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Kratom Seed Pod Florida Grown

Kratom Seed Pod Florida Grown

Fresh ripe Kratom seed pods are taken from 6 – 10 year old kratom trees organically grown in North America.

Kratom Seed Pod Organically Florida Grown

Fresh ripe Kratom seed pods are taken from 6 – 10 year old kratom trees organically grown in North America. As growers, we have acclimated these magnificent kratom trees to the gulf region of the United States. Growing instructions and support are included for those in all environments. As a reference tool to show as it shows the different parts of the seed pods. Here is a link to our American kratom seed pod dissection.

How many seeds come with my order?

There are hundreds to thousands of kratom seeds per individual kratom seed pod. This is a important distinction as many new growers are confused and assume the entire pod is one seed. As a reference tool to show as it shows the different parts of kratom seed. Here is a link to our American kratom seed pod dissection.

How viable are the kratom seed pods?

Just like any other seed pod with a high number of seeds included in its pods. Kratom seed has a smaller viability rate. This is due to how the trees are grown in nature and the trees genetics. The idea is that more seed the more possible plants. Our seed pods get around 15 sprouts per 1/4 of a single seed pod at their most viable state.

How to sprout Seed Pods! And answering commonly asked questions!

If this is your first time growing from seed pods our team recommends you spend a few minuets to watch this educational video. These seed pods were planted in March 2019 – June 2019 kept outdoors in very hot and humid conditions while being covered in clear plastic wrap.

How do you collect Kratom Seed Pods?

Kratrom trees take many years to mature. Because of this they can be quite tall making them hard to reach and pick seed pods directly off a tree. A single kratom tree can grow to over two hundred feet tall. This particular tree below is 25 ft tall. It wasn’t to quick before using a ladder alone would not be enough. We then cut the seed pods directly off the tree.

Our dedicated team have had to make choices on the most efficient and effective way to bring them down. A big factor that plays out over time is how we grow the trees. If we top our taller trees they will start to bush out more near the bottom. A good portion of the seed pod development happens at the top of a tree. We have built a Kratom Seed Pod collector as a solution. This collector is built our of PVC with a comb attached to the end. The pods then fall down to our collection bin at the end of the tubing.

How are kratom seed pod fertilized?

Kratom seed pods from the nursery are confirmed to have at least 60% fertilization. One can assess this by the projections (pods) erupting from the circular flower bulb. These continue to grow until they are mature. Once kratom seed pods are ready to release seed, the seed pod husk bursts open. Kratom seed are quite small and light. The seed will blow all over out of the kratom trees that start to grow once they are one the ground and the ground is moist.

Bees and other insects are attracted to the pungent sweet smell of the kratom seed pods as they develop on the kratom trees. For that reason bees rub themselves on the stems of the exposed seed pods as they travel around the seed pod collecting the pollen in their fur as they go. While they travel from kratom tree to kratom tree the collected pollen rubs off onto the other seed pods that the bees land on. As a result this fertilizes the kratom seed pods.

Are you able to hand fertilize seed pods?

On the other hand, each seed pods is to hand fertilize by staff. As well, a staff member will climb up on the ladder and grab what ever seed pods are close and rub them against each other. Turning them and spinning them in our hands to get the maximum effect. This ensures the viability of the seed pod.

How To Tell A Fertile Kratom Seed Pod?

Each seed pod have very distinct difference between a fertile seed pod and a inftertile pod. Fertile kratom seed pods will be plump in contrast to infertile pod that are smooth and round. For that reason, make sure to be careful if you want a full pod to stay intact as they break apart from the center very easily. Most notably, this video shows every stage of a kratom seed pod.

What do infertile kratom seed pods look like?

Lastly, a infertile seed pods are completely round and are very very tiny. They will almost look like a honeycomb in a ball. Infertile kratom seed pods are very soft and will roll around in the hand. In contrast, there is not much that can be done with these pods. Here is a short video to show you what they look like.

What are the different stages of seed pod development?

How do I sow kratom seed pods? What soil should I use?

Thankfully, kratom do not require any particular type of soil to grow. Your average potting soil will be fine. When you go to lay your seed, crush up the seed pods in your hand. The seed will break away easily. Sprinkle the seed on your container.

NFC Project – Help Document US Kratom (Free NFC)

The NFC Project – Our goal is to merge tech with kratom to document every single aspect of these amazing trees. We are happy to announce our kratom documentation program the “NFC Project”. This projects is a step forward in providing kratom growing information to a entire community.

On the #kratomAPP Kratom Watchdog we are working to document our kratom nursery. We upload every single interaction from our staff has with our American kratom nursery. Tracking how much & how often we water or fertilize. As well as recording up to the minute weather conditions using weather API’s. When working with the nursery, staff will also take photos or video with the plants. Collected information is uploaded to the corresponding trees specific profile page on the Kratom Watchdog app. Organic American Kratom Leaf is available here for purchase.

3D Drone Mapping American Kratom Nursery’s

Taking to the sky! Utilizing drones to document American kratom nursery’s from a different angle. We are using the drones to 3D map our kratom nursery. Applying these 3D models into our Kratom Video Game for the Kratom Watchdog app. Our goal is to map out our entire nursery and insert the nursery into the game world for users to interact with these trees. We will also be creating and implementing drone swarming API’s to film and record multiple trees using multiple drones at the same time.

We will be opening up our tools and software to allow other nurseries and growers to map out their kratom nursery. Interested in having us out to document your nursery? Contact us at [email protected] or contact us on the Kratom Watchdog app.

The #KratomAPP

Join us on our #kratomAPP on KratomWatchDog We are a Kratom social network built from the ground up by one of the founding member of the non-profit American Kratom Association (AKA). A booming social community with a focus on kratom advocacy. You can also find us on our Facebook Group Kratom The Tree or email us at [email protected] We are more than happy to talk with you anytime, and share our experience. Organic American Kratom Leaf is available here for purchase.

Pink Vein, Red Vein

Inventory, Picked to Ship

Are the cuttings Organic?

The mature trees are very resistant to pests, and as a result haven’t required the application of any chemicals. The trees are fertilized with a fish emulsion every 3 – 4 months

How are cuttings packaged

The cutting is shipped inside of a soda container that has been split in half. This method is effective at preventing shipping damage

Do you guarantee arrival

Yes! Every plant order is backed up with a reship guarantee. We also take a picture of your plant or cutting before shipping, and email it to you!

How long does Kratom take to root

It can take up to 3 – 4 weeks, even in optimal conditions

How often do you ship the cuttings

We ship M – W for our cuttings and plant selection. We want to ensure that your plant doesn’t sit around without you.

Do you apply rooting hormone to unrooted cuttings

Francisco (verified owner) – July 18, 2019 :

Love the site and app they are really bringing the kratom community together here in AMERICA. which is amazing. Looking forward to receiving my fresh seeds. The customer service is amazing they responded quickly and answered my question looking forward to continuing to do business with your company.

Kratom Seed Pods. Germinate FRESH Organic American Kratom Seed Pods that were grown and acclimated in the United States of America.

Where To Buy Kratom Seeds And Plant To Grow Your Own Tree

Last Updated: April 17, 2020

IF you are Looking to Buy kratom Seeds online then you must read the article. Southeast Asia is the region responsible for the growth of these high-quality kratom seeds as this species grows there, this area is special for its moist earth so this type of soil is best for the kratom tree to grow.

What a kratom tree look like? It is a tall tree standing straight and can grow to the height of huge 30 meters.opposite to its size it can produce a small delicate seed approximately the size of a flake and this is all it needs to produce such tall trees but fertile soil is also a condition for its sturdy growth, they are normally grown in pod heads. the seeds of the kratom trees are easy to sprout but its germination rate is quite low.

The Golden Monk to buy kratom seeds

Table of Contents

The Golden Monk is the site that will let you buy kratom seeds and even a plant so you can grow your tree at your garden and home.

They have the seeds of green Malay, maeng da and red Bali kratom readily available with them.

Kratom is an exotic, evergreen green that is mainly grown in the swampy and moist regions of SE Asia. It is an extremely tall and sturdy tree that grows to a height of about 30 meters. In recent years this plant has become very popular because of its soothing, relaxing and pleasant properties on the user’s body. It has established itself as one of the most potent medical and ethnobotanical plants. Farmers can grow their plants by sowing kratom seeds.

To grow this plant, you should sow its tiny, brown seeds, cover them lightly with soil and then water gently with rain or by using a hand sprayer. In addition to this, these seeds need fertile, aerated soils for them to germinate. The crop does well at an optimum temperature of 35 degrees centigrade. These seeds will not sprout if the temperatures go below 30 degrees, but they will remain alive.

Mature kratom seeds have a germination percentage of more than 80%. Seeds meant for sowing are obtained from mature seed pods. After sowing seeds, you should ensure that the seedbed remains wet throughout to prevent seedlings from wiling or drying.

An Overview of Kratom Seeds

Most people would like to grow the kratom plants on their farms. The seeds of this plant have become one of the hottest commodities because of the high demand of kratom products. The problem with these seeds is that they don’t stay viable for a long time. For this reason, farmers should get certified seeds from reputable vendors who can shop them easily and quickly while they are still viable. Top-quality and certified seeds are highly recommended because they have a high success rate. You can get the best vendors by doing independent online research.

Growing Kratom from Seeds

Farmers who intend to grow kratom plants are advised to use fresh and certified seeds. It will be difficult for the plant to grow if the seeds used are not fresh. As mentioned earlier, these seeds need incredibly moist, fertile, and rich soil for them to sprout. Furthermore, the soil should be well-drained to discourage the growth of fungi. Crops attacked by fungi have minimum chances of germinating.

When sprouting, the young plant doesn’t direct sunlight since this might be detrimental to germination.


It has been reported that mature kratom seeds are viable. Farmers who soak these seeds in water before sowing them report that they germinate after eight days. In some places, seeds start to germinate as early as the fifth day after sowing. Certified and packed kratom seeds have a high germination percentage as compared to those obtained directly from the seed pods. Some farmers report that such seeds have a success rate of about 95%.

Does the US Climate Favor the Growth of Kratom Seeds?

The United States has different climatic conditions due to its large size. Research has found that some areas in the US are favorable for growing kratom seeds. These regions include the Gulf Coast and Florida, both of which have a tropical-like climate. Cultivating this plant has been proven to be successful.

Individuals who want to grow kratom should be well-versed with rules governing the growth of this plant. The best way of doing this is by gathering legal advice and consulting government authorities before growing this plant. Remember that some areas in the United States like Louisiana and Indiana don’t allow people to cultivate kratom. People living in regions where thy plant cat grow should consider buying its blends or powder. This might be a cost-effective solution for many people.

Best Site To buy Kratom Seeds

Many vendors sell kratom seeds. You should buy seeds from reputable vendors since they sell high quality and viable seeds. Some of the best species of kratom that you get from these vendors include Red Bali m green Malay and Maeng da kratom. The best sites that sell kratom seeds and plants include the golden monk, Shamans garden, M2seeds, Trees of Life, and works seed supply.

Let’s have a look at these vendors and the products they offer in detail.

Shamans Garden

Individuals who want kratom seeds for sale can contact Shamans Gardens, which is one of the best sellers of kratom seeds and products. Shamans gardens have an e-store that sells kratom and other exotic plants. In their stock, they have kratom pats with an average height of about 4-6” and 12-16”. Other products sold by this vendor include essential oils, dried flowers, healing products, tea, tincture, extracts, capsules aphrodisiacs, among others.


Customers who visit the e-store have a choice of selecting between two different sizes of kratom plants. The small size is about the 4-6’ while the other one is about 12-16 “.

Customer-Friendly Website

Their website is easy and simple to explore, making it a favorite option for kratom enthusiasts.

Faster Delivery

As mentioned earlier, kratom seeds remain viable for a short time. There is, therefore, a need to ship these products very fast. This vendor has a fast delivery process. The client’s orders are dispatched immediately after ordering. Orders received after 3 pm are sent the following day. Their shipments are sent via priority mail express and priority mail. These are some of the efficient, reliable services offered by FedEx and post office In the US.

Payment Methods

Some of the payment methods accepted by Shamans online store include bank transfers, MasterCard, and Facebook pay. They also offer the ultra-secure eCHECK and bitcoin.

International Delivery

This company is known for delivering its products in different parts of the world, including the United States. International customers can pay with money orders or cash in USD, or with bitcoin.

Special Offers and Discounts

Its customers are given special offers and discounts. As a customer, you should keep on visiting their official website for promotions, new products, and price reduction.

World Seed Supply

World Seed Supply sells the best live plants or herbal seeds, including kratom. Customers can visit their online site to purchase kratom plants and seeds that can easily grow at their homes.


Customer Care Services

Their website is easy to navigate. They have an efficient customer care line where customers can ask questions regarding new products and prices. Furthermore, their customer care team is known for responding promptly to customers’ queries, thereby giving them a hassle-free shopping experience.

Best Selling Kratom Species

They sell plants and seeds of the best kratom species, including Red Bali Kratom, Green Malay, and Maeng Da Kratom.

Pure Organic Products

The World Seed supply is regarded as one of the best places where you can buy certified viable kratom seeds for planting. Their products are purely from organic sources. They have also been proven to be suitable and safe for human consumption since they have few or no side effects when consumed.

Money-Back Guarantee

In addition to its excellent customer service, this vendor has a name that every person can trust. They are known for offering a one-month money-back guarantee. Customers are refunded for any unsatisfactory products purchased from their online store.

M2 Seeds

M2 seeds are one of the best choices for those people who want to buy kratom seeds for growing kratom plants at home. This is one of the best places where you can find different species of kratom, including the rare ones.


M2 Seeds have a simple website that is easy to navigate. Customers can easily access different products and order for products by visiting the main page of their website

Products Offered

This company has a good online store for selling kratom seeds. Some of the best strains of kratom that you can find in their store include;

  • Green Horn Maeng
  • Guava Malay
  • Green Malay
  • Green vein Indo
  • White Maeng Da
  • Red Maeng Da

The M2 seeds company is known for rewarding its loyal customers with lucrative offers and promotional discounts. For instance, currently, they are offering shipping for their customers on orders worth more than 25 USD.

International and National Shipment

This company has an efficient delivery system for shipping its products to international destinations and within the United States. It only takes them a week or so to ship their products anywhere within South America, Europe, and, Australia.


Their kratom seeds come in in pods of 3, 50 and 30 seeds. They have different prices for various strains. Nevertheless, all their products are affordable for customers.

Guidelines for Growing kratom

Apart from selling kratom seeds and plants, this company is known for providing free guidance to its customers on the best ways to grow kratom. Some of the instructions provided include humidity requirements, watering time, soil choices, temperature requirements, and other important information. New customers should take advantage of these benefits by purchasing kratom seeds and products from this reputable vendor.

My Trees of Life

This company has a reliable e-store that exclusively sells quality seeds to customers who want to grow kratom plants. They also offer free instructions on the best ways to kratom plants at home.

Offer Variety of Kratom Species

This website sells different strains of kratom at affordable prices to its customers. Some of the recommended strains they sell include the dense rainforest species of Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Premium Quality Strains

My trees of Life aim to empower the miraculous kratom plant and spreading its benefits in different parts of the globe. They cater to premium kratom species, having balanced alkaloid count.

Customer Satisfaction

This company is known for offering a one-month money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory products. The satisfaction of their customers is their main priority. Any customer who is not satisfied with their products can get a refund, excluding the shipment cost.

Best Selling Products

Some of the popular kratom varieties that you can find in their website include;

  • Malaysian
  • Indonesian
  • Rifat Thai
  • Bumblebee Vietnam

Basics of Growing Kratom Pants after Purchasing Viable Seeds

Kratom plant has natural stimulants and active compounds known as alkaloids. This is the main reason why you find many people taking this herb. As it was mentioned earlier, the seeds of this plant are lightweight, and they can be blown away very quickly by the wind. Freshly purchased seeds have a high germination percentage. The following are the basic steps that you need to follow once you have purchased kratom seeds;

  • Prepare the seedbed, apply organic manure and then mix it thoroughly with the soil
  • Drop the kratom seeds on the soil
  • Cover the seeds lightly with soil
  • Water the seedbed regularly for the seeds to germinate

Germinating Kratom Seeds

Perfect timing is needed to allow these seeds to germinate. Don’t expect the seeds to germinate if germination happens to fail within the first two weeks. Experts suggest that people should not plant dried seeds because they have a low germination percentage. You should, therefore, look for quality freshly prepared seeds from reliable suppliers. Else, you can opt to soak the dried seeds in water for about three days to break the seed dormancy. Farmers who want to grow kratom seeds must observe the following;

  • Purchase seeds of their favorite species of kratom from reputable vendors in large numbers because some seeds might fail to germinate.
  • Ensure that the seeds ordered are fresh. Remember that old seeds have a lower germination success as compared to the fresh ones.
  • Plant seeds on moist, fertile soil
  • Note that Kratom seeds require ample wind and sunlight to grow
  • We should apply organic fertilizers and water the soil regularly. This is the key to producing high-quality kratom trees.
  • Be patient because these plants take several months to develop
  • Ensure that the seedbed is not swampy-like since this ki9ght encourages the growth of mold and fungus that kill seedlings.

How to grow a plant by yourself:

Fresh and non-fresh seeds have viability between 10 to 20 percent. You can plant 5 to 10 seeds in each pot, we cannot give a guarantee that your seed will grow in the same place where you have put the seeds it can grow in nearby places too, they are a delicate thing so can be blown away easily by wind. There are many places where you can buy kratom seeds & Do not worry about the plantation process it has an easy three-step process:

  1. You just have to drop off the 7 to 10 seeds in the desired pot to grow kratom seeds.
  2. Now cover it with a layer of soil.
  3. And as it requires moist soil so sprinkle it with water regularly to grow quickly kratom seeds.

What is a failure in this process?

What kind of failure you have to face for kratom seeds? Perfect timing for you to expect germination is when you have planted the seeds and there has been past few days and if germination doesn’t occur in this period you should not expect it to grow then kratom seeds.

You should be cautious and never order the dried seeds because they are mostly the reason for the failure.

If you are interested in planting a kratom tree at home be careful about a few things:

  • You need to buy seeds of your choice keep your favorite strain in mind while ordering, always buy hundreds of seeds because keeping in mind the germination rate it is a possibility that few of the seeds will be helping you in growing your tree not all of them.
  • An area that is moist and fertile is the perfect spot for the kratom tree to grow.
  • When there is the weather which is rainy or cloudy choose a place where sunlight reaches the ground and plant seeds there.
  • Wind or breeze is very important for the kratom tree’s growth so choose an area that has an abundance of this.
  • Give the seed fertilizer and water these are its food and you will see a high-quality kratom tree to see.
  • You need to be patient as it takes a long time for the kratom tree to grow up fully and produce rich leaves to harvest.
Final Thoughts

Customers who want to purchase kratom plants or seeds can either buy them from their nearest shops or from reliable online vendors who sell other kratom products like capsules and powder. Anyone who wants to grow kratom from seeds should prepare the land and ensure that the plants are watered during the dry season.

New farmers should ask for growing instructions from their kratom seed suppliers. Many vendors sell these seeds. To get the best yields, customers should buy seeds from reputable vendors. Finally, those who want to grow this plant should check the local regulations and laws regarding kratom.

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