what does a dime bag of weed weigh

how much does a dime of weed weigh?

one of my friends uncles is a hippi who used to smoke and he says a good dime back then weighed 0.8 so im wondering what the difference in prices is for potheads now a days. So what does a dime, dub, eighth, half and ounce weigh now a days ?? just curious

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Back ‘then” a dime bag was bought for $10. It weighed whatever your ‘dealer’ could get away with. A good dealer would compensate for the stems.

A ‘doob’ is short for a doobie, a hand rolled cigarette filled with evil maryjane. If anyone took the time to weigh it, they were an idiot.

It used to be ya bought an ounce. When those idiots (not the idiots that weighed their doobies, but the idiots who wanted to exploit this herb for profit) decided to start giving weed fancy names, the smart ‘bros’ who sold it to ya figured they could charge ya like you were buying a pair of Calvin Klein’s, and since a twenty could go only so far, they started selling it by the 1/2oz and 1/8 oz. Regarding weights of 1/2 and 1 oz., one thing that has occurred since the twenties is the warming of the earth. This has led to slightly drier conditions overall, so an ounce today actually weighs less than an ounce did back in the day of reefer madness. This has caused severe problems with the smuggling trade, particularly in Mexico and South America, as often times old weed is mixed in with fresher weed, and although the pilots flying the planes think they are carrying, say 1000 pounds, in fact they are carrying a higher weight due to the added weight of so many old ounces mixed in with the new, and has led to several crashes of unknowingly overloaded planes.

A dime is worth $10, and should be 1 gram, an eigth is $30, and should be 3.5-4 grams, a half is anywhere from $80-$120 depending on strain, and quality, an oz ranges from $170-$240 depending on strain and quality.

It depends on the quality of the weed. If its mid grade weed, it should be anywhere between 1.3 grams to 1.7 grams. Not everyone makes their bags the same size, some people sell big dimes, some people sell small dimes

Should be one gram or higher (possibly 1.5) depending on how generous your dealer is. A dub or a “20” is 2 grams.

If he’s giving you 0.8 for $10 you’re probably getting skimped, depedning on where you live and how abundant it is there, your age, the quality & strain of the bud, etc.

one of my friends uncles is a hippi who used to smoke and he says a good dime back then weighed 0.8 so im wondering what the difference in prices is for potheads now a days. So what does a dime, dub, eighth, half and ounce weigh now a days ?? just curious

What does a dime bag of weed weigh

Newbies to the budding world of legal weed (or those who have only purchased pot from a dispensary) might not be familiar with cannabis slang from yesteryear. But that’s why you’ve got your pals at MERRY JANE to bloom your brain and melt your mind with some 101 endo education.

This week, we’ve got another lesson in sensi-semantics for ya. In the past, we’ve defined such THC terms like a “zip” and “dub” — in case you forgot, they’re other units of marijuana measurement — and now we’re back for another hot lesson in weed words. This time, what is a “dime” of weed, and how much bud is that, exactly?

You won’t find a dime of weed in a pot shop, but you might find it on the black market. If it were 1999, a dime would be common. Yes, in Giuliani-era NYC, for example, street dealers would sell dimes left and right. Hell, your bodega guy might even have pre-packaged dimes of weed hidden behind the counter — perfect for when you show up wasted and want to cop a sandwich and secure yourself a little nightcap nug.

Today, however, a dime is less common. In 2019, few underground dealers will deliver you weed for less than a $60 order (typically at least an eighth of pot, especially if you’re in a state with prohibition laws on the books). But for the sake of this history lesson, let’s pretend dimes are still regularly pushed from your friendly neighborhood dealer.

What Does a Dime of Weed Mean?

Basically, a dime of weed — also called a “dimebag” — is $10 worth of pot. Dime is code for 10 as a dime in US currency is equivalent to 10 cents. (Did we blow your mind with that hard knowledge?)

How Much Pot Is in a Dime of Weed?

The amount of pot you can get in a dime of weed varies from place to place, and from dispensary to dealer. To understand if you’re scoring a deal or getting ripped off, you need to get comfortable with the metric system.

US dispensaries (and the rest of the free world) operate in terms of ounces and grams. One ounce is quite a bit of bud and is equal to 28 grams. OK, technically you can buy pot by the pound, but that’s a whole lot of herb.

On average, a dime of weed, dimebag, or ten bag is equal to about half a gram of pot, which equates to about two average-sized joints (or two large spliffs). However, the overall amount you get from your dime depends on several factors.

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Supply and demand is the basis of any product cost. In the US, the most significant factor that determines the price of pot is legalization. States with legal dispensaries offer more supply, and thus costs tend to be lower. So if you’re in a state with legal marijuana, you’ll probably see a little more in your “dime of weed” than if you were in a state where marijuana is not legalized.

If you are purchasing legally, the next thing to consider is taxes. Different states tax marijuana at different rates. If you’re in a high tax state, you’ll likely see less in your dime (bummer). Typically, if you’re closer to where your cannabis is grown, you’ll see more weed in your dimebag.

A “dime of weed” is half of a gram of weed (Photo by Tolula)


Dispensaries carry high-quality bud that is grown, transported, stored, and sold, according to strict guidelines. These businesses also make sure the herb is pure and can classify strains based on their THC level. Indoor grown weed is pricier than outdoor or sungrown cannabis, due to production costs like electricity, water, and other factors related to licensing. With higher quality, comes higher cost, which translates to less pot in your dime of weed. Still, though, if you go to a dispensary and only drop 10 bucks, the budtender is likely going to roll his eyes at you…

Time of year

Most outdoor farms have their harvest season in the early fall. If you time your purchasing right, you can take advantage of the influx of new herb and get a little extra in your dime. Additionally, the more you buy, the lower the cost per unit. Just like Costco, buying in bulk gives you the best deal in the long run (just make sure you store all of your weed correctly for later use).

A dime of weed is $10 worth of marijuana. That will get you different amounts of pot based on things like quality and location. But good luck finding anyone who sells dime bags in the black market anymore. Even the dealers who still slang weed in plastic cubes are likely pushing at least a dub, if not more. The more you know!

Today, we’ve got another lesson in sinsemilla semantics for you. What exactly is a "dimebag," and who even sells them anymore?