weed strains that make you laugh

Weed strains that will make you laugh

If you smoke marijuana than you know that it can send you into a fit of uncontrollable giggles, energize you, sedate you, and even make you hungry. The thing is that not all weed strains are created equally, so the majority of those listed side effects are not exactly consistent across various cannabis products. Laughter is based on the social aspect of conversation and is very rarely induced by something funny. Scientists and researchers firmly believe that humans laughing predates any other form of language that we are aware of. It is a happy sensation that triggers the release of chemicals that stimulate the brain. Though we seem to know a lot about why laughter might exist (as an ancient form of communication), we aren’t sure why some marijuana strains are more likely to induce a fit of giggles instead of a slumber. So far there are a few theories that are believed to impact how different weed strains will interact with an individual.


Increased blood flow
When a person consumes marijuana, it will increase the blood flow to the left temporal and right frontal portions of the user’s brain. Those same areas are thought to be responsible for laughter though the correlation is still highly misunderstood.

Mood Boost
Every human being is equipped with an endocannabinoid system that will interact and process cannabinoids that are introduced to the body. That system is responsible for communicating with and processing the cannabinoids that our bodies naturally produce to elevate and regulate our mood by releasing chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. Consuming marijuana will have that same effect as it interacts with the brain to make you feel good.

The human brain utilizes mirror neurons which are the transmitters that are responsible for our uncontrollable mimicking behaviours. They are the reason why when someone laughs or yawns we can’t help but do the very same thing. Even if you don’t succumb to a smile or a yawn, the mere act of watching someone else go through such a satisfying experience is enough to make anyone who watches feel a similar sensation as they would have had the completed the act themselves.

10 Weed strains that will make you giggle

While every person’s experience with a particular weed strain may be different from the next, these top ten strains for laughter have been selected for their well established ability to make you feel euphoric and happy.

1. Kali Dog
This Sativa dominant hybrid is a cross between SourDiesel and OG Kush with a perfect hint of Indica that provides the most uplifting effects. It contains a taste and aroma that is citrus and is often comparedto lemon.

THC content: 23%
Flowering Cycle: 7-9 weeks
Average Yield: 1-3 ounces per square foot

2. Laughing Buddha
The name Laughing Buddha says it all. This strain is a High Times Cannabis Cup champion from the 2003 pure Sativa line up. It’s a cross between Jamaica and Thai weed strains which resulted in a happy uplifting and even energetic boosted feeling after consumption. If you like the traditional pungent smell of weed than this one is for you with a tiny hint of spice taste.

THC content: 20%
Flowering Cycle: 10-12 weeks
Average Yield: 1-3 ounces per square foot

3. Pineapple Kush
PK is a combination of Pineapple and Master Kush which are both pure Indica weed strains. The dense and highly flavored buds make for an incredible experience that tastes just like pineapple and provides a lighter more cerebral high.

THC content: 14%
Flowering Cycle: 10-12 weeks
Average Yield: 1-3 ounces per square foot

4. Black Diamond
This indica dominant strain provides a soothing feeling of relaxation that is perfect for when there’s work to do as it keeps your head clear. Its smell is berry, and its aroma is that of caramel and blackberry which was passed down from both of its parent weed strains DiamondOG and Blackberry.

THC content: 24%
Flowering Cycle: 7-9 weeks
Average Yield: 1-2 ounces per square foot

5. Chemdawg
Chemdawg is used by many famous artists and musicians for its unique and uplifting effects that help to stimulate creativity. This even 50/50 hybrid is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Dieselwhich are two other laugh-inducing strains. The taste and aroma is a light earthy and piney profile.

THC content: 19%
Flowering Cycle: 7-9 weeks
Average Yield: 3-5 ounces per square foot

6. OG Kush
OGK is another even hybrid that comes from NorthernCalifornia and Hindu Kush being combined. It’s one with a more complicated terpene profile that includes spice, skunk, and diesel fuel that is enjoyable. Using OGKwill create a more body based sensation that is easy to manage regardless of your experience level.

THC content: 20%
Flowering Cycle: 7-9 weeks
Average Yield: 1-3 ounces per square foot

7. Church OG
This pure Indica will make you tingle all over as it relaxes and soothes while also providing a boost of energy leaving you feeling chill and happy. The flavor is an herbal and earthly base with a hint of mint or pine.

THC content: 19%
Flowering Cycle: 10-12 weeks
Average Yield: 2-4 ounces per square foot

8. Blue Diesel
BLD is an Indica dominant hybrid weed strain that is a cross between Blue Dieseland NYC Diesel. This one provides a long lasting and uplifting high that is known to make users laugh uncontrollably without any sedative sensations to bring you down. The taste and aroma is a deep rich berry flavor with a hint of diesel fuel.

THC content: 22%
Flowering Cycle: 7-9 weeks
Average Yield: 4-6 ounces per square foot

9. Euphoria
Euphoria was created in 2000 from combining Skunk strains that resulted in a strain that smells incredibly sweet compared to its parents. Its aroma and flavor are described as pine, sweet, and woody.

THC content: 23%
Flowering Cycle: 7-9 weeks
Average Yield: 1-3 ounces per square foot

10. Sour Diesel
SD is a stimulating Sativa dominant marijuana strain that helped it to reach such a legendary status among both recreational and medicinal users. It tastes like a traditional pungent skunk but smells more earthy and provides a cerebral based high that is euphoric, energetic, and uplifting which is perfect for getting into just the right mood to laugh a night away.

THC content: 20%
Flowering Cycle: 10-12 weeks
Average Yield: 1-3 ounces per square foot

If you smoke marijuana than you know that it can send you into a fit of uncontrollable giggles, energize you, sedate you, and even make you hungry.

Best 4/20 Strains For Laughing, Having Sex, and the Munchies

4/20 is recognised by almost all weed smokers, but the origins of these numbers are far from common knowledge. Let’s dive a little deeper into the true meaning of 4/20 before we explore the very best strains to smoke on this special day.

The month of April has arrived, which signals a time of significance for stoners all around the world, because it means 4/20 is closing in! As many will know, 4:20 on April 20th is cannabis o’clock, and time to light up. But 4/20 is also a highly regarded date that marks the annual celebration of all things cannabis. Every year, cannabis lovers from many nations join together in large cities such as London, Vancouver, Denver, and Amsterdam to smoke cannabis (legally or illegally, depending on location) as an act of mass appreciation for the herb. To mark the celebration, Royal Queen Seeds is offering a massive 20% discount over a 4 day period, to celebrate these special numbers. Take advantage of this promotion and procure yourself some high quality cannabis seeds, paraphernalia, and merchandise.


4/20 is a combination of numbers that is shrouded in mystery. There are many different claims that have evolved over time attempting to explain what exactly these numbers mean. Some state it’s a covert police dispatch code that signifies people breaking the law by consuming cannabis. Others stake a more scientific claim, explaining that it’s the number of chemicals within the plant.

The truth is, the origins are a lot more simple and humble than this. It turns out this worldwide phenomena comes from a select group of high school students from San Rafael High School, California, who decided that 4:20pm would be the time they would meet up after class and attempt to locate a rumoured cannabis plantation around the area of Point Reyes Peninsula. Although their efforts did not succeed, the group of young men decided to keep these numbers and use them as a group code word when referring to all things weed.

But how did this random group of guys manage to catapult these numbers onto the world cannabis stage? Well, they stumbled upon a rather large platform. The group, who labelled themselves “The Waldos”, ended up forming a friendship with the legendary American rock band Grateful Dead. The band eventually adopted the numbers, even using them in promotional flyers as concert times and dates. This led a small group phrase to evolve into one recognised by practically every cannabis user on Earth.

Knowing the correct history of 4/20 adds even more meaning to an already unique day. Now it’s time to review some of the best cannabis strains available to enjoy on the day.


4/20 isn’t just another day of smoking. It’s basically an annual holiday dedicated to weed, therefore it only makes sense to smoke the best you can find, and to smoke with a purpose. All of these strains will get you baked, but each of them have their own unique qualities that will allow you to enjoy the day’s activities.


Sour Diesel is famous for igniting cases of the giggles, which is ideal for such a large celebration. Sparking up this sativa-dominant strain at the biggest 4/20 event you can access will instantly land you in a great mood. It will make you extra sociable, chatty, willing to meet new people, and most of all, it will make you laugh. It’s as though Sour Diesel places a new lens over your eyes that makes almost everything appear bright, fun, and more humorous. The 30% indica genetics eventually allow this long-lasting high to taper off into a chilled body stone. This means it’s either time to go home or smoke more! THC levels of 19% make for instant highs, be sure to share this one around the event to initiate as many good moods as possible. A strain with vibes this good was only made possible by crossbreeding parent strains Original Diesel, Northern Lights, Shiva, and Hawaiian. Along with this giggly high come nice flavours of herbs and sourness.

If you enjoy this strain on 4/20, then consider growing your own stash at home. You won’t be disappointed in the yields. When grown indoors, Sour Diesel puts out great yields of 475–525g/m², grows to heights of up to 160cm, and has a flowering time of 10–11 weeks. Outdoor plants provide large yields maxing out at 600g per plant, grow to soaring heights of 200cm, and will be ready to smoke up in late October.

April has arrived, which means 4/20 is fast approaching. Stock up on these 5 strains for the day to enhance everything from mood and sex to appetite.