white widow max auto

White Widow Max Auto


White Widow Max Auto is the result of crossing the extraordinarily intoxicating White Widow Max with an unknown ruderalis. What was created is an autoflowering strain that has a potency and yield potential that rivals some of the most impressive photoperiod strains, but is ready in as little as 70 days from seed.

White Widow Max Auto weed has a velvety aroma with notes of sweet fruits and pine. These notes are pleasantly present in the flavour of the smoke, which has an agreeable sour aftertaste on the exhale. The buzz is a deep body stone that comes on quickly and leaves you couchlocked for a couple of hours. This is a great weed if you plan to stay in for the evening with a good movie or a couple of your favourite albums. Medically, this strain is used to treat insomnia, poor appetite, and muscular pain.

The White Widow Max Auto strain grows short and bushy like a typical indica dominant auto flower. The leaves are a dark green and plants grow with a high bud to leaf ratio. You can expect tight and dense buds that are covered in a thick layer of milky white crystals. Due to their density and weight, it is likely the buds will need supporting when the plant starts to mature. THC and CBD levels have been measured to be very high.

Indoors, its structure and heavy buds make it the ideal strain to grow in both a SOG or SCROG set up. A hydroponic set up will help maximise the yields, but the flavour is accentuated and best when it’s grown in a soil medium. it will produce an exceptional yield for an autoflower, with a crop of 450 to 500 grams per square meter in 70 to 75 days.

Outdoors, its genetics mean that it’s possible to grow this strain in a cooler northern climate. Make sure you plant in May to maximise the hotter summer months and extra sunlight and harvest late September, early October.

If you’re looking for an autoflower that produces awesome yields with an exceptional potency, then the White Widow Max Auto strain is for you. This weed will suit beginners for its simplicity and commercial growers for its short growing time and abundant harvests. If you consider yourself an experienced weed grower who hasn’t given autos a try, then this might well be the strain that turns you on.

In depth review of White Widow Max Auto, an extraordinary yielding auto strain that has a potency that rivals the strongest photoperiod strains.

White Widow Max Automatic

The addition of the ruderalis genetics offer a faster finishing time (70-75 days from seed) whilst maintaining the super high THC content and incredible potency. Expect tight and dense buds covered with a blanket of pearly white crystals. The smoke is strong and long lasting, offering a deep body stone thanks to the higher CBD levels from the ruderalis mother. If you’re looking for an easy to grow, high yielding, potent white strain, White Widow Max Auto is a must try.


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White Widow Max Automatic

White Widow Max Automatic

White Widow Max Automatic

White Widow Max Automatic

White Widow Max Automatic

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I grew two plants at the same time. One untouched, grew naturally. The second I topped and then used LST for the duration.

Plant one grew to maturity on relatively on schedule. Low yield, thin density, but very hairy. Initial taste test was disappointing.
Plant two was harvested 3 1/2 weeks after plant one. Although she really responded to the topping ballooning out four fold over plant one. But again, the respective yield was still low, the only reason plant two weighed more, was because of the topping. Density was thin, but still very hairy. Again, the taste test was disappointing.

I’m willing to take some blame for the yield, but for me, the outcome was not worth the trip. First time I’m disappointed with a purchase – but I will give it another try before giving up on it.

For the FEELS LIKE section – none of those faces match my experience – I barely felt anything

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