white tara strain

white tara strain

Bree from Haguenau

This White Shark strain is a mainly sativa strain with THC levels of 13 percent. The CBD level is 2 percent average. White Shark is known by the acronym of Wsh consisting of 15% indica and 85% sativa. White Shark will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate the White Shark seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, with a regular flowering time to be ready.
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I am not sure what is WRONG with this page! The strain is being named as White Shark and a Sativa dominant, when it clearly specifies on the growers Harmony Farms web page that White Tara is an EXCLUSIVE strain, that someone needs to get in and figure out what they cross to make it! Starting from the fact that White Tara is the Goddess of Compassion, and an Indica dominant strain. If your lucky enough to get it, the strain is perhaps my favorite next to Purple Buddha. White Tara is extremely intense of a high and gets hyper intense with extreme amounts of euphoria it knocks you out and leaves you waking up wanting to run a marathon or make a PR in the gym (crazy amounts of energy when you wake up, this stuff should be spread around the entire world and is 10X better than Blue Dream, so if you absolutely love Blue Dream, then growers NEED to get serious about figuring out how to spread this phenomenal bud everywhere around the world!
The flavors of White Shark are mostly like: and fruity while the effects of white shark are mostly like: and body high.Buy White Shark seeds at one of the 18 shops listed below, you have multiple options to buy White Shark seeds for a good price.
White Shark Feminized

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Bree from Haguenau This White Shark strain is a mainly sativa strain with THC levels of 13 percent. The CBD level is 2 percent average. White Shark is

Bodhi Seeds Blue Tara (white Pheno)


Blue Tara (white pheno) all organic

Bodhi seeds bubbashine x snow lotus

Had a decent amount of this which i started testing after about six weeks solid curing on to 3+ months. Flowering was started around the beginning of december 2014.

Appearance: probably the most frosted looking plant ive ever grown. Pics dont do it justice my heart would race almost every time i turned the lights on during later flower because the buds were so frosted they looked like they had mite webs on them. But upon closer inspection all worry was relieved lol. pic in the grow room is at 68 days flower and i used a green photoperiod light so take that into account and also a little over fed but damage was only cosmetic on the leaves it seemed. I pulled her at 70 days this is from seed. The other pics are post chop before trim and drying.

Smell after cure (6+weeks): an all blueberry version of fruity pebbles in the box still to a “t” very pungent and very floral with a sharp bite on the end of the sniff. ive had another pheno which after a good cure was more of a 50/50 taste between the blueberry and the bubba and tasted and smelled like hot buttered blueberry muffins exactly as described in bodhis description but this pheno leaned much heavier to the blueberry in the smell and taste departments and most other departments i believe.

Pungency score 8

Taste: smell translates to the pallet exactly. Blueberry fruity pebbles with undertones of hashy cardboard, caramel, and burnt marshmallow. It is very pungent and very floral with this earthy kushy floral blueberry bite at the end of the exhale that just lingers at the very back of the throat. It is super smooth and doesnt have too much expansion. exquisite and exotic.

Taste pungency 9

Effect: its definitely a instant head smacker but its like getting smacked with the softest blueberry cloud that lifts you off but instantly levels and balances you at the same time. Has the euphoric complex all is right blueberry high i would call a perfect 50/50 indica/sativa mix. It is very potent and has that reviving medical effect and a euphoric narcotic body buzz that will make you forget all your aches and pains were even there.

Medical effect 10

Notes:Very easy to grow almost all indica extremely stable very branchy but likes lower nutes compared to most strains as have most phenos from this blue tara pack due to the blueberry influence. she definitely leaned heavily toward the stretch indica blue moonshine with more subtle influences from the bubba. Slow growth in veg and Huge fan leaves like the bubba but were more skinnier shaped like the blueberry. She didnt stretch though as much as her sister id say 1.5 to 1.75 times and had the thick strong stems that are much harder to bend which i also attribute to the bubba. Smell up until early flower was very earthy almost kushy like maybe with some pine in there which i think comes from the snow lotus ive had another blue tara pheno that had that smell up till cure. But after early flower the hashy floral blueberry took over. the branches were fairly vigorous stayed closer to the plant thoogh and the nodes were pretty tight. The buds were long and thick and very dense alot of the top buds were like 20oz bottles almost not quite as thick and made up for the slow veg growth somewhat giving this plant an average yield. Definitely not above average but definitely not below average. With a longer veg though and scrogging or training you can get decent yields. I got close to 4 zips from her with a little over a 2.5 month veg in a lazy semi scrog under 2000w with 6 other plants. So not bad at all for the caliber of this medication.

Blue Tara (white pheno) all organic Bodhi seeds bubbashine x snow lotus Had a decent amount of this which i started testing after about six weeks solid…