in Barcelona. You can ‘get’, ‘have’, ‘try’ or ‘contribute’ to some weed – but you can’t buy it. As a member of a cannabis club you are contributing to the weed grown by the club. You are a member of a weed appreciation society and enjoying the fruits of the clubs labour. It’s not a weed store, it’s a members group. It’s a legal loop-hole and you are benefiting from it – so just ask if you can have some and don’t use the ‘b’ word. Simple.

Don’t smoke on the streets

It can be very tempting to feel like you’ve discovered the cannabis mecca when you arrive in Barcelona. The fact is you haven’t though. Much like in Amsterdam it is illegal to spark up in the streets. Unlike Amsterdam though the police in Barcelona will take great pleasure in busting you for having a fat spliff hanging from your mouth. Don’t risk the huge fines. Smoke weed in the cannabis clubs or in the privacy of someone’s home – not on the street.

Don’t have weed one you

Ok, this one is a little harder. You probably want to find a tasty weed strain and keep it on you for a later visit. No one likes to throw their weed away or only buy a single spilff every time you visit a cannabis club. It is illegal to have it on you when you are in public though so you need to be careful. I’ve seen the police search someone on a bike for riding on the pavement in Barcelona. The police here are very active and seem to be everywhere. If you are going to buy weed in Barcelona, keep it in your underwear. The police need a warrant to search under your clothes. Or just be extra careful that you don’t give the police a reason to search you when you are carrying weed.

How to join a Cannabis Club as a tourist

Ok, so you know what to watch out for, now you need to join a Cannabis club.

Best Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona for 2020

  1. Dragon Cannabis Club
  2. Barcelona Cannabis Club (BCNCC)
  3. The Plug BCN

Do your research

The Barcelona cannabis industry has become big business in recent years. A large part of this success is due to the discretion. You won’t see large advertisements or signage so finding a club is very difficult. There are a lot of Barcelona Cannabis Clubs in the city and it can be hard to find the good ones. They are allowed to register as a business online though – this doesn’t constitute promotion. So get on your favourite search engine and do your research. There are so many good options to suit almost anyone’s taste. Read reviews and find somewhere that looks good to you.

Request an Invitation Online

Nearly every club allows you to request membership online. Not many clubs have webpages so you will have to try and find them on instagram or facebook and try and send them a message. You’ll apply for an invitation from a specific member of staff and when you arrive at the cannabis club you need to ask for this person. They are inviting you to the club and they can get you membership. If you’ve got friends in Barcelona who are members of a cannabis club, they can get you membership as well. Whatever you do, don’t just turn up and ask to join. That’s not cool and will probably get you banned. If you’d like an invitation to a cannabis club, you can request an invitation through our online booking tool. Just select your date and when you’d like to arrive and you can make an appointment as early as 15 minutes before.

Once you’ve made an appointment, you’ll receive an invitation via email. This will have the clubs details such as their address, membership cost, what you need to bring to the appointment. Show your invitation to the staff on the front desk. This is your referral.

You must have Photo ID at all times

Cannabis clubs in Barcelona are responsible for their members. As a member of the club you are also a representative. Therefore they will want to know who you are and will want proof. Many will also take an extra picture of you for their records. If you do something dangerous or illegal while at the club the other members are responsible for making sure you are dealt with properly. If a club starts partaking in or endorsing risky activity, then they put themselves at risk. In recent years there have been clubs who’s founding members have been sentenced to jail-time. The laws on cannabis clubs in Barcelona are no joke. The police will prosecute if they think a club is stepping outside of the law. A good cannabis club will do the best they can to protect their other members. This means you will need proof of ID and it’s likely that you’ll have to show it every time you visit. Even if you register and are a regular, a good club will still want to see your ID. Just accept it as a quirk of the system and take pleasure in the fact you can get high legally in Barcelona.

There you have it, a simple guide to getting weed in Barcelona as a tourist. It’s not difficult, it’s not illegal and it is fun. Barcelona has some of the coolest weed coffee shops in Europe and there is no reason why you can’t get involved. Just be aware of the laws and the rules and you’ll be fine… and remember to take your ID!

What Are Your Legal Rights As A Cannabis Club Member?

It’s important to realize that so long as the cannabis club itself is operating within the parameters of the law, then you are protected as as a cannabis club member. You are also required to comply with the rules of the club in order to have legal protections as a member. As soon as you break the rules, then you’re no longer protected as a member of the club.

You have the right to consume cannabis on the premises. It is not illegal for you to consume cannabis in a private space, and a cannabis club is the perfect private, members only spot that you can do that. By consuming cannabis on the premises, you’re not in violation of any Spanish law.

You are also well within your legal rights to join a cannabis club. There is nothing illegal about becoming a member. As we mentioned earlier, there are certain compliance rules as a member (such as discretion, keeping cannabis on the premises etc) that are conditions of being a member. It is important to adhere to these.

Cannabis Social Clubs in Barcelona are an exciting new development in weed culture in Europe. Barcelona weed clubs have become a very popular alternative for nights out in the capital of Catalonia.

Get Sky High on Legal Weed in Barcelona

You heard right – coffee shops are an increasing staple of a really good Barcelona itinerary.

This begs the question: can you get legal weed in Barcelona?

The answer is a fitting… well, like, kind of, man.

Though it’s a bit of a judicial jerk around there’s no reason you shouldn’t be safe – but don’t get the munchies and go wandering for a kebab just yet!

You need to inform yourself first or you could end up in hot water.

Here’s how to stay out of trouble.

The Skinny on Legal Weed in Barcelona

The Law in Spain

In Barcelona cannabis clubs are more tolerated than in any other European country I’ve visited. Here are the facts:

  • Cultivation is legal for personal consumption (as long as plants aren’t publicly visible)
  • Transport is decriminalized
  • Consumption is legal in private
  • Public purchase, consumption, or possession is a misdemeanor punishable by fine

OK yeah, but is weed legal in Barcelona?

There is a massive confusion about Barcelona coffee shops due to gray areas about personal use, what constitutes public/private – but in the end what can be said is an exploitable legal vacuum has been created opening the doors to over 200 Barcelona cannabis clubs.

I can’t stress this enough though – weed consumption is only allowed in private. For this reason many Barcelonians seem to be affected by agoraphobia ?

If you pick up, your little package should be treated like it would be in any other city. The police won’t hesitate to make it into an issue if you’re careless.

How do Barcelona Cannabis Clubs Work?

By becoming a member of a Barcelona cannabis club you give up your growing rights to the association.

In other words, the club is in charge of growing your plants for you, your personal consumption as granted by Spanish law. This is defined as two plants per individual. All you have to do is go pick up your part of the harvest.

Are Barcelona Cannabis Clubs Legal or Not?

Coffee shops in Barcelona are a recent phenomenon and it’s not easy to state whether the law permits them or not.

What we do know is that one of the first clubs was forced to close but eventually managed to win in court and get itself back in business. Since then the number of cannabis associations has increased dramatically.

Cannabis clubs are exclusively non-profit organizations and they regularly pay their taxes. Most provide legal assistance to members getting in trouble with the police while ‘carrying home the harvest’.

Though the legality of the cannabis clubs themselves is up for debate, the odds of any one member getting into serious legal trouble are slim to none.

Barcelona Cannabis Club Prerequisites

  • You must be 18 years of age (21 in some clubs)
  • Have a valid EU passport/identity card
  • Cash for membership fees
  • An invitation from an existing member (this can be easily worked around, read on)

Getting in the Front Door at Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

As a general rule you won’t be able to get into a Barcelona weed cafe just by showing up.

A current member of the association has to ‘invite’ you to be part of the club and be your sponsor. The founder of any given association also has the power to grant membership. Befriend one of these guys and you’re in!

Subscription generally requires payment of a 10 to 20 euro annual fee. Then you’re granted the right to pick up a given amount of harvest on a daily basis. This amount varies depending on your ‘consumption declaration’ at sign up.

Every club grows different varieties of weed (starting from €6/gr.) and some even offer hashish. These plants are generally grown outdoors in authorized fields but it’s also common to find clubs that grow their plants indoors. Either way, the quality is high and miles above the oregano sold on La Rambla.

It is definitely the best weed in Barcelona.

WARNING: Some clubs have a 14 day hold on purchase which won’t do you any good on holiday. Ask first.

Weed in Barcelona – Cannabis Club Options

You never know what to expect when entering a cannabis club for the first time. It may be just one room or spread out over three floors. It could be immaculately decorated or totally rundown.

Some let you hang out, some send you straight home. Some serve alcohol, have bean bag chairs, Playstation 4’s and free tapa munchies.

There have been rumours of more ‘adventurous’ clubs offering memberships to tourists after as much as a brief Facebook message. Try and reach some clubs via social media and I’m sure you’ll have your in.

Dragon Cannabis club promises membership simply for following them on Facebook.

Did you end up getting in!? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook for more Barcelona advice!

Discover the lush legal loophole that's made Barcelona Spain's Amsterdam by the beach – and find out where where to pick up your part of the harvest.