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To put that into perspective, indoor lighting is about 100 lux, while a bright, sunny day can hit 50,000 lux or more.

We lived in a tiny trailer that my mother had bought back in 1969, a trailer without running water or indoor plumbing.

Yet despite the increased risks, use of indoor tanning beds among teenagers remains widespread.

Harry, met about 25 wounded soldiers hoping to compete in the wheelchair rugby, cycling and indoor rowing events.

Harvesting is continual and despite the cold local winters at headquarters, the food stays warm in the indoor fields.

There should be some indoor way of getting into the cellar, as by a stairway from the building above it.

When indoor work becomes irksome go out of doors, try a walk.

Besides, his muscles and above all his hands were pitifully soft after an indoor winter and his fortnight of vegetating.

There was more bathing because private homes in towns now had indoor baths.

He himself had been in Mr. Knopf’s employ over fifteen years, and was his only indoor servant.

Indoor definition, occurring, used, etc., in a house or building, rather than out of doors: indoor games. See more.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor weed?

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What is the difference between indoor and outdoor weed? This post is all about the difference between indoor and outdoor weed strains; many people have doubts when it comes to their first indoor or outdoor grow set-up.

Nowadays there are many strains that are designed to be grown indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses. These strains have also been adapted to various different climates so that they can be grown practically anywhere in the world. That’s why picking the right strain can be quite an issue sometimes.

The origins of indoor and outdoor cannabis

Cannabis plants are thought to have originated in Asia and have grown naturally outdoors for hundreds and hundreds of years, like any other natural outdoor plant.

Once humankind began to discover their medicinal and recreational properties, they began to differentiate between plants used for fiber and food, and plants used for their psychoactive effect. The latter was used during various spiritual rituals and ceremonies.

Centuries later indoor vs outdoor growing was born, as people began to experiment with cannabis plants grown in an artificial environment.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor weed? | First indoor grows

After the first indoor grows were tried out, they discovered that sativa strains are quite hard to control in as far as size until the very end of the process. This is due to how tall they grow, growing upwards all through the flowering period which can last forever, although they are quite resistant to high humidity.

Indica strains used in these tests, however, were found to be much easier to control when it came to their size. They were discovered to have a slower growth while also having a much shorter flowering period. The only issue is that they’re not that resistant to humidity and fungi; genetically, they are prepared to deal with high temperatures but not rainy climates.

After these first few tests, a long adaptation process took place through which new hybrids were being created left right and center. These hybrids were designed to be capable of dealing with indoor growing conditions, while also growing perfectly well and producing quality yields similar to outdoor settings, keeping in mind that they can also be grown outdoors.

These types of modern cannabis strains were obtained after crossing sativa and indica strains. This resulted in plants that combine the best characteristics of both parent strains (hybrids).

Cannabis growing nowadays

Nowadays, you can grow cannabis in practically any part of the world, both indoors and outdoors. This is thanks to the amount of work put into adapting and domesticating cannabis hybrids, which is a process that took a very long time.

This allows us to choose specific strains that have specific characteristics that fit perfectly with your indoor grow area or needs. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can only grow that strain in the recommended environment – these recommendations are simply there to help you get the best results possible, but sturdy hybrid plants can grow anywhere.

So, this means that if you get your hands on some good cannabis seeds that are meant to be grown in a specific setting, don’t worry! You can grow them pretty much anywhere you want. We highly recommend growing cannabis strains that have been designed for your particular climate or indoor set up if you want to get the best possible results.

Difference between indoor and outdoor weed

The main difference between indoor and outdoor weed is the type of growth that the plant shows, the capacity to adapt to different climates and the capacity to withstand weather issues, especially when it comes to outdoor plants.

Thanks to research efforts made, plant modification and the amount of information that’s easily available when it comes to cannabis strains, you can grow any outdoor strain indoors, and any indoor strain outdoors, obtaining amazing results all the same. Obviously, the more experience the grower has, the better the results that your plants will provide.

When it comes to picking a strain to grow either indoors or outdoors, you’ll need to keep in mind your current climate. You’ll also need to thinj about whether you plan on growing either indoors or outdoors, allowing for efficient and more effective results.


After having written this article, I’ve reached the conclusion that indoor and outdoor cannabis plants don’t really exist; various growing techniques exists that can be better or worse for certain strains, designed for indoors or outdoors.

Find out everything you need to know about the difference between indoor and outdoor weed, from evolution to human intervention. Keep reading!