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Hi ladies I know this topic is a bit old hat but I just wondered who takes CBD oil and if it’s safe with Ibrance/letrazole combo I have asked my oncologist in the past about various supplements and… Note: We NOW feature our Tippen's Packs with Alovea Entourage instead of Pavate for a stronger IMMUNE effect! (for the SAME price) Joe Tippens, My Cancer Story Rocks, and Fenbendazole – our "Starter Pack" Looking for the updated protocol? It now includes Berberine. Fenbendazole, …

Who takes CBD with approval from onco. – SHARE Metastatic .

I’m sort of doing Joe Tippens regime which includes the oil and I’m also getting cold feet about the fembendazole as the little voice in my head tells me that he can’t possibly prove which of the supplements ‘cured’ him. if at all

I don’t want to miss out on anything of benefit in the fight against mbc but I’m so weary of things that are suggested by someone then someone else will disapprove of it and nobody seems to know for sure about anything

I’m totally bloody confused

did you know if you go on facebook and type in mycancerstory.rocks there are many people on there talking about their experiences with the protocol?

I’ve taken CBD oil since my diagnosis in March of 2018, as my oncologist at Dana Farber said it was fine. The brand I like is called SunSoil and I found that it has helped me tremendously in terms pain.

Same here. I use CBD oil from a place near Dana Farber in Boston. I had tried CBD with hemp and it was foul tasting. Get the real thing. I prefer very low THC in my CBD oil because I’ve never liked the high sensation. This dosage works well for me when I’m anxious or having trouble sleeping. My oncologist is from MA General and is ok with this.

I would not hesitate to find some CBD that suits your needs. Good luck

I do. Why not try Fenbendazole until your next Scan then see if you have improved results? If you stay on it 2-3 mos, with no improvement stop taking it. Just a thought. ❤️ ❤️

Totally understandable re being confused. Google ‘research into Fenbendazole’. Lots of evidence re anti tumour effect. Its been known for a long time. Combining it with supplements/vitamins is also reported on.

My oncologist is not keen on some of these alternative methods. Mostly because some of these people are misleading others. One man who has a following claims his cancer was cured by his method but it was actually cured by surgery. His surgery completely removed all of his cancer and he had follow up chemo and radiation to ensure it was all gone. His method has nothing to do with it. I don’t know which man it is but my oncologist told me that he knew this as he had spoken with the mans surgeon.

Anyways, I have used CBD for a year after my doctor referred me to the clinic. They were great and asked lots of questions so they could recommend the type of oil that best suits my needs. I use one with I my trace amounts of THC. Some can be high in thc and there are many kinds as they are out in different carrier oils and/or are different strains. It didn’t really make any difference in how I felt or with my cancer. Some people swear by it so give it a try.

I’m in the UK so I can only have CBD oil anyway

Seems that some ladies have had the go ahead from their oncologists so that reassured me

Mine said he was fine with using it to treat side effects. In Canada we can buy it now even without a prescription

Barb – can you get CBD oil with low THC versus hemp? I ask because I tried the hemp CBD oil first and it was positively nasty tasting. I much prefer the NETA brand available in MA.

I have used CBD for sleep with some success. I had radiosurgery on two areas of my spine today. I may try the oil for the significant ache if it doesn’t ease up tomorrow.

I ordered fenbendazole, but I’m having second thoughts. I ordered it because of 3 new lesions on my spine after starting Ibrance/exemestain in February. My onc suggested moving me to fulvestrant, but I am TERRIFIED of needles, so he agreed to stay the course until the next scan, thus the fenbendazole.

If I do have to change, I may have to find some CBD with serious levels of THC!

Barb, are they going to do the biopsy of your liver?

I’ll find out on Tuesday re biopsy but doubt at as apparently it’s deep inside the organ

I’ve got to a point recently where I don’t care anymore. like you I’m dithering over the fembendazole. it upsets my tummy a bit and I think it’s the latest ‘craze’ for cancer sufferers

I’ll carry on with CBD oil

Besides, Joe Tippens, the gent who popularized the fenben protocol, was taking Keytruda at the same time, so it’s hard to tell what really worked.

I had a really bad experience with an IV infiltrating when I was in my early 20s and I think I had a bit of PTSD about needles. I could tolerate shots when I had to have them, but was more nervous about needles than before. Right after being diagnosed with mbc I realized I would be seeing alot more needles and that it would be a good idea to “make friends” with them. I had to work really hard to do that, and most of it was just in my head! It’s really worked well for me, and I am surprised that I can even watch the needle go in now. I was on Faslodex (fulvestrant) for over 9 years, and alot of the women I’ve known who have had E + mbc have gotten alot of time from it. If there is any way for you to get past that terror, it would probably be worth it for you! I know it isn’t easy! It can help to focus on something other than the pain that the needle poke can cause. There is also a salve that reduces the discomfort —I can’t think of what it is called.

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Thank you very much for the suggestions and the understanding. I’ve got to do something. I have an appointment for hypnotherapy and have looked at nitrous oxide cartridges. I had SRT on my spine/sacrum Thursday. The rad onc wanted to give me a steroid injection, but I refused because of my fear. I’m definitely paying for it!!

Good luck with the scan and possibly biopsy results. It is easy to become exhausted with the relentless fear and bad news. I broke into tears 3 times at work today and yelled at my 84 year old dad who was just trying to plan my birthday dinner. You hang in there. We’re all pulling for you.

Oh I know how you felt. I had a shouting at my husband scenario yesterday over the blasted Christmas tree. I wanted a real one this year but he was moaning about the cost/mess etc and why bother when we have a nice fake one

Well I lost it and shouted at him saying it’s probably my last Christmas etcetc

Anyway I can’t be arsed now so dragged the old tree out last night and chucked baubles on it but wasn’t in the mood

Small things can really get out of context and be upsetting for us. understandable

My birthday is in February and I don’t feel like I want to celebrate it either

Hang in there. Have you tried CBD with a low dose of THC for feeling low?

Husbands can be frustrating. I know mine is at times.

Illegal here in UK

My onc has no objections to cbd oil for pain or nausea. It doesn’t claim to cure anything. Just helps with some unpleasant side effects. Better than oxycodone.

I agree but ocycodone does work better but hate the side effects

I take medical marijuana. No problems. My oncologist told me it was fine.

I truly think we need to be careful about taking anything not approved by our oncologist. It would be horrible to take something that might effect the efficacy of our chemo. I don’t read books about curing cancer because one person’s story is not proof. It might be healing to write their story, but we won’t know if they were truly healed until they die and an autopsy is none. And actually hundreds would need to be scientifically followed for answers. I would run everything by my oncologist.

I don’t mean to sound like a preacher but we just can’t do everything someone says worked for them. We need scientifically proven information.

I’m so with you on the many conflicting opinions on treatments. I do take CBD oil, and I’ve taken it since before my diagnosis. I take a squirt under my tongue before I go to bed. I find that it is very subtle. It helps my anxiety, helps me sleep a bit more soundly, and my tense muscles tend to relax a bit more. If it’s doing more than that, bonus! The only reason I know it helps is that I notice a difference when I don’t take it. My oncologist is fine with the CBD oil.

As for the Joe Tippens treatment, my oncologist is very research based, and doesn’t feel there has been enough research on the fenbendazole. He wasn’t against me trying it, but he also wasn’t thrilled about it. I’ve decided to trust him as my bone mets have shrunk on Ibrance/letrozole/lupron. I also don’t see how Joe T. can be sure that it was the fenben., but if it makes someone with our diagnosis feel like they are doing something positive, it’s worth it!

I’ve had well meaning people suggest every “cure” in the book, from Tibetan herbs (which are intriguing, but gave me a horrible vomiting reaction), to coffee colonics. For now, I’m holding on to 125 Ibrance, although that 3rd week is tough. I supplement with Biotin for my hair and nails, Turmuric and curcumin, magnesium and CBD oil to help me sleep, and Grapeseed extract for my insane hot flashes and night sweats. If a supplement doesn’t show a positive effect, I stop taking it.

Like all of us, I’m trying to adjust to living with cancer instead of dying of cancer. It’s a tough road. I’m just so happy to have found this website where there are women who understand!

Quite a few ladies have had the go ahead to use CBD oil which has reassured me

I totally agree with you about the Joe Tippens protocol and it’s due to the internet that anybody even heard of him. I’ve read lots of books about so called cures and I get all enthusiastic about something then the voice of reason tells me not to be so gullible. these people though probably well meaning make cash out of it as well!!

I’m not a vegetarian I drink milk and love yogurt and cheese and I’m not giving those up. I did try the non dairy milks and I’m not keen on them unless in porridge

I take vitamins as well and try to be active.

We really can’t be sure of anything. We just have to put our faith in God’s hands if we believe and in our oncs hands.

From what I read about this Joe Tippen guy, he had treatment even with an experimental drug before his other stuff. Who the hell knows what worked?

Go with your gut when you decide what to do and keep talking with your onc and maybe a pharmacist who is familiar with mbc drugs and alternative treatments.

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I feel the confusion you feel. We are all so desperate for a cure we kinda want to believe everything from herbs to dog dewormer will work. If it did, I’m beginning to feel that our oncs would tell us to take it. But, that’s just me.

All I know is that during my teenage and college years, I smoked weed. It made me feel relaxed, I slept well and it helped my stomach issues.

I do know though that weed was not as strong then and not treated with chemicals, at least what I got.

Now, I feel like the issue is which cbd oil is best, and pure and manufactured properly.

You are not just getting dried buds. You are getting manufactured products.

Yes there are so many different types/strengths etc around it’s difficult to choose between them but I’ve found one I like so will stick with it

It seems to be ‘fashionable ‘ at the moment and manufacturers are all getting on the bandwagon

That’s why I like having my medical marijuana certificate and going to the dispensary. There is an actual pharmacist on sight and you know you’re getting pure cbd etc. I don’t care for thc with it but there is what’s called thca that gives you all the benefit of thc without the high.

That makes sense.

I take cbd oil to help me sleep and for pain I have my medical marijuana card. I went thru my Ongologist who recommend to me who to see to get approved.

Where do you live. I don’t think in the UK this is possible so I just but CBD oil but it’s expensive

Hi Barb I live in USA in Connecticut. I find it very expensive at the dispensary also but it does help and I use a spray under my tongue and a small bottle does last a long time. The only thing I did notice is I feel a little more tired thruout the day when I use it to help sleep at night.

I am also on the ibrance letrozole combination of drugs. I started in May of this year – so it is about six months. I tolerate it well and my scans show my tumors are shrinking. I have thought about adding cbd but have not done it yet. It is difficult to get my doctors to agree to approving it. They seem to be very stuck in what they were taught. It is all very new but I don’t think it would hurt to try it. But if I hear anything about it that might be useful to you I will let you know. If I decide to try it, I will also let you know. I might wait until after my next cat and bone scans. If I continue to improve I will not likely use it but if my progress slows down I will add it to the mix. Right now I am very focused on nutrition. Some naturopathic doctors and holistic oncologists believe a plant based diet is the key. Good luck

Thank you for that

So pleased your treatment is working

Joe Tippens is from Oklahoma, and I live in Texas, he did come to MD Anderson, and that is proven fact about his condition, it has been verified through MD Anderson. I hope the following information helps you in your decision.

This is the site for the medical studies remember physicians do not accept anything as science until multiple studies are completed. which can takes years before a protocol is accepted by the AMA. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl.

This is all so interesting.

As an adjunct to my main oncologist, I am seen at the Osher center for integrated medicine at UCSF. UCSF itself is a major teaching hospital in San Francisco , one of the top in the US. There are a couple of very respected integrated oncologists at the Osher center.

I know you’re in the UK, but their website has some good information You might find it interesting if you root around on it. (google “osher center UCSF). Before I went, I learned a lot just from their website and watching videos by a Dr Abrams who co wrote the textbook Integrated Oncology. (Available on Amazon. Dry read as it’s a textbook, but also interesting). His other job is head of oncology at San Francisco general hospital, she he has a foot in both types of medicine.

No one at Osher makes claims re having a secret “cure”. The recommendation is to stay on standard care but to combine that with complimentary medicine. There are a lot of good ideas for palliative and supporting things one can do. Most of what they recommend is at least evidence based if not research driven.

I decided to get most of my non-traditional advice there as these are bona fide oncologists and doctors at a center run by a major hospital.

Of course my main Onc. Rolls her eyes a bit at the mushroom supplements and green tea, but she doesn’t say don’t do it. And my integrated doctor rolled his eyes when the main Onc said added sugar is OK as the pancreas can deal with it. (Integrated doc says no to anything processed or with added sugar)

So I take my Ibrance and Anastrozole, , am about to start Xgeva, but avoid sugar, eat a plant based diet and drink green tea because I like it. Sometimes I do eat a bit of something sweet, and thank my pancreas for obliging.

I think one of the best things about the twenty first century is the access we have to state of the art drugs. Say want you want re big pharmaceutical—and they do have sins to atone for, but there are many very dedicated researchers really trying hard to crack complex disease. Look at HIV AIDS. It was a death sentence in the 1980s. Now, at least in the developed world, it’s treated as chronic. That is not because of woo woo alternative medicine, it’s good old fashioned research and money. Hopefully breast cancer is headed in the same way.

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Really appreciate this perspective. I’ve seen Dr Abrams at UCSF as well. As I recall he is an advocate of CBD us among cancer patients.

He was one of the original researchers in its use with AIDS patients many years ago as well. He must think I’m too straight and middle aged as he did not suggest it to me. Just lots of broccoli. LOL

Are you treated at UCSF?

I’ve discussed CBD oil with my onc and she is fine with it – despite the warning on the cbd oil that says don’t use if taking meds that ban grapefruit juice (Ibrance). She also says not enough research has been done to support any positive claims from using it. I tried it for a bit and found no benefit.

We all get down, sometimes for a while, because we are trying to fight the best fight possible when we don’t really know if any good is coming from the latest craze. Also constant pain can wear us out.

Luckily, each new day brings plenty to be thankful for so I start living life again as normal as I know how relishing in the love I have around me and contemplating that there are no guarantees to this life.

I’m fairly new to the rollercoaster so I certainly don’t have any answers, just one data point, me. I hope that you’re able to round the corner soon and get back to enjoying the things and people you love.

Fenbendazole Starter Pack #1 – Fenbendazole, Curcumin, Vitamin E, CBD – Similar to Joe Tippens

Note: We NOW feature our Tippen’s Packs with Alovea Entourage instead of Pavate for a stronger IMMUNE effect! (for the SAME price)

Joe Tippens, My Cancer Story Rocks, and Fenbendazole – our “Starter Pack”

Fenbendazole, an over-the-counter dewormer drug used often to treat rodent pinworm infections in dogs, is fast becoming a successful anticancer drug treatment in many late-stage cancers in humans due to the experience of Joe Tippens over at MyCancerStory.rocks .

After Joe was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and told he had 3 months to live, the ever-optimist, positive-attitude advocate refused to accept his death sentence.

At the advice of a veterinarian, Joe began taking a dog dewormer called fenbendazole. Within 4 months his PET scan showed no cancer. He went from 50 tumors spread throughout his entire body to not a single one.

Personally, I plan on trying this protocol if my cancer gets any worse again. I really don’t see any ‘downside’.

For more on Fenbendazole – see our blog post here

How would I take it and What do I get?

If someone wanted to give Fenbendazole a try, I would suggest the following protocol: (NOTE: the Fenbendazole is taken for three straight days and then four days OFF, i.e. only 3 days in a given week. The other nutritional products are taken daily.) Those with later-stage cancers may choose to take 2-3 packets per day and take NO days off!

Begin with our Starter Pack getting everything you need for a “typical dose” that will last you about 2 months. You’ll receive:

Fenbendazole (8 Packages) – Panacur-C brand or the Safe-Guard brand (Canine Dewormer.) They come in a white and yellow box (or red/rust-colored box if Safe-Guard) with three, 1-gram packets of the products. One box of three packets will last a week since you take ONE packet per day for three straight days and then take FOUR DAYS OFF. Example: Take the Fenbendazole on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY of each week. Do NOT follow the weight-dependent dosing (for dogs) that is given on the back of the packaging! It may be best to place the powdered substance directly in one’s mouth and chase it down with a flavored drink such as cranberry juice. It doesn’t dissolve well in any liquids. Others may try to mix it into a smoothie or something. It can be taken as a single dose in the morning, with or without food. Remember, those with later-stage cancers may choose to take 2-3 packets per day and take NO days off! If you are wanting to take more than the typical starter dose, you can purchase more packets of the Fenbendazole here.

Entourage Phyto Cannabinoid– Take 1/2 ml/day (one bottle should last for 60 days). Buy it alone here. Note: We reserve the right to substitute products depending on our inventory!

Curcu Clear (2 Bottles) – the current, best-source Curcumin. Take 2/day always (even on your “days off”.) Buy it alone here.

Apop-E (2 Bottles) – specific Vitamin E (with the delta and gamma tocotrienal components). Take 1/day always (even on your “days off”). NOTE: more on this particular Vitamin E and cancer can be found here.

This above listed protocol should last someone for approximately 60 days!

Note: If we are low on supply, we reserve the right to restrict order fulfillment to our patients only. You may receive the Panacur-C, OR the Safe-Guard brand when ordering (both are the same Fenbendazole).

Also Note: We HIGHLY recommend that you use the Apop-E, Curcu Clear, and Pavate products listed above WITH the Fenbendazole!

Other Nutrients to Consider:

1. Berber Clear – take 2/day (this is included in the updated Tippens protocol)

2. Quercetin – take 3/day

3. Evolv Immun – take 4/day

4. Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules – take 4/day

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