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What is Weed Trim and What Can You Do With it? 420 Guide

Nov 4, 2019 · 3 min read

What does Trim mean?

To trim marijuana or cannabis plants is to cut or prune the plant in a way that produces more blooms and desirable crystals. The whole idea behind trimming a cannabis plant is to maximize the THC-producing parts of the plant and reduce the leaf or stem production.

Almost all marijuana is trimmed to some extent. Some varieties are naturally more compact, but others tend to want to grow leggier (branch out) and will need to be trimmed in order to control their growth.

Additionally, when the grower is ready to harvest, normally just after white hairs on the buds begin to turn red, the plants are carefully trimmed and extra branches removed.

It refers to the removal of excess leaves from the marijuana buds either before or after drying them. Removing the extra leaf matter will significantly improve t se bud’s smoothness when smoking. Growers prefer to extract the trimmed leaves separately so that they don’t waste on any of the compounds. The leaves however have a much less THC concentration as compared to the real bud. Whether you use your hands or an automatic trimmer, proper trimming is vital to ensure the bud cures correctly for the optimal potency of the resulting trichomes.

Weed Trim is not the Same as Shake
Note that when I say trim, I am not referring to shake, which is made up of loose leaves, stems, kief and broken up bits of buds that fall off the larger nugs in your stash. Unlike trim, shake is high in THC and can be smoked (it’s been a lifesaver when I’ve been running low for sure). Trim only contains trace amounts of THC and you’re not likely to throw it in a blunt wrap. So, what can you use trim for?

Make Some Hash!
One of the most common uses for weed trim is making it into hash. Using trim to make hash is one of the oldest methods for making hash. The extraction process is similar to the decarboxylation process you go through before cooking with cannabis. Take a silk screen and place a sheet of wax paper underneath it. Rub your trim on the screen over the wax paper, collecting all the kief crystals as you go. Scrape them all together and use your pollen press to press your kief into hash!

Take Your Tea Time
The trimmings from your plant after harvest can also be used to make some teas that will allow you to enjoy the dietary benefits of cannabis.

The levels of psycho-activity produced through teas has been debated.

And this method of using marijuana isn’t the most effective if you want to get a buzz

Still, don’t discount using the trim of your plant for cannabis teas, as you’ll still get the CBD benefits.

Cannabis has been proven to be beneficial for the skin, with various scientific studies pointing to the anti-inflammatory properties of THC and CBD when administered topically, which could be useful for the treatment of some skin diseases.

Antibacterial effect: Acid cannabinoids D9-THC, CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG are great antifungal and antibiotic agents.

Remedy for psoriasis: psoriasis is an inflammatory disease largely characterized by the abnormal production of keratinocytes, which D9-THCa, CBN and CBD are able to inhibit.

Now, a great way of using your cannabis trim is making creams for skin care, both aesthetic and therapeutic. There are various recipes you can use, ranging from the poultices used in Ayurveda as a remedy for several ailments to more sophisticated creams for skin irritation or psoriasis. Find here how to make your own cannabis cream.

Cannabis Milk
THC will bond with any fatty substance. That’s why cannabutter is so widely used to make edibles. Unsurprisingly, butter’s cousin milk is just as good at taking in those fantastic chemicals. Specifically, whole milk is going to be better for this than low-fat milks. Try adding heavy whipping cream to the mix, and you’ll get something that bonds extremely well.

Are you ready to grow cannabis? For beginners, you can choose a complete grow tent kits, it is easy to install, contains cannabis grow tent and grow lights and some other tools you will need for growing cannabis, the cannabis grow kits can save your money and time.

To trim marijuana or cannabis plants is to cut or prune the plant in a way that produces more blooms and desirable crystals. The whole idea behind trimming a cannabis plant is to maximize the…

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Dear Stoner: What’s the Difference Between Shake and Trim?

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Dear Stoner: What’s the difference between shake and trim?

Dear Sandy: The big difference is that shake is the stuff that falls off nugs to the bottoms of bags, jars and other containers, while trim is a collection of pot leaves that have trichomes on them. Although I’m not the biggest fan of shake — much of it can still be leaves that were never trimmed off the flower — at least it contains some crushed buds and calyxes worth smoking. Unfortunately for consumers, many shops fail to respect the difference between the two or educate their customers about it, as many of the pre-rolls and “shake specials” on dispensary shelves are just shredded sugar leaves. Yeah, smoking a lot of trim will get you high, but it’ll also burn your throat and muck up your lungs much more than nugs or shake ever would. If you’re going to buy a pre-roll or shake from a dispensary or street dealer, ask to see how much leaf is in there.
Dear Stoner: What are some good dispensaries in Denver for someone who’s very picky? I’ll pay for quality. Thanks!

Dear Drew: There are more than enough pot shops in Denver to satisfy even the highest stoner standards, but I understand your hesitation to blindly walk into the first one you see, since that can quickly turn into an expensive lesson on how not to grow and cure pot. There are over 200 dispensaries in the city (more if you count the metro area), and the quality and price can vary greatly from place to place. But if you know what part of town you’re in and are willing to spend the extra cash, finding some connoisseur-level herb should be pretty easy.

Our Stoner describes the difference between shake and trim.