weed in dominican republic

Marijuana and Dominican Republic

my cousins went there!

just bring it on the plane you probably won’t get into trouble. or go the ghetto

i am the same way: weed>alcohol. just take a break from herb while you are there. drink some margaritas or pina coladas and smoke some nice cigars on the beach.

dont waste your time buying weed there. the weed sucks, buying it is pretty sketchy and most of the time they will try and scam you.

when i go i just booze it up. i only miss the herb in the mornings for my hangovers but it aint that bad.

all you gotta do is have a buddy get past security before you and get to the gate. Tell him to scope shit out, and if he doesn’t see any dogs, just bring the weed right through security. If there are dogs, then leave your weed in the car. Trying to buy weed in another country, as easy as it may or may not be, has the possibility of being sketch as fuck. You never know if you are dealing with a legit dealer, a cop, or some guy trying to rip off, blackmail, or in some other way fuck with an tourist that he clearly knows has money.

PS, yeah dogs can smell the hash oil just like they can smell pot, but if you know where to find hash oil, bring that instead. It is smaller, easier to hide, and all around fucking awesome.

PPS: the peanutbutter idea is horrible, even if it would prevent dogs from smelling it, both your carry on and your luggage go through x ray machines, and you better believe that security will check out a random jar that they see, because they don’t know if it is peanut butter or plastic explosives. It is especially sketch on an international flight, where you have to go through customs, which does not allow you to bring food, especially open food, to other countries.

Last post script, I promise: Bring LSD if you are into that sort of thing. Tasteless and odorless, and you can put it right into your wallet. LSD on the beach has the potential to be fun as fuck.

haha ya not into that kind of thing, but thanks for the tips. I think my best bet would be to bring a pack of cigars, one cigar with hash oil dripped right down the center. I feel like it would be hard to get caught that way, especially if the cigars were ‘wrapped’ and put in my luggage and not my carry on.

nah, not a good call. Sending in a buddy as a scout first is much better, because then you can know whether or not there are dogs past security. If you did it your way, there would be no telling whether or not there are dogs that will sniff your luggage. Once you get whatever you are bringing past security, you can just put it in your pocket.

As a matter of fact, even if you didn’t send a friend to scope out the situation, your best bet is still carrying it with you on the plane, because I have never seen a dog in the airport, but I know that they are there, and it is much easier to have them sniff every luggage bag than every person that makes it past security, so I would be willing to bet that there are dogs past where you check your luggage. The only thing that you MUST do if you plan on bringing some hash oil with you is to make sure that the cap of the little vial of hash oil is NOT metal. if it is plastic, put that shit in your belly button with a bandaid and you are set. If it is metal, then put the oil into cigarettes.

And I lied, there is one other thing that you MUST do: make fucking sure that before you go through the metal detectors you have removed any metal that will set it off. If your belt or phone sets it off, you are gunna get searched, and you are fucked.

1.-have anything illicit on your body, not your carryon and NOT your luggage (a tiny ass vial of hash oil will look sketch as fuck on an x-ray).
2.- don’t have anything in your bag that customs won’t allow through (open food, and other stuff like that), or you may get searched
3.-Don’t have any metal on your illicit substance, or you may get searched
4.- don’t have any metal on yourself when you go through the detector, or you WILL get searched
5.- If you do get through security, and then you happen to see a dog walking around, calmly go to the nearest bathroom and ingest your hash oil and have a fantastic flight
6.- last and MOST IMPORTANT: assuming you get your product to your hotel without any problems, don’t smoke it anywhere stupid where you will get caught, foreign jail would suck.

Hey guys, goin to dominican in a few days and I would really enjoy smoking weed and going on the beach since for me mary jane > alcohol. I’ve heard it’s