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White Widow: The Potent Pride Of The Netherlands

White Widow won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, and it’s stuck around in the lives of weed smokers everywhere ever since. It’s not just branding, either; these 19% THC nugs will slump you as well as any new strain. In a rush? Then the autoflowering version is one of the quickest ways to take your grow room and stash to the next level.

White Widow, a child of the Netherlands and Green House Seeds, first came on on the scene during the 1990s. From the very beginning, people knew it was something special. Perhaps the biggest sign of this was the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, which White Widow won with ease.

It was a big deal, but you might be thinking: “That was more than two decades ago! Cannabis science has been advancing quicker than ever. How does it stack up today?”. We’re happy to tell you that even with the exciting strains out today, it still goes toe to toe with the best of them.


While we don’t know the exact names of the strains that came together to make White Widow, we know where they came from. Specifically, White Widow is a genetic blend of Brazilian sativa and South Indian indica landraces, with the latter known to be especially resin-heavy. From those corners of the world, they came together in the Netherlands. From there, White Widow was born.


Even though it’s a high-profile strain, White Widow’s flavour keeps things low-key. It’s not flavourless, though. There are subtle but noticeable hints of citrus, herbs, and even pepper that’ll race across the tongue. Those notes will hit the air in the same way, gracing your nose without stinking up the place.

If you’re trying to judge potency by taste and smell, though, you’ll be in for a surprise. These nugs hit the user with 19% THC, and even though it’s an evenly balanced hybrid, it’ll hit you with the sort of cerebral, lifted high that comes from sativa-dominant titans.

Holding a place in the hearts of stoners since the mid-90s, White Widow and its autoflowering progeny continue to impress. Learn more about White Widow inside!

White Widow Strain – Everything you need to know & more!

Here’s a question for the masses: do you get to call yourself a stoner if you don’t know what the White Widow strain is? Famous ever since the white weed craze that happened in the ’90s, White Widow is one that finds its way to shelves of nearly every Amsterdam coffeeshop. As one of the easier cannabis strains to grow, White Widow is a staple strain that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So while others are chasing Dankenstein tail, sit back and take a puff of the ever trusty White Widow.

White Widow should not be confused with Black Widow, White Rhino, White Recluse OG, White Kush strain, Purple Widow Weed, Albino White Widow, White Girl Weed, White Diesel weed, Green Widow Strain, White Willow weed, Platinum Widow, or Blue Widow Weed. A lot of these strains were bred from the White Widow cannabis strain, but they are not the same strains and will offer their own, unique smoke experience.

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Why do you think it’s called White Widow? We have our guesses… Photo: @sardinia_weed

White Widow: Sativa or Indica?

White Widow is a 60/40 Sativa-dominant hybrid first created by Green House Seeds. You are probably familiar with Green House Seeds if you’ve watched the Vice documentary, The Kings of Cannabis; they’re the guys in that! The buds of White Widow are completely covered in trichomes, hence the name. The silvery trichomes give the appearance of cobwebs that lay around the beautifully formed buds. It has a very fluffy texture and can be broken up very nicely inside a grinder. White Widow isn’t overly potent, making it a fantastic choice for newer stoners and medium level stoners, especially those who want to treat stress and maybe depression.

White Widow genetics

Thank you, Green House Seed Company, for making this widow white. Thank you, other breeders, for turning White Widow into other great strains like Black Widow and Blue Widow!

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White Widow THC and CBD Levels

White Widow does have a CBD phenotype that has proven to be very popular among medicinal users. However, the particular White Widow that we’re discussing is much heavier in THC than CBD (although it does have traces of CBD inside it still, which helps balance the high), so if you’re looking for a strain to fight your chronic pain there may have more beneficial side effects for you than this white widow.

The average Sativa-dominant strain contains around 13% THC; White Widow’s average is actually a little bit lower than this, sitting at about 12% THC. The strongest phenotypes, however, test at around 20%. These higher percentages can be achieved with correct growing techniques such as letting the growth cycle fully complete itself. This allows the bud structure to develop fully, letting trichome production reach its peak.

White Widow price

White Widow is very cheap. It’s about $8 a gram in Amsterdam, and even cheaper in California if you can even find it there. Although it’s not that popular right now, White Widow and other landrace strains will definitely experience a comeback, when people realize that 35% of THC dankenstein strains may not be that great for you.

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White Widow taste

White Widow has a pleasant taste that is often associated with landrace strains. Their taste isn’t always everyone’s favorite; they’re just not quite as sweet as dankenstein strains. If you want to really enjoy the taste of a landrace cross like White Widow, then you should definitely grind it up first. Once you’ve ground up your buds, you should also vape them inside a flower vaporiser , which will give you a much purer taste. The full taste profile of White Widow is:

  • Earthy
  • Woody
  • Floral

Marijuana strains with resin production like what White Widow puts out deserve the slow burn of a quality dry herb vaporizer.

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White Widow oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can make oils, waxes, shatters, and edibles out of any strain. Strains whose seeds are available online from a nice seedbank or are considered to be cheap are normally the best options. That is because you need a large amount of plant material in order to make a decent amount of concentrates. Also, for concentrates, their creators normally look for plants covered in trichomes, which White Widow is. Hence, White Widow is a great candidate for making into Butane Hash Oil .

Making edibles is very easy. Simply decarboxylate your weed first, then mix it with a fat or oil. You can also use your leftover buds from your vaporizer, known as already vaped bud or AVP. This is actually perfectly decarbed weed and is ready to go for your edible adventure.

A classic from the days of white weed, White Widow is an easy, sativa-dominant hybrid used most widely to help reduce stress. Relatively easy to grow and low enough in THC contents to where it won't knock you out, this is a great strain for users who are just getting started. Trusted by true tokers everywhere.